EA to the Middle East: No Dante’s Inferno for you!

Monday, 8 February 2010 02:27 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Dante’s Inferno has been a brazen controversy magnet over the course what could only be described as its promotional rollercoaster ride – and not for lack of trying, either.

That, however, hasn’t stopped EA from exercising uncharacteristic levels of caution where the Middle East is concerned.

“Electronic Arts has decided not to release Dante‚Äôs Inferno in the Middle East after an evaluation process which is based on consumer tastes, preferences, platform mix and other factors,” said a statement from the publisher, as reported by GamesLatest.

EA’s actions aren’t without precedent, either. God of War was banned in the Middle East for – among other things – having the word “God” in its title, while Darksiders was recently shown the door due to its touchy subject matter.

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