Ballmer: 360 will get “Blu-ray drives as accessories”

Thursday, 22nd October 2009 08:42 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has told Gizmodo that Xbox 360 is to make use of add-on Blu-ray drives.

Addressing the format in an interview with the site, Ballmer said:

“Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there – you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories, can get Blu-ray drives as accessories.”

He added:

“I think mostly the future of movies is on-demand, actually, as opposed to distribution via physical media. So we’re just gonna keep driving forward and try to make it the best entertainment — overall entertainment, not just gaming, but overall entertainment experience we can.”

Mini megaton for Thursday morning. Find the full thing through the link.



  1. Blerk

    Not much point buying a 360 add-on for Blu-Ray now that dedicated players are so cheap, though.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. onyxbox

    MS say Physical Media has no future…. quick… boycot the system in the highstreet…

    … oh wait this isn’t Sony…

    MS are inovators! No one wanted Physical Media anyway!! 360 is fantastic!!!


    #2 5 years ago

    I’d rather download HD content, thanks.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Luthion DeCosta

    I’ll just stick to torrenting the stuff for free, thanks.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Yoshi

    And i would rather buy an actually disc, that way thers no download limits, no problems if that company fucks up n the servers get shut down etc etc :)

    #5 5 years ago
  6. g00nerz

    What he said has totally been taken out of context. There is no way Microsoft would ever entertain adding blu-ray.

    What he probably meant was “you can buy a blu-ray player for cheap and stick it next to your 360″. I mean why on earth would they add blu-ray when they have this much touted 1080p streaming coming soon.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Eregol

    Don’t get me wrong, digital media is cool and all, insignificant loading times and all that.
    But nothing beats the disc based experience.

    Lets face it, the major downside is DRM, if you’ve paid for it of course.
    Always the case that you can re-dl it plenty of times, then all of a sudden you have to beg and plead for a password reset because you accidentally deleted it again.
    I never have to worry about that with discs.
    And considering the failiure rate of this current generation this sort of DRM has been experienced by everyone.

    #7 5 years ago

    This is the way that I look at it…

    Own a physical product

    Can get scratched or physically damaged
    Need storage and maintanance
    Need to keep swapping discs

    Buy at any time of day
    No disc waiting times
    No storage space needed
    No swapping
    Watch film right where you left it after watching another film in between

    No physical product

    #8 5 years ago
  9. Yoshi

    Sorry G1GAHURTZ but No storage space needed ? FAIL. It may not be physical storage space but you still need a big enough harddrive to fit everything that you want on.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. Eregol

    Giga, you forgot

    Pros for Blu Ray
    Almost indestructable unless you deliberately set out to damage it with an implement of sorts.

    Con for Download
    DRM making you have to beg to get access to your purchase.

    Also, I’ve been known to watch DVDs on my PS3, stop watching, watch something else in between, go back to the first one and start from where I left off.
    I was quite impressed by that.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. RoarrrUK

    Doesn’t Bluray avc-4 or whatever have 40Mbps rate. How on earth can you get that via download (for the average adsl user)? You can’t, you’ll get a good picture for sure but it will be compressed and the audio usually suffers.

    Nothing will ever beat the disc format for clarity. Until of course we jump 10 years into the future and all have very high internet speeds.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. Dralen

    Also if you hard disk gets corrupted then you lose everything on your hard disk.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. SticKboy


    #13 5 years ago

    Yeah, I was going to put about the discs having a better quality but didn’t, so I did miss that out.

    Not sure about having to beg for passwords though, as I’ve never had to do that before.

    But as I said, those pros and cons are the way that I see things personally. In the last few years, I’ve only bought one film on DVD, and that was just to really test out a new home cinema system. All of my other film purchases have been downloads, as I personally prefer the convenience and ease of access.

    Also, I’ve been known to watch DVDs on my PS3, stop watching, watch something else in between, go back to the first one and start from where I left off.

    That’s cool, but did you remove the disc during the time that you watched something else?

    #14 5 years ago
  15. Filofax

    You missed quite a few cons for downloads matey.

    DRM: how many times can the download be activated, or how long is the rental period?
    also I don’t fancy lugging my PS3/Xbox360 around with me so friends can watch films I downloaded.

    Usage cap: not everyone has a unlimited cap on their net, download speed is also a big factor.
    HD space: will be eaten up fast if you want your downloaded film to have the quality of a disc.(at the moment this is not the case)

    #15 5 years ago
  16. freedoms_stain

    I’d be ok with paying for digital download movies on a pc (provided either/or but preferably and of unlimited download attempts or the ability to back up to a physical disc.

    I’d never outright buy a digital movie on a console, it’s more like a long term rental. New console? bye bye movies.

    Discs are a pain in the arse, i nocd crack every game I can get away with it on. personally

    #16 5 years ago
  17. Eregol

    Yeah I watched a seperate DvD between.
    I was confused at first, but have done it again and it’s pretty nifty that it can recognise the DvD.

    Granted, maybe beg was a bit strong, but I’ve lost count of how many times I and others I know have had to ask for account resets just to get access to content they’ve already paid for.

    #17 5 years ago
  18. pracer

    Maybe because your secluded on an Island and cut off of the rest of the world(thats a joke btw), but you are all missing the standard for movies today and in the furture. Its simple and two fold.
    It is NOT buying highpriced blurays(thats stupid), who wants to drop 30usd for a new movie?
    It is NOT buying HD Movies that need multi GIGs to store. They are over priced anyways.
    And it is not being a criminal and downloading illeagel, often virus ladden Torrents.


    Say hello to NETFLIX.

    I can STREAM HD movies to my xb360. And watch them there. I can recieve Blu Ray movies in the mail, and it takes a one to two day turn around. Cost? Less then 10usd/month. Three times less then buying just one Blu Ray each month.

    What? Don’t get Netflix in the UK? You poor Sods. You must have something else like it … right? If not, demand it. You don’t have to be a tool and buy overpriced movies and you don’t have to steal them.

    Right now I have 250plus movies on my Netflix instant Q ready to watch on my xb360 – no storage needed. And If I like I can get any Blu Ray for my PS3 by this weekend. Do I buy movies? Sure do, I buy em cheap(less then 5usd) at Walmart(they are SD, but the xb360 upscales(better then the PS3 I might add – I own em both so I do know).

    #18 5 years ago
  19. Mike

    ““Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there – you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories, can get Blu-ray drives as accessories.””

    I really think that’s a slip of the tongue, tbh.

    I think he means you can get stand-alones, so why bother.

    #19 5 years ago
  20. Detale

    So the future is renting everything and owning nothing? No thanks. I’ll stick to being a tool and buying movies I love on Blu Ray so I can watch them whenever I like and share them with my mates.

    I rent movies from my local Blockbuster quite a bit too, but I’m happy to drop the cash on a great movie that I feel warrants a purchase. I guess I’m just old and like the feeling of having my favourite films on a shelf where I can see them.

    I’m very curious about the PS3 video store and I’m looking forward to giving it a go, but I don’t see it stopping me from buying discs just yet.

    #20 5 years ago
  21. pracer

    Don’t you folks have a decent stream service? Thats the gem of Netflix/xb360 Those 250plus movies I have on my instant q can be watched at anytime with the press of one button. And they stay there till I remove them. And Blockbuster? Gimmie a break, I don’t think you truely comprehend Netflix. Its all 100% online. I get the movies in the mail. If i put a movie in the mail monday, I have a new on on wednesday. It costs next to nothing for everything. And it does TV shows too. I know a lot of people that canceled Cable/sat TV in favor of Netflix.

    Your old? What does that have to with it? I am 38yr old myself :) And being older with two teenage kids to feed(Yikes) I love being able to have all the movies I want at such a low price. Buying movies can add up, esp blu ray ones.

    #21 5 years ago
  22. jeremycafe

    I will never prefer digital distribution over going to the store and picking it up.

    1. I love driving my evo, so every chance I get I will.
    2. Last time I trusted a digital distribution (ITunes), I lost all of my purchased products when my HDD failed. GG ITunes and not letting users re-download. GG me for not backing it all up.
    3. I standing in my movie room and seeing the massive collection of blu-rays.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. pracer

    ITUNES allows you to redownload songs into your libary so long as you use the same account. No charge, maybe you should look into it.

    I used to love having game boxes lined up on my shelves, movies too, to a lesser degree. Now if I can play it/watch it, I am happy. If I had buy movies/games instead of renting them, I would indeed have a few more boxes on my shelf. But I would have far less movies watched and games played. The price of buying just one new blu ray = 3 months of Netflix. You have any idea how many blu rays I can watch in three months? Same type of thing with Gamefly. One new game = 60bucks. Gamefly is 20/month. Buy one game, play it, put on my shelf to sit … or rent Gamefly for three month, play the same said game, and LOTS more. I own 100plus Saturn Games, 100plus Dreamcast games, and I honestly don’t know how many Gen, Nes, SNES, TGrafx/TDuo, and Neo Geo carts I own. Every once in awhile I go back and play something. But 99% of the time I never touch them. I used to buy, I felt the need to own it, see it, have it. But I am older now, and can use the cash for more important things, like bills, wife, kids, etc.
    I think peoples stance on this topic may very well be affected by their age and marital standing. For me, heck yea bring on the renting. And don’t even get me started about those fools out there that buy and then trade em back in at gamestop. It nearly kills me to think about that kind of loss of cash.

    #23 5 years ago
  24. sennasnit

    Netflix HD is not the same standard as BLU-RAY, audio compression and (currently) only plans for 720p.
    i love physical products…

    #24 5 years ago
  25. pracer

    So? Oh wait, I get it your one of those folks that will look you in the eye and claim that there is a HUGE difference between 720p and 1080p. Bagh, Can’t talk about stuff like that with you, your head is too hard. I mean solid like a cement wall. Sure there is a difference, but it is minimal. And yes I own a 42 inch widescreen hd tv that has hdmi and 1080p for my living room. I also own a widescreen 36 inch, hd tv that only does 720p for my bedroom. No one in my house can tell a noticable difference. No one. So ya netflix 720p streamed off my xb360 looks damn nice. But then again i am old enough to remember when we only had three channels over the analog air waves. And my first TV was a Black and White set. In the end argueing 1080P over 720p is like comparing two high end sports cars, maybe one is tad nicer, but they are both outstanding rides.

    #25 5 years ago
  26. pracer

    Also something else to think about in the whole “Real” hd line of thinking. More and more TVs are sold with 720p native then 1080i/p. They are cheaper to buy. Take a trip to walmart, take a look around. Average folks don’t care. To them HD is HD. Gamers care. Sometimes. I don’t. My smaller Tv has HDMI, but I was disgusted to learn that I couldn’t use my PS3 to watch blu rays in the bedroom with it. Again because of said resolution. It however didn’t make me hate of the TV I got, instead I thought well that was dumb of sony.

    #26 5 years ago
  27. Eregol

    Pracer can you explain this bit in more detail please?

    My smaller Tv has HDMI, but I was disgusted to learn that I couldn’t use my PS3 to watch blu rays in the bedroom with it. Again because of said resolution. It however didn’t make me hate of the TV I got, instead I thought well that was dumb of sony.


    #27 5 years ago
  28. pracer

    Yea sorry a bit muddy, still drinking my caffine.

    I own a HD TV. It out puts at 720p. I can use the HDMI out of my PS3 for games. But I can NOT watch my blu ray movies on this TV. They simply won’t play. Inorder to watch blu ray from PS3 I need to use my TV in the living room. That TV is 1080p.

    Blu Ray needs 1080p to work. I didn’t understand that when I bought the TV in my bedroom. And again because it doesn’t supoort 1080p(only 720p) I can’t watch my blu ray movies on it. I can play ps3 games in there. As long as they support 720p. Otherwise they default to standard deff at 480i.

    #28 5 years ago
  29. pracer

    The part I got upset with, was that Sony built a blu ray tech to only work on TVs with 1080p resolution. Had I known that I may have bought a higher resolution TV for my bedroom. But maybe not as they were much more expensive at the time. And I still have the better TV in the living room.

    #29 5 years ago
  30. Eregol

    Have you tried changing the default resolution on your PS3 to 720 when using the other tv?

    #30 5 years ago
  31. Eregol


    Those links should help you

    #31 5 years ago
  32. pracer

    I don’t know if it is a NTSC thing or not? I live in NA and we tried everything. It just wouldn’t work last time we tried. Ty for the links. I haven’t tried it in awhile I will try again maybe something got fixed in a firmware. I will let ya know.

    #32 5 years ago
  33. Detale

    I don’t think we have a comparable streaming service available to us in the UK, so I guess we’re losing out.

    “And Blockbuster? Gimmie a break, I don’t think you truely comprehend Netflix. Its all 100% online. I get the movies in the mail. If i put a movie in the mail monday, I have a new on on wednesday. It costs next to nothing for everything. And it does TV shows too. I know a lot of people that canceled Cable/sat TV in favor of Netflix.”

    Nope, I understand you. Blockbuster, LoveFilm and a host of other companies provide this exact same rental service over here. A load of my mates use them but I don’t really rent enough to justify it so I just stop into the local shop instead. I’m a little younger than you (33), with no kids (just a missus with a serious shoe habit) and if Netflix was a viable option then maybe I’d give it a go but I think I’d still buy the odd Blu Ray.

    Maybe I’ll change my mind when the PS3 video store opens up over here, can’t knock it too much until I’ve tried it but I still like feeling like I’ve got something to show for my money.

    #33 5 years ago
  34. theevilaires

    Ummm you guys are talking bullshit you can play blu-rays at many supported resolutions even on a 480i tv at least with the PS3 that is. Second if you don’t have a 1080p set then you aren’t doing your PS3 any justice. The PS3 is a 1080p native system unlike the xbox360.


    1080P streaming is M$ answer to Blu-ray and it still doesn’t look better than a physical disc. I understand why M$ is doing this streaming stuff for a number of reasons.

    1. They can’t afford a Blu-ray Add-on
    2. There system don’t support a wide variety of codecs like the PS3 does.
    3. They know that netflix exclusive deal is about to run out soon.

    As for downloads I have video files stored on my PS3 (500gb btw) HDD that are 1080p resolution and they look awesome. They also come in about 4GB in size. Is it better looking than a Blu-ray disc…Hell NO!

    As for streaming the only way I will ever do that is if I have the files on my backup 1tb external and the PS3 can’t decode the files properly so I’d need to use a program like Tversity to make it play through my PS3 onto my TV.
    Sorry PSN and Zune Store I will never rent anything from you.

    RoarrrUK: you are right +2 upgrade/thumbs up
    G1GA: you are wrong…once again :D -4 downgrade/thumbs down

    (G1GA’s next opinion will become transparent like stupid joystiq comments) :P

    #34 5 years ago
  35. Blerk

    The 360 can output native 1080p as well, TEA. You clot. :-D

    #35 5 years ago

    I’ll have you know that my Gametrailers comment score is +32!

    I always get thumbs up man, yeah!!

    #36 5 years ago
  37. theevilaires

    Blerk my little naive padawan. The 360 is not 1080p native. It upscales to 1080p. You see when you finally get a PS3 as a gift you’ll be able to compare just like me.

    The PS3′s UI XMB looks like a Blu-ray compare to the 360′s NXE that looks like a upscaled DVD. If M$ was serious about making the 360 a 1080p native system they would have included a HDMI port way before the PS3 released….not a year later….oh and they would have probably used the 1.3 profile instead of 1.2 but they knew there system was never meant to be 1080p native so they didn’t install HDMI 1.3 ports. (Betcha I just broke a bunch of xbots hearts with that one :D ).

    Good example: Do you have a HDTV?…NO?..of course you don’t, but hear me out on this. Let me school you as they say. HDTVs marketed as 720p often have labels claiming the set can also do 1080i. If the HDTV can do 1080i then why don’t they advertised that you might ask. Thats because the 720p set “upscales” the image to 1080i which isn’t hard considering half the lines are only showing up in

    If you put a DVD in a PS3 and upscale it to 1080p is that DVD suddenly a Blu-ray? The answer of course is NO. This is what happens when you see anything on the 360 while the settings are at 1080p. ITS NOT NATIVE.

    thank you for reading :)

    #37 5 years ago
  38. Psychotext

    Umm… there are a number of 1080p native titles on the 360. You own one… you should at least have a vague idea of its capabilities.

    Oh, and you don’t need HDMI 1.3 for 1080p (v1.0 covers that). All HDMI 1.3 gives you over 1.2 is deep color and a theoretical max output of 2560 x 1600p (which neither console can do).

    Of course, that’s academic anyway because you can do 1080p over component or VGA provided you have a semi-decent TV / monitor.

    #38 5 years ago
  39. theevilaires

    Gametrailers…. the same site that has made faulty PS3vs360 game comparision videos in favor of 360 when it wasn’t the truth and try to say ooops we didn’t know, we fucked up…. The same site that has Kentucky fried chicken ads…. The same site that has Michael Patcher,Patcter,(whatever his name is) making stupid guess and gets proved wrong 90% of the time….chyea……(speechless you actually bought that site up to justify your popularity)… go…. G1GA?… A+ for you?….what?…I mean WTH?…I really am speechless you bought that site up :P

    I need a nap now….

    #39 5 years ago
  40. DrDamn

    I was going to pick holes in your arguments but there are so many it’s near enough a BDH post.

    #40 5 years ago

    You know that they gave Sony almost all of the best awards from E3 though, right?

    #41 5 years ago
  42. Bojangles

    Movie streaming, technically, it’s not the same standard as playing from a disc. Image and audio are compressed over streams, no matter how ‘HD’ the vendor is claiming they are.

    It seems hypocritical to me that there are those that seem deeply offended by compressed textures flashing past their eyes for a second or less in a videogame but are seemingly oblivious to a couple of hours of compressed visuals elsewhere.

    #42 5 years ago

    It seems hypocritical to me that there are those that seem deeply offended by compressed textures flashing past their eyes for a second or less in a videogame but are seemingly oblivious to a couple of hours of compressed visuals elsewhere.

    There is a difference. The film already looks real, because it is. If there are artifacts on the screen, or it’s a teeny, tiny bit grainy, or whatever, it doesn’t matter, because you can see them (the visual problems) for what they are.

    But with bad textures, all that they do is remind you that the game doesn’t look as good as it could, because the quality of the visuals are suffering due to some technical issue. (Or just bad development.)

    It’s like wearing shoes that are dirty versus wearing shoes that are dirty and don’t fit properly.

    #43 5 years ago
  44. Bojangles


    #44 5 years ago
  45. Psychotext

    What he meant to say is that it’s like wearing a thong backwards.

    #45 5 years ago
  46. theevilaires

    Ok I knew you were going to show up, I just had a feeling. Here it is ladies and Gents. I attempt to prove MR. Daily Star Psychotext wrong for the 50,003 time.

    HDMI vs Component.

    “IF” you have a 1080p set and connect your PS3 with both cables you know that HDMI is 10x better. Thats FACT. Plain and simple.

    HDMI 1.3

    I never said you needed HDMI 1.3. I said M$ knew there system wasn’t made to do 1080p native so they didn’t bother to add that profile even though the PS3 had it for a year already. Whats the price difference between adding v1.2 over v1.3…what like 5 cent. They only added HDMI because it was a great strenght only the PS3 had and when people go into to best buy and buy there new Home Entertainment set ups, HDMI would could out that salesman mouth more than a pimp would say “bitch wheres my money”.

    There are 1080p native titles on 360 market place I never said there wasn’t. There was also a popular game I beleive that was 720p native and I remember many people crying it was hard to see the text on their 480i tvs. That game is Assassin Creed BTW.
    Just because a game supports a higher resolution than your tv, doesn’t mean you can’t still play it and vise versa (mega man 9).

    Component and VGA

    Yes they can put out nice decent quality. But nothing beats HDMI on the market as of today.


    360 is not 1080p native but only upscaled. when you see those nice streaming 1080p videos. It will be similar to someone who has a PS3,480i,p tv and watches Blu-ray disc movies. aka nothing to get excited about.

    #46 5 years ago
  47. Psychotext

    You’re utterly clueless. I’m not even going to bother because your argument is just going around in circles. Do you even read what you’ve typed or is it just a stream of conciousness?

    Oh, and those 1080p streamed videos… are 1080p (native). Bitrate is another story, but I get the feeling that you wouldn’t understand even if someone spelt it out for you.

    #47 5 years ago
  48. SticKboy

    Don’t you *dare* bring Assassin’s Creed into this!

    [stamps feet/]

    #48 5 years ago
  49. theevilaires

    poke away Dr.Damn prove me wrong if you can. because nothing can beat 2 40″ bravias side by side with a PS3 and 360 hooked up at their max supposedly resolution via HDMI and see which one is cleaner and crisper.

    If you don’t have what I got than don’t bother kiddo.
    (yea I said kiddo) :D

    #49 5 years ago
  50. theevilaires

    never said they weren’t 1080p quality but blu-ray has a 40mb bit rate compare to their inferior streaming method

    #50 5 years ago
  51. Psychotext

    You know all these things you never said… you said them:

    “The PS3 is a 1080p native system unlike the xbox360.”
    “The 360 is not 1080p native. It upscales to 1080p.”
    “360 is not 1080p native but only upscaled.”

    #51 5 years ago
  52. sebbie16

    Digital downloads/streaming is nice and all but the concept is null and void if your internet goes out.

    #52 5 years ago
  53. theevilaires

    another great point Sebbie16. you might as well go buy the disc or rent it at blockbuster

    #53 5 years ago
  54. SticKboy

    The future will (hopefully) be SSDs. I mean, for all platforms – games, movies, data – the full works.

    #54 5 years ago
  55. theevilaires

    great point also stickbot ;)

    #55 5 years ago
  56. pracer

    Why does Tea always feel like it is him against the world? Oh, wait nvm.

    #56 5 years ago
  57. theevilaires

    another great point dasher..i mean prancer..sorry I mean pracer.

    #57 5 years ago
  58. pracer

    Hey I tried to hook my system up to my 720p native hd tv. No dice on the bluray – they won’t play. Blank screen is all I get. Are you folks able to run blu rays on TV that do NOT support 1080p? Following the links E provided it seems that some folks are claiming they can. I can’t. Either I am doing something wrong(possible) or is it possibly a region thing(I am NTSC), or ..even a system model thing(seems unlikly as firmware should be the same) I don’t know I don’t get it.

    @Sebbie gonna have same prob if your isp limits bandwidth or is just plan slow. Not much you can do about that. If your isp unreliable tho, could always(maybe) try a new one.

    Tea you blow my freaken mind lol.
    In my mind it goes like this:

    Someone says: Hey hd is awesome.
    Tea: what res are you running?
    Soneone: um, 720p…
    Tea: hahaha you suck dumb ass hd is 1080p
    Someone: Yea well, this looks really nice tho.
    Tea: hahaha

    I mean really dude. Most average folks prolly can’t or won’t even be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, let alone 1080p and 1080i. You just end up sounding like a moron.
    In my situation I can’t get my PS3 to display bluray movies on anything less then 1080P. Which means I can not watch them on my ps3 in my bedroom on my smaller(read less expensive) TV. And because you seem to judge it as a sense of self worth, I will tell you my main TV in living room(read my gaming TV) is 1080p. And yes, my xb360 runs games at 1080p(I don’t care if it “Upscales” or is 1080i native) on said TV. Its like saying that one bright red is redder then the other bright red. When in truth they are both brilliantly bright red.

    #58 5 years ago
  59. Withnail

    Sony would love it if MS released a Blu-ray add-on, which is exactly why they won’t, IMO.

    “I own a HD TV. It out puts at 720p. I can use the HDMI out of my PS3 for games. But I can NOT watch my blu ray movies on this TV. They simply won’t play. Inorder to watch blu ray from PS3 I need to use my TV in the living room. That TV is 1080p.

    Blu Ray needs 1080p to work. ”


    #59 5 years ago
  60. Uncontested

    lol @ anyone who thinks blu-ray quality and “Up scaled” DvDs are anywhere NEAR the same thing.

    Blu Ray to DvD is like DvD to VHS in quality change.

    TRUE 1080p > 720p upscaled to “1080p” (like Xbox 360 does but probably will never admit to lol)

    #60 5 years ago
  61. pracer

    I know Withnail. But scroll up and read the links. They all, or many of them, are convinced it doesn’t. So i retried it. It does. I was saying that I didn’t know that when I bought my second hd tv for my bedroom. Was kinda pissed when we tried it. My wife can’t watch her hairy Potters…I can’t honestly say that it bothers me much tho.

    #61 5 years ago
  62. Uncontested

    Blu Ray does not need 1080p to work. My ps3 played any and all blu ray movies fine on my old 720p 32″ 60Hz TV I had before I upgraded to a 40″ 1080p 120Hz TV.

    Theres obviously something wrong with your TV.

    #62 5 years ago
  63. theevilaires

    there’s a big difference but what you like is what you like.
    I’m not making fun of anyone that doesn’t have 1080p. I highly recommend it if you have a PS3, yes. If you have 720p fine also.

    My 360 is on a 720p Vizio and looks better that way than onmy 1080p bravia. The NXE just looks better in 720p to me.
    The XMB is displayed at native 1080p. You can clearly see its better.

    About you not being able to get a signal with your set IDK, are you using HDMI. Plus a lot of old HDTV sets are weird with all that DRM bootleg signal blocking stuff.

    #63 5 years ago
  64. pracer

    DRM Bootleg stuff? First time I have heard of that. Prolly software on the TV dash itself? Wonder if there is a way to update the TV frimware past it? Will have to explore that a bit.

    I run my xbox360 and PS3 in 720p as well. I like the slightly larger text/icons. When we do bluray of course, we switch but it isn’t very often I think we own maybe 12 blu rays. All of the HP for my wife, and the five free ones we got when we bought the system.

    I think one of the biggest points people put out there some folks(looking at you Tea) seem not to understand. Is that while 1080p does look good and bluray is nice. It isn’t that(read (THAT) big of a deal. I think you can see it as evidence by the sheer number of stnd DVDs still being sold. And yea, I like the upscaling. I don’t look for a movie on BD. I buy the SD copy. Then the kids can watch it in their rooms, I can watch it in mine and we can STILL watch the same disc on the ps3 or xb360 in the living room. It isn’t realistic to think we are going to have a BD player in every room. But we do have less then 50usd/stnd dvd players in each room. And in the end I am very happy with that.
    As for Netflix. I can not help you there. It seems to be NA only. Pitty you guys are missing out big time. Oh and with PlayOn you can stream Netflix on your PS3. But because of the built in interface on xb360, it looks nicer and runs smoother. But it can be done. Incedently it also works on a Wii(PlayOn).

    I don’t know man, you just seem off your rocker. If your lucky enough to own a PS3 or a XB360 and hdTV, and hella fast isp, your lucky. We are all pretty lucky I met some folks this weekend that had a PS2 and were all worried it might break. Sometimes forget how lucky we are to have what we do. These things are toys. Nothing more important then that. And honestly the stuff you rant and rave about…like two filthy rich bastards bickering about who has more millions. Kinda of a MUTE point that is going to be lost on all of the folks out there that are still playing PS2s or playing nothing at all. Just keep stuff in perspective is all.

    #64 5 years ago
  65. Uncontested

    A lot of people put to much faith into the 720p 1080p thing.. There is no reason a 720p should look ‘better’ than a 1080p unless the 1080p has a poor contrast ratio. (I personally think contrast ratio matters ALOT more these days than the 1080p moniker. )

    #65 5 years ago
  66. pracer

    I find the 720 display have slightly better text size. In some cases. And because I tend to play games with alot of text, I find it easier on the eyes sometimes. I went back and played PSO in 480p and was amazed at how huge the icons were. I have gotten so used to the HD stuff.

    #66 5 years ago
  67. BeastModeYMOB

    First, the basics. Every HDTV has what’s referred to as a native resolution. This is the only resolution the television can display. Every broadcast it receives or digital format it displays (such as a DVD), must all display in the native format. To do this the HDTV converts any signal that differs from its native resolution tothe native resolution. Lower resolutions are “upgraded” and higher resolutions are “downgraded.” This process is known as upconverting and downconverting. In the switch from standard definition broadcasts to high-definition broadcasts, there are competing formats. Some networks broadcast in 720p(1280 x 720) and others in 1080i (1920 x 1080). A 720pHDTV will be able to display 720pbroadcasts natively. Displaying a signal without conversion results in an excellent picture. Once the TV has to convert a signal, the conversion process itself can degrade picture quality. Therefore a 720pbroadcast might look better on a 720pTV than on a 1080p, if the processor chip in the 1080pHDTV is not up to snuff.

    #67 5 years ago
  68. BeastModeYMOB

    Other networks broadcast in 1080i, which the 1080pHDTV can display natively. A 720pset will have to downconvert a 1080i signal before displaying it. Both HDTVs will also have to de-interlace the 1080i signal but this does not involve changing the resolution, only reordering frame display. An interlaced signal is designed to paint every other line on the display, then fill in the missing lines. Progressive scan TVs paint the screen sequentially, from top to bottom, reducing the flicker affect of interlaced signals. So far it might sound like a wash. A 720pHDTV will display 720pbroadcasts natively, and a 1080pwill display 1080i broadcasts natively. The 1080pmight be seen as having the advantage that it will also upconvert 720psignals to 1080presolution, and if the internal processing chip is a good one, this should improve picture quality to lessen “stair stepping” and the “screen door affect” by packing more pixels into the image for an overall smoother quality. Meanwhile, the 720pset will have to downconvert 1080i broadcasts.

    #68 5 years ago
  69. BeastModeYMOB

    But the real advantage of the 1080pis in watching HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. These digital discs are formatted in 1080pand studio movies on this media played on the 1080pHDTV are astounding. A 720pset that will accept a Blu-Ray signal must downconvert these formats to lesser resolutions, robbing the viewer of the true Blu-ray / HD DVD experience. The 1080pis also a preferable set for gamers who intend to connect a PC, XBox™ or PlayStation™.

    All else being equal, 720pHDTVs are less expensive than their higher resolution siblings. If you aren’t big on DVDs and don’t plan on buying a Blu-ray or HD DVD player, you might opt to save some money. For gamers or movie fanatics, consider the higher resolution set, but stick with a quality brand that will provide a solid upconverter for all of those 720pbroadcasts you’ll be watching between movies. Also, be sure the 1080pHDTV provides 1080pinputsor ports. Accepting 1080pinput (as from a Blu-Ray player) is a different function than upconverting broadcast signals, and some earlier models lacked the ability to accept 1080psignals.

    #69 5 years ago
  70. BeastModeYMOB

    High-definition television (HDTV) is available in both 720pand 1080p models. The differencebetween them boils down to resolution, with 1080pcapable of displaying a higher native resolution than 720psets. This doesn’t necessarily mean that in all instances a 1080pHDTV will display a better picture than a 720pset. We can thank multiple broadcast formats and the varying quality of electronic components used in HDTVs to complicate the issue just a bit.

    #70 5 years ago
  71. pracer

    Good show Beast. Where were you when I was buying TVs? My TV is 100% no go for displaying BluRays in the bedroom. Plays games nice tho. So the PS3 stays in the living room, nice 1080p out there. What kind of effect on the pic quality does screen size have?

    #71 5 years ago
  72. BeastModeYMOB

    Thanks dude lol. Everybody I know called me to come pick out their tv lol. I’m Just an electro-geek. But about the effect on the pic quality.

    Knowing what is the optimal HDTV size for your room is an important step when buying a new TV. Regardless of what kind of flat-screen HDTV you intend to buy – plasma or LCD – it is a good idea to first go and measure the distance between the place you will be sitting (e.g. the couch) and the place where the HDTV will be sitting (e.g. stand, wall).

    Once you have chosen the screen size you want, you will need to decide which HDTV you want to purchase. The big question often asked is “Should I buy a plasma or LCD?”Lets compare the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

    Plasma Advantages
    Widest viewing angleBest overall contrast ratio, sets typically have deeper blacks than LCDLower Cost at the same screen size (though its getting close this holiday season)Freedom from motion blur (display maintains high resolution with motion)Stronger front glass than LCD (safer from flying Wii remotes and hard pokes from children)Overall better picture quality than LCDNo Burn-in (image retention) when the HDTV is adjusted for in-home viewing (as opposed to showroom mode, based on results of tests of 2008 models)

    Plasma Disadvantages
    No models available below 32” (there are only two 32” HD plasmas Vizio & Insignia@Best Buy)Heavier than LCDHigher power consumption than LCD on larger size screens 60” and higher (smaller size display power consumption is highly dependent on the user settings)

    LCD Advantages
    Higher Brightness (makes them more suitable for very bright rooms such as retail store showrooms and home settings for daytime viewing with rooms large bare windows)Weighs less than plasma screens of same sizeScreen sizes range from around 19”-70”Large screen sizes (>55”) typically consume less powerNo Burn-in (image retention)

    LCD Disadvantages
    Horizontal off-axis image quality depends on make and model consideredPoor vertical off-axis image qualityPoor motion resolution with 60 Hz models, medium motion resolution with 120 Hz models (as compared to plasma TVs).Poor black levels and low contrast ratios with low-end models.

    How important is resolution? Although resolution separates HDTV from standard-definition TV, it’s not as important to overall picture quality as other factors. According to the Imaging Science Foundation, a group that consults for home-theater manufacturers and trains professional video calibrators.

    IF you can not see a difference between a 1 megapixel and 2 megapixel display at 8 feet away, then you really have less of a problem with resolution decisions. Probably you are more sensitive to black levels and contrast, and will prefer plasma or SXRD technology.

    Most people looking at standard TV dont realize the pixel they see is not square but in fact a rectangle. Most Plasma screens and LCD is square pixel, but 4:3 NTSC TV is a .9091 to 1 shape. Not square. So when you see a regular pillar boxed STD def TV show on your HD screen, its really scaled in a lot of ways.Back in early TV for Color on CRTs they worked it out by placing Red, Gren, Blue vertically masked bars or color subpixels with very thin black borders separating the colors for the electron gun to scan. This caused a need to “converge” in STD TV sets ( get Red Green and Blue to line up ) . We got used to fuzzy in the process, tint knobs, yuch. HD TV is not fuzzy now and square uniform pixels are part of that.

    #72 5 years ago

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