Resident Evil director still working on Castlevania, eying Metal Gear movie, too

Monday, 16 November 2009 03:52 GMT By Nathan Grayson


According to a post on ShockTillYouDrop, Resident Evil movie director Paul W.S. Anderson is still cracking the whip on the Castlevania movie. Or at least, he’s trying to. Apparently, directing a movie’s a bit of a stretch without a script, or so we’ve heard.

“Producer Jeremy Bolt told us this morning that Paul W.S. Anderson is still circling video game adaptation Castlevania at Rogue Pictures and that they are waiting on a script,” said the site.

Meanwhile, Anderson’s also expressed interest in helping Solid Snake infiltrate the big screen. If “directing” in this case means “letting David Hayter write the script, choreograph all the scenes, choose the cast, and play Solid Snake,” then we’re cool with this.

How about you?