Heavy Rain website goes live with its own interactive game

Friday, 15 January 2010 22:31 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


The official Heavy Rain website is now live, allowing you to participate in ‘Four Days’ – the Heavy Rain Online Experience.

Four Days is a live online mystery playing out in real-time across three weeks starting January 26, where you’ll be able to get involved in the hunt for a killer by interacting with characters, identifying clues, and making decisions.

Between Tuesday and Friday of each week, there will be daily tasks for you to complete, or puzzles to solve, as well as some exclusive content.

If you register now at the official site, you’ll not only get to participate in the mystery, but you’ll also net a voucher code for an exclusive Home t-shirt.

Sony hinted that there may be “more to it than meets the eye” – whatever that means.

Game’s out February 23 in the US, February 24 in mainland Europe and February 26 in the UK.

And don’t worry, prudish ones: the game’s sex scenes are “definitely not porn”.