PS3 was saved by Wii, says analyst

Thursday, 5 November 2009 07:50 GMT By Patrick Garratt


PS3’s on the up. Why didn’t it get crushed by 360? It was Blu-ray, games and an all-round services package focussed on media-playing, right? Not according to DFC Intelligence: it was Wii.

“The main danger Sony faced was that the Xbox 360 would become embedded as the system of choice,” says a new report from the agency.

“Instead consumers flocked to the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 had solid sales, but they have not been enough to give Microsoft anywhere near a breakout market position.”

Should need for Wiis drop off this Holiday, PS3’s reduced price and the imminence of God of War III is likely to now make PS3 a viable choice for mainstream consumers, the report adds.

There’s more on Joystiq. Via CVG.