Hicks confirms Fallout: New Vegas for next OXM [Update]

Wednesday, 6th January 2010 14:23 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Update: It’s now up on the OXM website.

Fallout: New Vegas will feature in next month’s OXM UK, editor Jon Hicks has told VG247.

Hicks told us: The next month page of the issue that’s with subscribers at the moment does say the next issue will have Fallout: New Vegas in it, yes.”

The Lost Gamer has posted a scan of the page in question, showing the Obsidian spin-off advertised for the next issue.

On Monday, a list of story and gameplay information leaked onto the internet, which was apparently from the newest of Game Informer. However, senior editor for the mag Andrew Reiner shot down the rumours, saying that the game wasn’t in the next issue.

The game, God hoping, should be released this year for PS3, 360 and PC.




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    Wow wow 2010 best gaming year ever Fact lol

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    I’d have loved for Avellone to be lead on this, but honestly, I think J.E. Sawyer could really bring something new to the table.

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    #Bongo, Bongo, Bongo he don’t wanna leave the Congo
    #Oh no no no no no

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    My bad. Ignore.

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    More Fallout. Kick Ass. I’m still nuts deep in Fallout 3. For the 3rd time. Fuckin’ love it.

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