Ex-Flight sim bods form Cascade

Wednesday, 14th October 2009 07:22 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Former Microsoft Aces Studio employees have formed Washington-based Cascade Game Foundry, another sim studio “poised to create a portfolio of innovative and engaging products which will appeal to both aficionados and people new to the genre.”

There’s a press release here.

“The beauty of starting a new studio is that we get to reconsider all our preconceived notions,” said creative director Rick Selby.

“Our previous efforts focused on building traditional simulation titles. However, now we get to redefine what a simulation game can be. As a designer, that is incredibly liberating.”

Aces was responsible for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator franchise. The studio was axed in cuts early this year.

Thanks, Edge.



  1. monty12345

    awesome, i hope they release a new flight sim game, its badly needed for the really quite dedicated community it has.

    And maybe it’l be possible to bring a proper flight sim to the consoles (civil aircraft, not military bollocks)

    #1 5 years ago

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