Analyst says “Arc”, Riccitiello says “Sony Motion Controller”

Monday, 8 February 2010 22:47 GMT By Patrick Garratt


EA CEO John Riccitiello has been careful not to repeat THQ boss Brian Farrell’s performance in his investor call last week, calling Sony’s Motion Controller exactly that. Not Arc.

An analyst asked JR two questions based on both Natal and “Arc”, using the peripheral’s rumoured name. Sony has dubbed the moniker a “codename“, but that didn’t stop the analyst using the word “Arc” in both questions.

“We will be supporting both of those platforms at launch,” said the exec, with CFO Eric Brown adding that both Natal and PlayStation Arc Motion Arc Controller Arc game revenues have been factored into the firm’s FY 2011 guidance.

The PlayStation Motion Controller was supposed to ship in March, but was recently slipped off into the autumn.