Sega: European Yakuza 3 to have Japanese voice-overs

Monday, 4 January 2010 12:30 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Sega’s just told VG247 that the European version of Yakuza 3 will contain only Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles.

The news follows a Sega of America rep saying in a 1UP podcast that the game’s US version will include an English VO.

The UK Sega rep told us that the podcast comments were the result of a crossed wires.

“I can confirm that this is a misunderstanding and the game will feature Japanese [voice-over] with English text as with Yakuza 2,” he said.

Asked if this would apply to the US version as well, the spokesperson could only speak for the UK/EU version.

So expect us to follow up with Sega US on this one.

Game’s out in March.