New Zelda game will “improve upon” Twilight Princess, says Aonuma

Wednesday, 9th December 2009 17:02 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Eiji Aonuma has told IGN that while Twilight Princess didn’t live up to the public’s expectations and its potential, the next iteration of the series on Wii will, thanks to what the team learned through creating the game.

“With Twilight, we challenged ourselves to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever seen,” said Aonum, “but we don’t feel we were able to fully complete this objective. With that as a starting point for our improvements to the series in the future, we are of course working on a new game for Wii.

“For any game to be remembered for a long time, just like Ocarina of Time was, the game must give the strong impression that it has set a new starting point for future sequels to build upon. We are working to further improve upon the experiences found in Twilight Princess so that our future games can realize these innovations.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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  1. slayernl

    “more though the link”

    that is a nice pon :P god I hope its a 2010 release but I’ll bet its 2011 :(

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Lizzembiz486

    As a video game lover, for Zelda, mainly, I own that my opinion may be too critical or too thought-out, which, as an in-depth, creative writer, is my habit – especially for a game that is, at any rate, a game; so that is just a warning for those who are easily offended by things like what I have to say about Zelda games…

    Like anyone else, I was disappointed by what Nintendo has a fame for doing – delaying – when it came to Twilight Princess. And when I finally got it, like any other decently dedicated Zelda fan, I was pleased with the graphics and the darker storyline that the game took, a slightly elevated level compared to what Zelda has traditionally been. However, it always seemed that – this is just MY opinion. I may or may not be able to speak for other fans. – Zelda lacked something which other games have, and which earn those other games a certain spotlight in the interest of gamers, if you know what I mean. What Zelda lacks is realistic quality.

    While the graphics in Twilight Princess were a happy surprise, as well as the darkness of the story’s Twilight Kingdom and the plot which revolved around that other world, I WAS disappointed on two points: 1) Link has hardly any personality, while the characters around him have only a dusting of some personality, but personality nonetheless; and 2) the game makers have and, I fear, never, ever will go into decent depth about Link’s relationships with certain people, and no, this is not limited to the numerous love interests which are presented in each game as potential.

    I think I may have read it somewhere, and it did occur to me, in this instance, that the reason that Link hardly has any personality, and everyone else does – it makes sense to say – is because there is a person playing as Link, and whoever that person is playing as him, is who Link is, because the person playing the game is the hero. You operate everything that Link does.

    Continuing, on Link’s relationships, this goes a little bit with the concept of him having a personality. Although Link, as the protagonist hero, is considered, at any rate, a player’s doll in a trademark green tunic, he ought to have more emotion than Nintendo is willing to give him. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons – at least I would like to believe – that Zelda is only popular amongst a minority, why no one else but long-time fans are excited when new installments come to. This is why Zelda fails to grab the attention of other gamers. Recently, with the new Zelda Wii that’s being talked about and anticipated, it appears that may very well be Nintendo’s goal, to reach and interest new audiences, and I say that it’s about time. It would definitely help the franchise itself, by making it more realistic, and it would boost the company of Nintendo as well.

    This is why fan fictions exist – because people have ideas about how Link’s personality ought to be, or how they observed it to be in the game, and the emotions, if any, behind his hardships as the Hero of…(whatever). Not to say that, if Nintendo raised the bar and made Link more human, with emotion and a distinct personality, that Zelda fan fictions would no longer be needed, because I have always viewed them as a source of inspiration for what the Zelda franchise could do with Link. What dedicated Zelda fan doesn’t want see Link bleed, or his tunic rip, when he gets hit? Cry when someone is lost, or show considerable human emotion towards a particularly bad situation that may hit home ?(for instance, in Twilight Princess, Ilia losing her memory, since it seems that she may be his love interest. That we will never know).

    On that head, another thing to add to the whole of this matter, and a thing that really bugs me, is that the anime/manga/video game world is famous for making all these possible pairings and never defining which one should be “it”, which leaves fans to argue over who, in this case, Link, should give his heart to, and this, that, and the other. I do understand that, that is the fun that’s behind making fan fictions and the like, that fans can pair whoever with whoever else and go into depth about it if they choose, throw some yaoi or something in there – whatever. In that case, if the game went into depth about one relationship Link has with someone in particular, that could take away from the suspense overall and the imagination of the fans, of their choosing who they like best for him and making a fan fiction about it or at least supporting the pairing. That is a part of the fun of fandom. But still, it bothers me, because while Zelda could lose some fans who would rather have that “freedom of choice”, which I don’t think I’m making a mistake to say is in the majority, it could also gain, I dare say, even more fans because Zelda would suddenly be realistic. It would click with familiar AND unique situations of conflicted emotions of love and hardship and sadness, and humanity, majorly. It would click with reality like most other games do, which are too numerous to list; but, at least I hope, you get my drift.

    Another thing that bugs me, and I’m sure it bugs many others, is that it has been confirmed that in the future of never will the Zelda franchise give Link or any other characters voice acting. Fans, again, have the “freedom of choice” in imagining how Link should sound, in wanting him to sound a certain way. But then this goes right back to Link having a personality. He’s an empty character, and while this was okay for a while, Zelda is beginning to and has already begun to lose its trademark luster. Yes, Nintendo and the Zelda franchise is working on new ideas and developments for the Wii AND Zelda to appeal to many more than it already does, because, obviously enough, sales are down all over the place, and it sucks. But I suppose, again, that I could speak for a fine handful of fans and say that we would love to hear what Link sounds like. Again, the inspirations which fan fictions bring; who wouldn’t love to hear Link cuss someone out, or yell something other than his trademark battle cry? Who wouldn’t like to hear Link have actual conversations with people instead of those exhausting-ass TEXT BOXES?!?!?!? Those are so annoying to me now; I’m sorry. Lol. But still…And I suppose I could speak for a select few fans who would DIE to see Link get banged – maybe I’m making a mistake with this figure, seeing as how the majority of Zelda fans have a fascination with pairings and, with raging hormones, the concept of anime/manga/video game sex…>_> .

    This is just the opinion and feelings of a dedicated Zelda fan who has ideas of what the Zelda franchise and Nintendo in general could do to improve themselves. They are, like anything else, suggestions, and, at least to me, very decent ones at that, if not good. Comment on this, but no flaming, please, or hate comments. Like I said, these are merely suggestions and desires, and you can agree or disagree, but don’t be rude. It’s nice to respect the opinion of others.

    This is one of those things I’m sure many would like to compared and converse in depth about. Thanx.

    #2 5 years ago

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