Weekly MMO news round-up: Champions, Warhammer, Global Agenda

Sunday, 15th November 2009 09:00 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Not much this week that didn’t hit the front page, but head on through the break and you will find out all sorts of stuff.

Information on the upcoming Warhammer patch, Martial Arts for City of Heroes, and a Beta weekend for Global Agenda.

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  • Champions Online designer Brian Urbanek has posted the second part of a system-focused developer diary over on TenTonHammer, and is focusing this time on combat. In the diary he chats about how stats and the like were decided upon, and what was drawn from the table-top game and what was scrapped. It’s an interesting read if you are interested in stats and such.
  • Speaking of Champions, a wiki of sorts has been released for the superhero MMO. The Champedia is a comprehensive database chock full of anything and everything you ever wanted to know about mission, objects, and the usual stuff of MMOs. Currently it is still in Beta, but you can also look for super groups and individual characters in the game. Check it out through here.
  • Another Beta event is going on this weekend for Global Agenda and is running from 11 AM to midnight PST, today and tomorrow. Today is focused on PvE along with new gameplay. Tomorrow, is all about PvP with 10v10 matches. So far, this is only available to current testers, but yo may get invited so check your email.
  • Warhammer Online producer Jeff Hickman has published an open letter to players chatting about all things patch 1.3.2. When you’re finished with that, head on over to Massively where producer Jeff Skalski chats with the site about the patch, upcoming changes and all things Waaagh!
  • Frogster has sent over a press release that announced figures for Runes of Magic. Turns out, that since Elven Prophecy was released, over fifteen million quests have been completed, a 250K bosses killed, and sixteen million items crafted through cooking, blacksmithing, tailoring, and other in-game crafting methods. Looks like people love this free-to-play title.
  • Turbine’s released some details for the monk class in DDO:Unlimited. Monks use an energy called ki to perform techniques in battle weapons and armor, and can solo rather well. If you are interested in playing the monk, you need to know going into it that Strength and Wisdom are the most important stats, with Dexterity also being important for defense and reflexes. It’s all through the link.
  • City of Heroes has a new Super Booster pack that adds martial arts. It will run you $9.99 and has new costumes, new character emotes and Ninja Run, that allows for faster movement and higher jumping.



  1. Jadeskye

    Hows Aion doing? i feel like that made a crazy entry then disapeared just as quick.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. endgame

    operating costs r less than ~20% of what they make. how do u think they’r doing?

    #2 5 years ago
  3. endgame

    besides ripping ppl off that is…

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Hunam

    WAR really isn’t worth bothering with till they actually decide to do something with it. It’s been out a year and they’ve only had 1 single content update. WoW had like 10 in its first year and all were massive changes to the game.

    WAR is a great game, excellently designed but absolutly god awful post launch. It’s an unmitigated disaster really, and I’d wager that EA have mostly written it off in the hopes that as it is will sustain enough subs to pay for Star Wars MMO.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Jadeskye

    eh thats a pessamistic view. It doesn’t take millions of subs to make an mmo successful.

    Look at Eve online. They have i think about 60,000 subscribers but they’re doing extremely well and have been for many years.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Hunam

    I’m a player jadeskye, or was until a few weeks ago, so I’m coming from a fan perspective rather than looking at the numbers. I’m not really bothered by the player numbers, it was a massive pain in the first six months when they had tons of servers and then had to close them down and start merging them etc which was a pain in the arse but the game doesn’t ever get any better.

    The decision to cut two of the starting zones was a kick in the teeth, mostly because that’s what they did instead of fixing them as all the bugs that were in the elf starting zones back on the beta were still there a year later. Every patch seems to gimp something. We lost city raids, the very feature that is the main draw of the game for about 3 months and PVP was annihilated by bugs which caused keep doors to have infinite HP.

    The deal with an MMO is that yes, I’ll pay you £9/$15 and month and you A) Keep the servers up, B) Continue developing the game.

    They manage A most of the time, B, no, never, all that happens is quests get broke then get fixed then get broke etc.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Phoenixblight

    @Hunam if thats the case EA may make the team smaller for WAR and put the majority of the team on the Star Wars MMO. The Star Wars MMO, if I were EA would pput most of investment into because Bioware is a great RPG company and its a damn Star Wars game. It instantly has potential for being a great MMO especially if Bioware goes the direction they are going with making the game have a story versus what most MMOs do, make a the plot nonexistant and up the amount of grinding.

    #7 5 years ago

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