Job listings point towards third “unannounced” Lionhead game

Monday, 11th January 2010 16:40 GMT By Johnny Cullen


According to recent job listings, Lionhead is working on another title outside of Milo & Kate and Fable III.

One of the jobs going at the Guildford based developer is for a Network Programmer on said game.

The description says:

The role involves developing and maintaining the network code of an unannounced title.

As for both the games we know Lionhead has in development, Milo is still in the making, according to Peter Molyneux at GamesCom last August, with the game shown at a BAFTA exhibition back in October.

Fable III, meanwhile, will be shown off next month with two videos, according to Lionhead’s Sam Van Tilburgh.

And both use Natal, as if you needed any reminding.

We’ll check with Microsoft on this one soon.



  1. rabesandratan

    Microsoft and Lionhead will announce a revision of 2005 Lionhead’s The
    Movies for Natal and the avatars, with Xbox Live compatibility.

    - Staging Xbox 360 avatars instead of the original models from 2005
    Lionhead’s The Movies,
    - Ability to start shooting via the vocal command “Action !”, thanks
    to the Project Natal,
    - Management of the studio is mainly handled via a solid controller,
    - Shooting and post-production processes are mainly handled via the
    Project Natal,
    - The clothes purchased by users through Xbox Live Market Place for
    their avatar can be freely used as costumes (Halo, Dead Space T-shirt,
    etc..) into the game with no dispute on the copyrights,
    - The cars purchased or customized, bound to the user’s Xbox Live
    racing game Joy Ride account, can be used,
    - Access to movie upload is only granted to Xbox Live Gold subscribers
    (hence the need to promote a solo game with studio management),
    - Movies can be shared beyond the Xbox Live Gold section (ex: Zune HD,
    Xbox Live Silver subscribers, Live Anywhere, etc.),
    - Downloadable Content primarily focuses on new props to decorate the
    sets, new sets/FX, after user’s votes,
    - Real trademarks from various companies can appear on billboards
    during the game,
    - The cast for each movie can be done among the avatars of Xbox Live
    user’s friends,
    - Setting an event like the Xbox Live Oscar / Golden Globes ceremony
    with a meeting of subscribers and awards, inspired by 1 versus 100.

    The benefits for Microsoft to bring the Movies on Xbox Live are :

    - To provide Downloadable Content on a regular basis with no negative
    impact on the image of the product (as it’s only decoration that does
    not interfere with the meaning of the movie),
    - To drag people, via the popular phenomenon of User Generated
    Content, into the Xbox Live Gold section,
    - To ensure non-stop advertisement of strong Xbox licenses (one can
    imagine that many Halo or Gears of War movies created by users will
    pop up and be shared through many networks),
    - To demonstrate the simplified use via Natal,
    - To capitalize on the success of avatars,
    - To get contracts with various companies (the in game billboard concept),
    - To strengthen the commitment of the user to his gamertag thus to the
    Xbox (or Live Anywhere) brand.

    However the difficulties for the studio Lionhead are currently as follows :

    - Most of the ressources (production & post-production) are focused on
    Milo & Kate and Fable III until mid-2010,
    - Need to re-work on scales as the avatars are slightly deformed characters,
    - Collaboration with the studio Rare (avatars, of course, but Lionhead
    really needs to simplify the studio management part and make it
    playable via a joystick ; the experience of Viva Pinata could serve
    them well),
    - Possible need for an artistic overhaul,
    - Adapt command to the Project Natal,
    - Hard drive required for the user,
    - Unexpected marketing decisions from Microsoft.

    The commercial failure of 2005 Lionhead’s The Movies can be attributed
    to the fact that it was necessary to first be interested in the video
    game and then in this particular game named The Movies, then visit the
    Lionhead site, to simply be aware of the possibilities the tool
    Creation offered (very high entry cost for a brand new user ; success
    based on an ex post community).

    Now that a Lionhead’s The Movies project can arise as part of the
    means of expression of an already established community like the Xbox
    Live (or Live Anywhere) community, should guarantee it a profound
    success until long-term (very low entry cost for a brand new user ;
    success based on an ex anté community).

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Michael O’Connor

    If only. A “The Movies” where you could motion capture the scenes yourself would seriously be the most awesome thing ever.

    #2 5 years ago

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