Win Brutal Legend on 360 and PS3 by commenting!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009 20:56 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Update: We have winners!

They are:

  • FadeLive (360)
  • Pysk (PS3)
  • Tobinishi (360)
  • reask (PS3)

Congrats to them an’ all that.

EA just said we could have four copies of Brutal Legend to give to you, our loyal readers. We’ve got two on 360 and two on PS3.

To win, you have to do two things. Firstly, you have to comment. Whoever posts the 200th, 400th, 600th and 800th comments will get a copy of the game. We’ll alternate format, starting with PS3.

Secondly, you have to follow both @patlike and @vg247 on Twitter. No reason. We just want more people following us on Twitter.

For the record, we’ve sort of stolen this idea from Destructoid. It’s a form of flattery.

Get to it. Good luck!


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  1. mescalineeyes

    so what does first one win?

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Mike

    Brütal Legend is Brutal.

    #2 6 years ago

    I’m still waiting for my MegaDrive Collection!!!!!!!!!!

    #3 6 years ago
  4. Michael O'Connor

    For the record, I’ve already following both of those. *grins*

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Patrick Garratt

    Crackdude’s still waiting for his Sega record too. I never got the Collection from Sega, G1G. Do you want something else instead? I’ve got Operation Flashpoint here.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Mike

    The race to 200

    #6 6 years ago
  7. Len

    BDH has to win this, how can we make it happen…? ;)

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Mike

    is now

    #8 6 years ago
  9. Mike


    #9 6 years ago
  10. Spiral

    Good luck all.

    #10 6 years ago
  11. freedoms_stain

    Not interested in the prize, but I don’t mind helping those who are, so.


    #11 6 years ago
  12. Mike

    What happens when I’m the 200th, 400th, 600th and 800th poster?

    #12 6 years ago
  13. The Hindle

    Do you have to be on twitter to be entered in this, i mean im following vg247s feed but i dont have a twitter account

    #13 6 years ago
  14. freedoms_stain

    P.S. this is going to fuck up the latest comment box for a good long while :s

    I use that thing.

    #14 6 years ago
  15. DaMan

    really not interested in BL. I’ll give it to whoever wants this stuff if I win.

    #15 6 years ago
  16. Razor

    This will be like the John Diamonon posts on the PS blog…

    #16 6 years ago
  17. Syrok

    That’s true freedom. I hope you all comment throughout the night so I use the latest comment box as usual. :)

    Would be funny if some PS3 fanboy would get the 360 version and vice versa.

    #17 6 years ago
  18. The Hindle


    If i say Tr is the best any chance i can be the guy you give it to lol :0

    #18 6 years ago
  19. Patrick Garratt

    freedom – Never thought of that.

    #19 6 years ago
  20. Patrick Garratt

    Mike – You win big. BIG.

    #20 6 years ago
  21. Insodp


    #21 6 years ago

    Errr… Yeah! Flashpoint would be cool!

    Thanks Pat!

    #22 6 years ago
  23. Mike


    #23 6 years ago
  24. asphaltcowboy

    200? That’ll take forever! :)

    #24 6 years ago
  25. Patrick Garratt

    G1G – Mail me your address again. I’ll get it in the post tomorrow, along with Crackdude’s record.

    #25 6 years ago
  26. freedoms_stain

    You become the poster boy Mike.

    It’s only natural.

    #26 6 years ago

    Ok, Will do…

    #27 6 years ago
  28. Zarckan

    Oh look 28!

    #28 6 years ago
  29. DaMan

    Hindle, no your sins are eternal.

    #29 6 years ago
  30. Zarckan

    Dare I say it… 29!

    #30 6 years ago
  31. The Hindle


    Rofl was worth a try

    #31 6 years ago
  32. Olima

    This is my first comment here, hello VG247!

    #32 6 years ago
  33. Zarckan

    Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day!

    #33 6 years ago
  34. DaMan

    Hindle, I don’t mind though tbh.

    #34 6 years ago
  35. Patrick Garratt

    Hi Olima :D

    #35 6 years ago
  36. Mike

    Where are we up to now?

    #36 6 years ago
  37. Patrick Garratt

    Number 37. I’m going to a Modern Warfare 2 event this week. Rob Bowling’s going to be there.

    #37 6 years ago
  38. The Hindle

    Wow you actually get paid to do things like that Pat, got to be the best job in the world aint it

    #38 6 years ago
  39. Mike

    Yeah, well, I’m going to a free circus hosted by a furniture store in about -2 degree weather on Friday….so there!


    Say hi to Big Rob, innit.

    #39 6 years ago
  40. Mike

    @The Hindle

    “Sounds” great, donit.

    #40 6 years ago
  41. djhsecondnature

    I think I should win as I made the Brutal Legend ad there


    #41 6 years ago
  42. The Hindle

    aye man it does not as good as the furniture job tho lol

    #42 6 years ago
  43. Suikoden Fan

    I only played the demo to this on sunday, and i was amazed how good the game was

    #43 6 years ago
  44. Zarckan

    Fuck me I might just come back in a week, as it approaches 200.

    #44 6 years ago
  45. Suikoden Fan

    also i am following both of your accounts on twitter anyway but its under a different name btw does that matter?

    #45 6 years ago
  46. The Hindle

    still aint played the demo i dont for games i know that are going to be amazing jk jk btw Mike

    #46 6 years ago
  47. Spiral


    #47 6 years ago
  48. The Hindle

    yea im following but dont have a twitter acount but i still follow the twitter feed so is there any point me entering this

    #48 6 years ago
  49. JAH2488

    Hrmm, I am a lonngggg way from comment 400. Might need to check back later.

    #49 6 years ago
  50. Suikoden Fan

    you may need to shorten the needed number of comments

    #50 6 years ago
  51. Olima

    did someone play the german demo? jack blacks german voice is really good, but the womens one, WTF?!

    #51 6 years ago
  52. Zarckan

    Blah blah blah

    #52 6 years ago
  53. David Sarkisjan

    I think I will be in a group of people trying to post the 200th comment. This will be a long day, or that one after this one. Or …

    #53 6 years ago
  54. Patrick Garratt

    @41 – :D

    #54 6 years ago
  55. Patrick Garratt

    Suikoden Fan – Nah. Leave it up for a day and they’ll vanish soon enough. If it really isn’t going to make it, I will shorten though, obv.

    #55 6 years ago
  56. Patrick Garratt

    Olima – I didn’t even notice the voices, tbh. Was too busy zapping stuff.

    #56 6 years ago
  57. Patrick Garratt

    57 comments in 41 minutes. See? Easy beans. Sort of.

    #57 6 years ago
  58. Suikoden Fan

    pat, thats cool just thought i’d put it out there, btw whats the record highest number of comments a article has got?

    #58 6 years ago
  59. freedoms_stain

    Somebody suggest the 360 is better than the PS3 and tea will have this bitch at 200 in no time.

    Then somebody get bdh riled up about Satin and holly fire and that’s you to 600.

    See, not that hard.

    #59 6 years ago
  60. LtMcmuffin22

    How many times are we allowed to post? like could I technically post a bazillion times and get all of them?

    #60 6 years ago
  61. Suikoden Fan

    freedom, bring back shatner for the night and it will go way beyond 1000

    #61 6 years ago
  62. Patrick Garratt

    SF – One of the Shatner threads did about 600, I think. It was just before I posted that Peter Moore interview earlier this year.

    #62 6 years ago
  63. Stephany Nunneley

    Shit. The circus Mike? An Infinity Ward event Pat? Ya’ll got nothing on me! I am being taken to the zoo for my vacation if I clean my room.

    /dies a little inside

    #63 6 years ago
  64. yeah_write

    So I was already following VG on Twitter, but not Pat, and I wasn’t registered to comment. But you tempted me with Brutal Legend, so I was forced to do this…Forced!

    #64 6 years ago
  65. LtMcmuffin22

    are we?

    #65 6 years ago
  66. Centipede

    Good thing that you started out with the PS3 version… too bad I’ll be sleeping when the #200 comment goes live :-(

    #66 6 years ago
  67. Suikoden Fan

    personally i’m hoping to win a ps3 version of bl, nothing against the 360, i just prefer playing on the ps3 (even if scee annoy the hell out of me)

    #67 6 years ago
  68. onlineatron


    #68 6 years ago
  69. The Hindle


    Same here im leaning towards buying the ps3 version for some reason try and equal my purcchases out for both consoles

    #69 6 years ago
  70. davidkenobi

    Nice gift. I’ll be back !

    #70 6 years ago
  71. onlineatron


    #71 6 years ago
  72. sonny


    #72 6 years ago
  73. onlineatron


    #73 6 years ago
  74. onlineatron


    #74 6 years ago
  75. Mike

    If I get the 200 can I has teh free sixtie versh?

    #75 6 years ago
  76. onlineatron


    #76 6 years ago
  77. Patrick Garratt

    Mike – 360 at 400. I’ve stuck my leg in the sand.

    #77 6 years ago
  78. onlineatron


    #78 6 years ago
  79. Tobinishi

    I want to win, but i’m from austria? is this a problem?? :D

    #79 6 years ago
  80. Patrick Garratt

    Centipede – Another one at 600, dude. That won’t happen till tomorrow, deffo.

    #80 6 years ago
  81. Patrick Garratt

    Tobinishi – Nope! I’ll post anywhere. No worries.

    #81 6 years ago
  82. Suikoden Fan

    dont tell me this will degenerate into spam now?

    #82 6 years ago
  83. onlineatron


    #83 6 years ago
  84. onlineatron


    #84 6 years ago
  85. thetownhero

    with diamonds!

    #85 6 years ago
  86. freedoms_stain

    might as well have some links to amusing or cool shit.

    #86 6 years ago
  87. onlineatron

    I love VG247
    It’s the first site I vist when I open Google Chrome.
    I Love how they keep me up to date on all the latest gaming news
    I love how they give me Brutal Legend on PS3 for saying so many loving things about them

    #87 6 years ago
  88. sonny

    up and atom!

    #88 6 years ago
  89. Mike


    Can someone phone me when we’re at 385?

    #89 6 years ago
  90. reask


    #90 6 years ago
  91. monty12345

    I don’t think i’ve ever seen a vg247 article with 800 but good luck!

    #91 6 years ago
  92. Patrick Garratt

    Nice men, there.

    #92 6 years ago
  93. reask


    #93 6 years ago
  94. The Hindle

    God this will take ages

    so whos getting Uncharted 2 or has already got Uncharted 2

    #94 6 years ago
  95. reask


    #95 6 years ago
  96. Stephany Nunneley

    Sonny! LOL its “Up and at Them!” LOL! Love that episode :-)

    Thanks for the giggle :-D

    #96 6 years ago
  97. freedoms_stain

    Mike, I’ll phone you at 401.

    Just to laugh maniacally.

    #97 6 years ago
  98. onlineatron

    I prefer this montage

    #98 6 years ago
  99. Pysk

    Austrian invasion!!!!! *screams like Jack Black*

    #99 6 years ago
  100. onlineatron


    It’s en-route via Royal Mail…. so i’ll have it by November =/

    Stupid Strikes.

    #100 6 years ago
  101. Patrick Garratt

    100! No problem.

    #101 6 years ago
  102. Tobinishi

    @pat: Brütal good news for me :). Thx.

    #102 6 years ago
  103. reask

    360 version for me Pat.

    #103 6 years ago
  104. Olima

    @ Tobinishi. Kenn ich dich nicht aus dem consol.AT Forum :)

    #104 6 years ago
  105. onlineatron

    WOOT I GOT 100… does that mean I get half the game?!

    #105 6 years ago
  106. Mike

    Only 290-odd to go.

    #106 6 years ago
  107. The Hindle


    LOL we could do with a montage now

    #107 6 years ago
  108. Michael O'Connor

    I’ll gonna spam like crazy once this hits 190…

    *speeds up his page loading on Firefox*

    #108 6 years ago
  109. Mike

    Olima: Lad være med at snakke et fremmedsprog på en engelsktalende forum!! ;)

    #109 6 years ago
  110. onlineatron

    Why’s there an accent over the U in ‘Brutal Legend’?

    #110 6 years ago
  111. freedoms_stain

    It’s more Brutal that way.

    #111 6 years ago
  112. Mike

    Because it’s Brütal.

    #112 6 years ago
  113. The Hindle


    owch man lol

    #113 6 years ago
  114. onlineatron

    Even Rocky had a Montage…

    #114 6 years ago
  115. Mike

    Damn you freedom!!!

    #115 6 years ago
  116. onlineatron


    #116 6 years ago
  117. sonny


    #117 6 years ago
  118. Pysk

    @ Olima: F*ck off you troll! ;)
    (Important: Internet sarcasm)

    #118 6 years ago
  119. thetownhero

    mermaids exist.

    #119 6 years ago
  120. The Hindle

    Why are certain names in red btw its always made me wonder for example Mike or Freedoms_Stain or Micheal o connor your names are in red why?

    #120 6 years ago
  121. LtMcmuffin22

    mermaids def exist

    #121 6 years ago
  122. Mike

    Here’s a quiz:

    What game features the ships the Adder and the Anaconda?

    #122 6 years ago
  123. onlineatron

    I’ve got a favour to ask….

    At 185 could everyone stop commenting and let me make the next 15 comments?

    Glad you understand… cheers =D

    #123 6 years ago
  124. freedoms_stain

    red just mean you have a link, hit the profile link up top.

    #124 6 years ago
  125. Patrick Garratt

    Hindle – You can add a site in your profile. It’s linked to your username.

    #125 6 years ago
  126. sonny


    #126 6 years ago
  127. bluemanrule

    “Editor. Philanthropist. Lover.”? Hilarious! I would like to rock some Brutal Legend.

    #127 6 years ago
  128. Olima

    @ Pysk WTF? Go to bed and don’t win my copy of the game :)

    #128 6 years ago
  129. onlineatron


    #129 6 years ago
  130. Mike

    Guess the quiz question dammit!

    #130 6 years ago
  131. Patrick Garratt


    #131 6 years ago
  132. Tobinishi

    @Olima: Hahaha, das Internet ist klein :).

    #132 6 years ago
  133. Mike

    onlineatron wins.

    That was too easy.

    #133 6 years ago
  134. sonny


    #134 6 years ago
  135. SadyFarah

    “To win, you have to do two things. Firstly, you have to comment. Whoever posts the 200th, 400th, 600th and 800th comments will get a copy of the game. We’ll alternate format, starting with PS3.”

    Nice! No international restrictions!


    And don´t try to change the rules now!


    #135 6 years ago
  136. Pysk

    @ Olima: NEVER!

    #136 6 years ago
  137. onlineatron

    I win… a copy of Brutal Legend.

    Why thank you Mike.

    I’ll expect it in the mail Thursday Patrick.

    #137 6 years ago
  138. freetouch

    lurker now becomes the lurkee

    #138 6 years ago
  139. SadyFarah

    Post or Refresh?

    #139 6 years ago
  140. sonny


    #140 6 years ago
  141. LtMcmuffin22

    gonna be sick

    #141 6 years ago
  142. Pysk

    btw Pat is my hero. (…and I want to win BrÜtal Legend)

    #142 6 years ago
  143. The Hindle

    ahhhh all makes sense

    ok who else apart from me thinks Rap music is an insult to intelligence

    #143 6 years ago
  144. sonny

    down in a minute ^^

    #144 6 years ago
  145. SadyFarah

    This is the painkiller!

    #145 6 years ago
  146. Suikoden Fan

    hindle, depends whose rapping, some of it is good.

    #146 6 years ago
  147. onlineatron

    GTFO! Pysk!

    You’re just saying that because you want him to give you a copy of Brutal Legend…

    When in truth Patrick has always been my hero ever since I was a little child.

    #147 6 years ago
  148. The Hindle

    For example in one of Dizze rascals raps he says Fwee instead of free was on the Hits just now

    #148 6 years ago
  149. SadyFarah


    #149 6 years ago
  150. sonny


    #150 6 years ago
  151. Mike


    What Eurogamer writer wrote the Crash’n'Burn review for PS2/Xbox?

    #151 6 years ago
  152. Pysk

    @ The Hindle: Most of it.

    #152 6 years ago
  153. freedoms_stain

    Has any cunt got Google Wave?

    And can I has invite?

    #153 6 years ago
  154. LtMcmuffin22


    #154 6 years ago
  155. sonny


    #155 6 years ago
  156. SadyFarah

    Why games refuse to use Guitar Player Charaters with 7 or 8 Stings Guitars? Any problem with Low tunes?

    #156 6 years ago
  157. onlineatron

    I like Dizzee Rascal… to an extent.

    But most rap goes over my head.

    I’m more of a Radiohead man and other newer bands.

    Been listening to a lot of Smiths, Beatles and Bob Dylan recently though.

    #157 6 years ago
  158. sonny


    #158 6 years ago
  159. SadyFarah

    And then there was silence….

    #159 6 years ago
  160. SadyFarah


    #160 6 years ago
  161. sonny


    #161 6 years ago
  162. Pysk


    #162 6 years ago
  163. freedoms_stain

    @151, is it Pat?

    #163 6 years ago
  164. Patrick Garratt

    Here we go. Good luck, chaps.


    #164 6 years ago
  165. sonny


    #165 6 years ago
  166. onlineatron

    Patrick Garrett!!

    …wait a minute.. I know that name from somewhere.

    Whatever, awful reviewer =P

    #166 6 years ago
  167. Seedhouse


    Jack Black is full of epic win :D

    #167 6 years ago
  168. LtMcmuffin22

    this is going pretty dang fast

    #168 6 years ago
  169. Yoshi

    SPAM SPAM SPAM LOLZ :P obviously people are guna start sooner or later.

    #169 6 years ago
  170. sonny


    #170 6 years ago
  171. Michael O'Connor

    This is where people start spamming.

    #171 6 years ago
  172. Suikoden Fan

    things certainly have sped up

    #172 6 years ago
  173. reask

    Ah jaysus I will never get it.

    #173 6 years ago
  174. Pysk

    Here we go!

    #174 6 years ago
  175. The Hindle

    The smiths rule and soo close now who will i win i wonder

    #175 6 years ago
  176. SadyFarah

    “You can make a fortune in lies
    You can keep a giant alive
    You can ride the red
    Until everybody smiles”

    God Bless the metal gods!

    #176 6 years ago
  177. Michael O'Connor

    You crazy people.

    #177 6 years ago
  178. onlineatron

    Postal strikes suck…. or so the news tells me.

    #178 6 years ago
  179. sonny

    hey freaks

    #179 6 years ago
  180. Seedhouse

    Indeed… what happens if someone posts No. 199, 200, and 201 themselves xD

    #180 6 years ago
  181. reask

    Getting near it.

    #181 6 years ago
  182. Michael O'Connor

    Please let it be mine!

    #182 6 years ago
  183. Mike

    Going mad now.

    #183 6 years ago
  184. sonny


    #184 6 years ago
  185. onlineatron

    AHHHH…. I don’t like this.

    I think i’m gonna upchuck on a wood chuck.

    #185 6 years ago
  186. Suikoden Fan

    make any spam default fail, out of fairness

    #186 6 years ago
  187. Michael O'Connor

    Please please please.

    #187 6 years ago
  188. reask

    Oh F**k

    #188 6 years ago
  189. Mike

    I reckon I win.

    #189 6 years ago
  190. Pysk

    I’ve just watched School of Rock on Sunday.

    #190 6 years ago
  191. sonny


    #191 6 years ago
  192. SadyFarah

    “Years Are Passing By,
    I Can’t Hear Anymore, Wrinkles Are Blooming Now
    And My Hair’s Getting White.
    Then I Fade Away,
    Getting Old And Sick, All I Remember Now
    Is The Smell Of The Strain.

    #192 6 years ago
  193. Michael O'Connor

    Come on come on come…

    #193 6 years ago
  194. DaMan

    it’s close now.

    #194 6 years ago
  195. LtMcmuffin22


    #195 6 years ago
  196. Suikoden Fan

    I really wanna win this, heres knowing you.

    #196 6 years ago
  197. thetownhero


    #197 6 years ago
  198. onlineatron

    Oh god

    #198 6 years ago
  199. Mike

    Maybe next time?

    #199 6 years ago
  200. reask


    #200 6 years ago
  201. FadeLive

    Brutal Legend.. for teh win?

    #201 6 years ago
  202. sonny


    #202 6 years ago
  203. freedoms_stain

    funny if this is 200… given that I can’t win.

    #203 6 years ago
  204. Seedhouse


    #204 6 years ago
  205. Zarckan

    I’m a legend, but I’m not brutal

    #205 6 years ago
  206. Michael O'Connor

    Please please please…!

    #206 6 years ago
  207. LtMcmuffin22


    #207 6 years ago
  208. thetownhero


    #208 6 years ago
  209. DaMan


    #209 6 years ago
  210. SadyFarah

    Its now or never…just people passing by

    #210 6 years ago
  211. Tobinishi

    200 – Achievement unlocked !!!

    Edit: Almost xD

    #211 6 years ago
  212. The Hindle


    #212 6 years ago
  213. Suikoden Fan


    #213 6 years ago
  214. onlineatron



    2 off…. in my reality that means I win though.


    #214 6 years ago
  215. reask

    I fucking got it deadly. :D

    #215 6 years ago
  216. Mike

    damn you reask!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

    #216 6 years ago
  217. Seedhouse

    No way… =[

    #217 6 years ago
  218. Patrick Garratt

    Reask! Congrats! Mail me your address at patrick [at]!

    #218 6 years ago
  219. Pysk

    @ reask: Congrats!

    #219 6 years ago
  220. sonny

    congratz reask

    #220 6 years ago
  221. Suikoden Fan


    #221 6 years ago
  222. Michael O'Connor

    *laughs* Well done reask.

    #222 6 years ago
  223. Zarckan

    WTF that just lept up 50

    #223 6 years ago
  224. freedoms_stain

    Nice one reask.

    Free shit is awesome.

    #224 6 years ago
  225. sonny

    I was 202 ^^

    #225 6 years ago
  226. The Hindle

    well done reask

    #226 6 years ago
  227. Zarckan

    Come on you pieces of shit!

    #227 6 years ago
  228. sonny


    #228 6 years ago
  229. reask

    I just went yes and when it loaded I lmao.
    I love you Pat.
    Rock on.

    #229 6 years ago
  230. Yoshi


    #230 6 years ago
  231. Riren

    Congratulations, Reask!

    #231 6 years ago
  232. Mike

    about 180 to go now

    #232 6 years ago
  233. Yoshi

    lmao i didnt even have enough time to post and we went over 200 :P

    #233 6 years ago
  234. Mike

    167 in fact

    #234 6 years ago
  235. Tobinishi

    Grats @ Reask.

    #235 6 years ago
  236. onlineatron

    reask…. you’ve always been my best friend.

    If you wanna give me your copy i’d be happy to have it.

    #236 6 years ago
  237. freedoms_stain

    I wonder if I woulda made it if I hadn’t added “given that I can’t win” which was an after thought :p

    #237 6 years ago
  238. Seedhouse

    Congrats Reask =]

    #238 6 years ago
  239. sonny

    I registered at twitter just to get this, crazy me… ^^

    #239 6 years ago
  240. Patrick Garratt

    OK! Good shit. Whoever posts number 400 gets a 360 version.

    #240 6 years ago
  241. Olima

    i’d like to be under the sea…

    #241 6 years ago
  242. onlineatron

    LA LA LA

    #242 6 years ago
  243. Stephany Nunneley

    Gratz reask!!!

    #243 6 years ago
  244. The Hindle

    yea if you dont want it ill have it :0

    #244 6 years ago
  245. SadyFarah

    If i get a x360 copy, i would be happy to trade for the ps3 one!

    #245 6 years ago
  246. Seedhouse

    Are we all going to stick around until we get to 800? Lol xD

    #246 6 years ago
  247. Suikoden Fan

    good work reask

    #247 6 years ago
  248. Tobinishi

    Arsenal, Arsenal FC by far the greatest team the world has ever seen

    #248 6 years ago
  249. onlineatron

    in an octopus’s garden…

    #249 6 years ago
  250. SadyFarah

    lets see the dalay that happens in here….
    problably my lucky number will be 253

    #250 6 years ago
  251. Suikoden Fan

    no that would be liverpool

    #251 6 years ago
  252. Zarckan

    I want a ps3 version, cos 360 is shit!!!


    #252 6 years ago
  253. Riren

    So 400 is a 360 copy?

    #253 6 years ago
  254. Zarckan

    Blob ghily juloop

    #254 6 years ago
  255. onlineatron


    Crash n’ Bum

    Good font choice Pat =P

    #255 6 years ago
  256. SadyFarah


    A September sun emerges through clouds, chasing across the sky.

    Thoughts are evoked behind detached eyes but people are just passing by:

    With smiles for protection.

    Unable to see

    #256 6 years ago
  257. Olima

    …in the shade…

    #257 6 years ago
  258. Patrick Garratt

    Riren – Yep!

    #258 6 years ago
  259. The Hindle

    apparently if you go over to the playstation blog they are doing a live interview with Naughty dog and they have just confirmed a comic to uncharted which serves as a prequel via N4g

    #259 6 years ago
  260. SadyFarah

    “So he lost a war: “will I be dead very long?”

    He can still hear his voice through the coldness!

    If we could try to ease some of his pain just for a while.

    But we’re all just people passing by!”

    #260 6 years ago
  261. Yoshi

    haha i love how it slows down then speeds up nearer the number :P

    #261 6 years ago
  262. Suikoden Fan

    discuss this, is bleach the best anime?

    #262 6 years ago
  263. Zarckan

    Are we past the 3shitty version yet?

    #263 6 years ago
  264. Yoshi

    Im pretty sure you’ll get to choose which system unless they dont have anymore for that console

    #264 6 years ago
  265. SadyFarah

    “With mankind ressurrected
    Forever to survive
    Returns from armageddon to the skies

    He is the painkiller
    This is the painkiller
    Wings of steel painkiller
    Deadly wheels painkiller”

    #265 6 years ago
  266. onlineatron

    Too many video game comics.

    #266 6 years ago
  267. sonny

    We all live in a…

    #267 6 years ago
  268. Patrick Garratt

    Zarckan – You’re in for 600 comments, right?

    #268 6 years ago
  269. freedoms_stain

    “discuss this, is bleach the best anime?”

    In a word: No.

    #269 6 years ago
  270. freetouch

    damn… we are almost at 300

    #270 6 years ago
  271. Zarckan

    600 is what I need

    #271 6 years ago
  272. sonny


    #272 6 years ago
  273. SadyFarah

    Ok…lets chat then…
    Tell me a name of a great metal band….

    #273 6 years ago
  274. freetouch

    scarily multi-postan

    #274 6 years ago
  275. Yoshi

    Yoshi rules who agrees XD

    #275 6 years ago
  276. Mike

    If I don’t get the 400, I’m leaving this piece of shit site for good!!!!!!!!!

    #276 6 years ago
  277. sonny


    #277 6 years ago
  278. onlineatron

    SGT Pepper’s….

    #278 6 years ago
  279. Yoshi


    #279 6 years ago
  280. Mike


    #280 6 years ago
  281. freetouch

    metal band?

    something with robots in it?

    #281 6 years ago
  282. Zarckan

    Anyone want to swap ghostbusters ps3 for a ps3 game by good developers

    #282 6 years ago
  283. Suikoden Fan

    then what is the best anime?

    #283 6 years ago
  284. reask

    Pat I dont have a PS3.
    Any chance of 360 version?

    #284 6 years ago
  285. Yoshi

    We all live in a YELLOW SUBMARINE

    #285 6 years ago
  286. sonny

    If I get the 400, I have to buy a 360 ^^

    #286 6 years ago
  287. Tobinishi

    <3 VG247 <3

    #287 6 years ago
  288. Yoshi


    #288 6 years ago
  289. freetouch

    aww crap… its 400..

    #289 6 years ago
  290. Zarckan

    Ps3 roolz

    #290 6 years ago
  291. Pysk

    Because it is as metal(!) as Tim Schafer:

    #291 6 years ago
  292. freedoms_stain

    great metal band? In Flames, Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates…

    #292 6 years ago
  293. Yoshi


    #293 6 years ago
  294. Michael O'Connor

    “Pat I dont have a PS3.
    Any chance of 360 version?”

    Maybe you should have thought about that before you tried to win by being post 200. =P

    #294 6 years ago
  295. onlineatron

    What is everyone doing besides this??

    #295 6 years ago
  296. Zarckan


    #296 6 years ago
  297. freetouch

    so how many of you are post sniping?

    #297 6 years ago
  298. Yoshi


    #298 6 years ago
  299. DaMan

    Tim Schaeffer sucks. discuss.

    #299 6 years ago
  300. freetouch

    and 300

    #300 6 years ago
  301. Yoshi

    OR BLUE ???

    #301 6 years ago
  302. Zarckan


    #302 6 years ago
  303. Yoshi


    #303 6 years ago
  304. onlineatron

    YELLOW Submarine

    #304 6 years ago
  305. SadyFarah

    If a Fywrex was to eat you alive, what would you do?

    #305 6 years ago
  306. freetouch

    if only I could get a copy for being 300 :(

    #306 6 years ago
  307. Yoshi

    I even sang to you all :P

    #307 6 years ago
  308. sonny


    #308 6 years ago
  309. Riren

    Patrick Garratt, thanks for the clarification!

    #309 6 years ago
  310. Zarckan

    Heh might stick some porn on. I hear Britney has a Twitter account with nudie pictures

    #310 6 years ago
  311. FadeLive

    I don’t like yellow submarines, can I have a blue one?

    #311 6 years ago
  312. Yoshi

    WOO!!! *thumbs up* *high fives onlineatron* ;D

    #312 6 years ago
  313. onlineatron

    OOOOOOOOOOoooooOooooOoOoOOooooooooH Darrling.

    #313 6 years ago
  314. Suikoden Fan

    reask, you could let me have it lol

    #314 6 years ago
  315. Mike


    #315 6 years ago
  316. Yoshi

    Yes FadeLive we have blue submarines aswel ;D

    #316 6 years ago
  317. sonny

    up and at ‘em! ^^

    #317 6 years ago
  318. Mike


    #318 6 years ago
  319. Riren

    Hope this game doesn’t crash the site.

    #319 6 years ago
  320. onlineatron

    We all live in a greenish submarine….

    Am I doing it right?

    #320 6 years ago
  321. FadeLive

    Sweet, I love me a blue submarine :D

    #321 6 years ago
  322. Insodp

    I like blue too

    #322 6 years ago
  323. freetouch


    #323 6 years ago
  324. onlineatron

    Up and ATOM

    #324 6 years ago
  325. Patrick Garratt

    Here we go! GOOD LUCK!

    #325 6 years ago
  326. Yoshi

    Ohhh very nice onlineatron very inventive XD

    #326 6 years ago
  327. freetouch


    #327 6 years ago
  328. Mike


    #328 6 years ago
  329. DaMan


    #329 6 years ago
  330. Yoshi

    Insodp would u live a blue submarine aswel then?

    #330 6 years ago
  331. DaMan


    #331 6 years ago
  332. FadeLive

    i AM BAAAAAAAAD, but not so bad that Santa won’t give me presents on Christmas.

    #332 6 years ago
  333. SadyFarah


    #333 6 years ago
  334. The Hindle

    prefer yellow submarines personally

    #334 6 years ago
  335. LtMcmuffin22


    #335 6 years ago
  336. freetouch


    #336 6 years ago
  337. danysuri


    #337 6 years ago
  338. The Hindle


    #338 6 years ago
  339. freetouch


    #339 6 years ago
  340. Mike

    Four Hundred

    #340 6 years ago
  341. onlineatron

    Ahhh not again

    #341 6 years ago
  342. Yoshi

    BADDDDD…. cant beat a little bit of Michael Jackson ;D

    #342 6 years ago
  343. sonny

    401 gets a submarine 4 free

    #343 6 years ago
  344. danysuri


    #344 6 years ago
  345. onlineatron

    I don’t like this

    #345 6 years ago
  346. SadyFarah

    “Oh, there’s an empty place in my bones
    That calls out for something unknown
    The fame and praise come year after year
    Does nothing for these empty tears

    #346 6 years ago
  347. danysuri


    #347 6 years ago
  348. Zarckan

    Heh Rufus hound has just got neked on Dave :-/

    #348 6 years ago
  349. The Hindle

    come on come on

    #349 6 years ago
  350. freedoms_stain

    I dunno what the best Anime is, but it’s probably not based on a shonen manga that has lacked direction for years now.

    #350 6 years ago
  351. Yoshi

    The Hindle the yellow submarine shall be delievered very soon my dear fello ;D

    #351 6 years ago
  352. danysuri


    #352 6 years ago
  353. The Hindle

    Akira is a brill manga film

    #353 6 years ago
  354. onlineatron


    #354 6 years ago
  355. LtMcmuffin22

    okay 350?

    #355 6 years ago
  356. LtMcmuffin22

    damn haha

    #356 6 years ago
  357. freetouch

    best anime is cowboy bebop.

    #357 6 years ago
  358. Yoshi

    Sonny well done keep joining in now :)

    #358 6 years ago
  359. Roybott

    WOW, I guess that is one way to get a ridiculous amount of comments in a short period of time! :)

    #359 6 years ago
  360. Riren

    We’re getting close!

    #360 6 years ago
  361. sonny

    Did u play the demo of Brütal Legend? It rockz!

    #361 6 years ago
  362. LtMcmuffin22

    lets try again, 363

    #362 6 years ago
  363. Insodp

    what about 403?

    #363 6 years ago
  364. Mike

    fir hundred

    #364 6 years ago
  365. Zarckan

    Lol Frankie Boyle is a comedy god!

    #365 6 years ago
  366. onlineatron

    So … it’s decided.

    post 400 gets nothing but a poxy game… post 401 gets a Submarine!

    I know what i’m aiming for
    SPOILER! It’s not post 400…

    #366 6 years ago
  367. danysuri

    404 when will it end.

    #367 6 years ago
  368. Patrick Garratt


    #368 6 years ago
  369. Roybott

    I wasn’t going to stick around but 400 is quite close… so I’ll post a couple and then leave :)

    #369 6 years ago
  370. freetouch


    #370 6 years ago
  371. Suikoden Fan

    personally i think bleach is the best anime that i have so far seen with tokyo underground coming second, it should have been longer though.

    #371 6 years ago
  372. Pysk

    Cowboy Bebop!

    #372 6 years ago
  373. FadeLive

    My friends says greenish submarines are the best but i’m inclined to disagree with him.

    #373 6 years ago
  374. danysuri


    #374 6 years ago
  375. freedoms_stain

    So anyone seen new Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show?

    It’s pure shite.

    #375 6 years ago
  376. The Hindle

    here we go

    #376 6 years ago
  377. LtMcmuffin22

    dangit hahaha

    #377 6 years ago
  378. Mike

    4 hundred

    #378 6 years ago
  379. Roybott

    OMG I WON!?!?!?!

    #379 6 years ago
  380. freetouch

    crap… i’m off

    bleach is ok. i watch it on adult swim

    #380 6 years ago
  381. danysuri

    Yeah !!

    #381 6 years ago
  382. Olima


    #382 6 years ago
  383. The Hindle

    so c,lose

    #383 6 years ago
  384. LtMcmuffin22


    #384 6 years ago
  385. Mike

    Four 00

    #385 6 years ago
  386. sonny


    #386 6 years ago
  387. Suikoden Fan

    worst anime is puni puni poemy or something like that, totally random in a bad way imo.

    #387 6 years ago
  388. Roybott

    Damn no I didn’t win :(

    #388 6 years ago
  389. onlineatron

    HOW DO I LIIIIVE WITHOUT YOU… i want to know.

    #389 6 years ago
  390. Olima


    #390 6 years ago
  391. danysuri


    #391 6 years ago
  392. thetownhero

    mango lemon

    #392 6 years ago
  393. Pysk

    Spirited Away was also pretty good:

    #393 6 years ago
  394. Insodp


    #394 6 years ago
  395. freetouch

    sight is slowing down closer to the numbers. haha

    #395 6 years ago
  396. LtMcmuffin22

    brutal powers UNITE

    #396 6 years ago
  397. Mike


    #397 6 years ago
  398. DaMan


    #398 6 years ago
  399. Suikoden Fan


    #399 6 years ago
  400. Tobinishi

    OMG Brütal Legend is mine. HA HA HA HA …..

    #400 6 years ago
  401. Riren

    This is fun! Thanks for running it, VG247.

    #401 6 years ago
  402. FadeLive

    Brutal Legend.. for teh win! second time I will do it. ;O

    Uhm..did I do it? Am I victorious only time will tell. Yes good lovely time how I enjoy thee.

    #402 6 years ago
  403. The Hindle

    even closer

    #403 6 years ago
  404. Roybott

    just missed!

    #404 6 years ago
  405. sonny

    AT EM!

    #405 6 years ago
  406. thetownhero

    please let it be me

    #406 6 years ago
  407. onlineatron


    #407 6 years ago
  408. Pysk


    #408 6 years ago
  409. freetouch


    #409 6 years ago
  410. freedoms_stain

    You need to watch more anime dude, try something with pro-production values like Afro Samurai or Karas.

    #410 6 years ago
  411. Zarckan

    I am truly disturbed now. No man ever needs to of seen that!

    #411 6 years ago
  412. Insodp

    its cool.

    #412 6 years ago
  413. Suikoden Fan

    ahhh one off

    #413 6 years ago
  414. danysuri

    me for win

    #414 6 years ago
  415. LtMcmuffin22


    #415 6 years ago
  416. FadeLive

    Damn it I failed yet again. :(

    #416 6 years ago
  417. sonny

    at …em!

    #417 6 years ago
  418. DaMan

    I was close

    #418 6 years ago
  419. Yoshi

    haha damn right onlineatron

    #419 6 years ago
  420. Riren

    Congratulations, Tobinishi!

    #420 6 years ago
  421. SadyFarah

    “There is a window out of pain
    but the grief will come again
    swallow all the light and steal the sleep
    I’ll never see the day to take it all away”

    #421 6 years ago
  422. Patrick Garratt

    Tobinishi! Gratz! Email me your address at patrick [at]!

    #422 6 years ago
  423. onlineatron

    How did Tobinishi know to put that?

    #423 6 years ago
  424. freedoms_stain

    Hey MIKE:


    #424 6 years ago
  425. The Hindle


    #425 6 years ago
  426. Suikoden Fan

    as i was saying the worst anime is puni puni poemy or something like that, totally random in a bad way imo.

    #426 6 years ago
  427. Olima


    #427 6 years ago
  428. Insodp

    At ease, rest a little :D

    #428 6 years ago
  429. sonny

    Tobinishi ftw!

    #429 6 years ago
  430. Yoshi

    oh wow went over 400 already :P

    #430 6 years ago
  431. danysuri

    Tobinishi! Gratz!

    #431 6 years ago
  432. Zarckan

    What the fuck!

    204, 308 and 410 khunts!!!!!

    #432 6 years ago
  433. SadyFarah

    “There was a time to play my cards
    drown my anchor in the hearts
    find the tracks to love and get the tricks to shove
    I never found a way to make it here to stay”

    #433 6 years ago
  434. Roybott

    Hmmm Should I stay for another 200 comments or just go…?

    #434 6 years ago
  435. Seedhouse

    Erm, it’s all gone quiet =[

    #435 6 years ago
  436. Tobinishi

    OMG :D

    #436 6 years ago
  437. The Benny

    Congratulations Tobinishi :D

    #437 6 years ago
  438. sonny

    now let’s go for PS3 again :)

    #438 6 years ago
  439. Pysk

    OMG Tobinishi knew it! Conspiracy?

    #439 6 years ago
  440. SadyFarah

    “My world is a dark and out of touch
    I’m left alone a bit too much
    What you see is what you get
    but when you can’t there’s nothing left
    I’ll miss it from the cradle to the grave”

    #440 6 years ago
  441. reask

    Congratz tobinishi.

    #441 6 years ago
  442. LtMcmuffin22

    grrr so close yet sooo far

    #442 6 years ago
  443. Patrick Garratt

    Splendido! OK. PS3 next at 600 posts. All the best.

    #443 6 years ago
  444. Zarckan

    It’s the final countdown

    #444 6 years ago
  445. Seedhouse

    Woah… my feed just jumped from 250 posts to 444 :o

    #445 6 years ago
  446. Yoshi

    Leave a ps3 version for me please XD (hopfully ill get it but im actually havin rather good fun talkin about submarines)

    #446 6 years ago
  447. onlineatron

    Oh Biggy… I only hope you and TuPac are playing blackJack for the kings now.

    #447 6 years ago
  448. freetouch

    can i get a special prize for being number 300?

    #448 6 years ago
  449. Riren

    Being literally one post too late stings.

    #449 6 years ago
  450. Pysk

    So, would anybody be interested in a Rock Band Queen?

    #450 6 years ago
  451. LtMcmuffin22

    rock on? haha

    #451 6 years ago
  452. sonny


    #452 6 years ago
  453. freedoms_stain

    This shit’ll be done by midnight as this rate.

    #453 6 years ago
  454. reask

    This is a laugh.

    #454 6 years ago
  455. Zarckan

    My turn pat.

    Which button do I press again to cheat?!?

    #455 6 years ago
  456. onlineatron

    I love submarines as much as the next guy… but I don’t think PAtrick is in the submarine given business.

    #456 6 years ago
  457. Insodp

    I would like, but not for rock band

    #457 6 years ago
  458. freetouch

    yes, a queen anything actually. rockband or quitar hero

    #458 6 years ago
  459. Suikoden Fan

    rock band queen? hell yeah

    #459 6 years ago
  460. thetownhero

    not even midnight, probably within the hour

    #460 6 years ago
  461. LtMcmuffin22


    #461 6 years ago
  462. Zarckan

    Name the song …

    “invisible airwaves, crackle with life”

    #462 6 years ago
  463. SadyFarah

    “My world is full of mortal scenes
    that blind my eyes and steal my dreams
    What you see is what you get
    but when you can’t there’s nothing left
    I’ll miss it from the cradle to the grave”

    #463 6 years ago
  464. onlineatron

    I’m going to see Pixar’s UP tomoz.

    I love me some Pixar!

    #464 6 years ago
  465. Zarckan

    Cod piece face

    #465 6 years ago
  466. SadyFarah

    “My world is a dark and out of touch
    I’m left alone a bit too much
    What You see is what you get
    but when you can’t there’s nothing left
    My world is full of mortal scenes
    that blind my eyes and steal my dreams
    I can’t see or feel it yet”

    #466 6 years ago
  467. sonny

    Gimme a “B”

    #467 6 years ago
  468. FadeLive

    Singing a song, singing a song, singing a song. Wait I can’t sing. Uhm.. this is awkward.

    #468 6 years ago
  469. sonny

    Gimme an “R”

    #469 6 years ago
  470. onlineatron


    #470 6 years ago
  471. deanimate

    you just know that some absolute GIT has set up some script to post as soon as it comes to comment #599 etc.
    YOU GIT!

    #471 6 years ago
  472. sonny

    Gimme an “Ü”

    #472 6 years ago
  473. FadeLive


    #473 6 years ago
  474. SadyFarah

    “and as I can’t there’s nothing left
    I’ll miss it from the cradle to the grave
    I’ll miss it from the cradle to the grave
    I’ll miss you from the cradle to the grave…. “

    #474 6 years ago
  475. Olima

    Rock Band Oasis!

    #475 6 years ago
  476. LtMcmuffin22

    o qwll

    #476 6 years ago
  477. sonny

    Gimme a “T”

    #477 6 years ago
  478. onlineatron


    #478 6 years ago
  479. onlineatron


    #479 6 years ago
  480. sonny

    Gimme an “A”

    #480 6 years ago
  481. Zarckan

    Who like pat?

    #481 6 years ago
  482. SadyFarah


    #482 6 years ago
  483. sonny

    Gimme an “L”

    #483 6 years ago
  484. onlineatron


    #484 6 years ago
  485. sonny


    #485 6 years ago
  486. Samuel_D


    #486 6 years ago
  487. Zarckan


    #487 6 years ago
  488. reask

    Gimme a break. :D

    #488 6 years ago
  489. Samuel_D


    #489 6 years ago
  490. Riren

    And it slows back down…

    #490 6 years ago
  491. onlineatron


    #491 6 years ago
  492. Suikoden Fan

    I most likely will go after post 600 as i’m not really interested in a 360 version.

    #492 6 years ago
  493. Zarckan

    Does anyone know what a “Gunt” is?

    #493 6 years ago
  494. Samuel_D


    #494 6 years ago
  495. onlineatron


    #495 6 years ago
  496. onlineatron


    #496 6 years ago
  497. sonny

    na na na na na na…

    #497 6 years ago
  498. Zarckan


    #498 6 years ago
  499. Yoshi


    #499 6 years ago
  500. FadeLive

    This is legendary. or is it. Dun du dun du dun. I’m being brutally honest here.

    See what i did there? I did. Did u? Thats the question? or is it? uhm.. The Matrix? of Heavy Metal? of Videogames?

    #500 6 years ago
  501. sonny


    #501 6 years ago
  502. Yoshi

    awww i was 1 off lol

    #502 6 years ago
  503. onlineatron


    #503 6 years ago
  504. SadyFarah


    #504 6 years ago
  505. Zarckan


    #505 6 years ago
  506. Suikoden Fan

    it’s over 9000! oh no wait its only over 500.

    #506 6 years ago
  507. onlineatron

    UP =D

    #507 6 years ago
  508. Samuel_D

    Hmm. A conumdrum. The faster I post the harder the post count becomes to predict. On the flipside, If I post faster I’m more likely to hit the magic number.

    #508 6 years ago
  509. Zarckan

    Almost there!

    #509 6 years ago
  510. Samuel_D


    #510 6 years ago
  511. onlineatron

    Would you dance…

    #511 6 years ago
  512. danysuri

    Almost there!

    #512 6 years ago
  513. Yoshi

    ITS OVER 500!!!!!!

    #513 6 years ago
  514. FadeLive

    I did it. The big 500, too bad i was only missing about 100 posts.

    #514 6 years ago
  515. sonny

    go for gold!

    #515 6 years ago
  516. freetouch

    time for site sloooooowdooooown

    oh and 513

    #516 6 years ago
  517. The Benny

    Keep up the pace!

    #517 6 years ago
  518. freedoms_stain

    “you just know that some absolute GIT has set up some script to post as soon as it comes to comment #599 etc.
    YOU GIT!” The sheer volume of posts around that time wouldn’t guarantee anything since the server is getting hit by a dozen requests at once, the chances are that the 600th comment will have been posted at pretty much the same time as 599, so a script set to post at 599 would probably land around 610.

    #518 6 years ago
  519. Samuel_D

    if I asked you to dance?

    #519 6 years ago
  520. Yoshi


    #520 6 years ago
  521. SadyFarah


    #521 6 years ago
  522. danysuri

    ITS OVER 500!!!!!!

    #522 6 years ago
  523. freetouch


    #523 6 years ago
  524. LtMcmuffin22


    #524 6 years ago
  525. Zarckan

    Almost there!!

    #525 6 years ago
  526. onlineatron

    …I don’t know the rest so lets jump to the chorus.


    #526 6 years ago
  527. SadyFarah

    Era um garoto que como eu amava os beatles e os rolling stones!

    #527 6 years ago
  528. Patrick Garratt

    Fuck me. Go on.

    *rabbit in headlights*

    #528 6 years ago
  529. danysuri


    #529 6 years ago
  530. Suikoden Fan

    whose getting world of goo?

    #530 6 years ago
  531. Samuel_D

    F5 F5 F5 F5

    #531 6 years ago
  532. Insodp


    #532 6 years ago
  533. SadyFarah

    1. Its time to die

    #533 6 years ago
  534. onlineatron

    Gunten Tag…

    #534 6 years ago
  535. Zarckan

    Almost there!!!

    #535 6 years ago
  536. Stephany Nunneley

    Jesus. I was away for only 5 minutes! WOW! Kudos on the posting folks. Keep it up!

    #536 6 years ago
  537. Patrick Garratt

    Suikoden Fan – Me, deffo. I’ve never played it.

    #537 6 years ago
  538. SadyFarah

    I need this game….i need it NAU!

    #538 6 years ago
  539. Yoshi

    F5 for cookies?

    #539 6 years ago
  540. danysuri

    whose getting world of goo?

    #540 6 years ago
  541. Samuel_D

    Do I win?

    #541 6 years ago
  542. Zarckan

    Almost there!!!!

    #542 6 years ago
  543. Samuel_D

    not yet.

    #543 6 years ago
  544. sonny

    -so, what did u do last night?
    -me? well, I posted comments… stupid comments!

    #544 6 years ago
  545. The Hindle

    Whos getting left 4 dead 2

    #545 6 years ago
  546. danysuri

    Do I win?

    #546 6 years ago
  547. onlineatron

    If I click the link at the bottom of the comments I could buy a copy of the game…

    But paying money’s for yella bellies.

    #547 6 years ago
  548. Yoshi

    I NEED, doesnt GET ;D

    #548 6 years ago
  549. SadyFarah

    Imagine if it was a WoW give away

    #549 6 years ago
  550. Zarckan

    Almost there!!!!!

    #550 6 years ago
  551. Pysk

    On a side note: Jack Black is already 40.

    #551 6 years ago
  552. SadyFarah

    Uncharted Metal Fortune

    #552 6 years ago
  553. The Hindle

    or is that a stupid question as it looks fuking amazing

    #553 6 years ago
  554. XDamage


    #554 6 years ago
  555. onlineatron


    I bought it for a penny… i’m a cheap bastard!

    #555 6 years ago
  556. Samuel_D

    if it were a WoW giveaway, noone would want it

    #556 6 years ago
  557. Suikoden Fan

    zarckan thats just blatant spamming

    #557 6 years ago
  558. Yoshi

    well if it was a WoW giveaway who would do it, unless it was a years sub or somethin ohh that reminds me anyone want a submarine?

    #558 6 years ago
  559. startdashselect

    Drum roll please….

    #559 6 years ago
  560. XDamage


    #560 6 years ago
  561. Patrick Garratt

    SadyFarah – Innit.

    #561 6 years ago
  562. danysuri

    Whos getting left 4 dead 2

    #562 6 years ago
  563. Tobinishi

    Oh, good luck @ everyone

    #563 6 years ago
  564. sonny

    Submit Comment

    #564 6 years ago
  565. Insodp


    #565 6 years ago
  566. Zarckan

    Almost there!!!!!!!

    #566 6 years ago
  567. freedoms_stain

    I played the World of Goo demo… It’s ok, it just didn’t grip me.

    #567 6 years ago
  568. LtMcmuffin22

    hope I can win

    #568 6 years ago
  569. Pysk

    Pat, what’s up with the podcast?

    #569 6 years ago
  570. danysuri

    Oh, good luck @ everyone

    #570 6 years ago
  571. Yoshi

    anyone… anyone at all ?

    #571 6 years ago
  572. Samuel_D

    Do I win??

    #572 6 years ago
  573. onlineatron


    #573 6 years ago
  574. Patrick Garratt

    Here we go!

    #574 6 years ago
  575. The Hindle

    42 carrot plonker

    #575 6 years ago
  576. sonny

    glory is one click away

    #576 6 years ago
  577. danysuri

    anyone… anyone at all ?

    #577 6 years ago
  578. Samuel_D

    Do I win???

    #578 6 years ago
  579. Zarckan

    Almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #579 6 years ago
  580. Yoshi

    We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!!!

    #580 6 years ago
  581. freedoms_stain


    #581 6 years ago
  582. The Hindle

    you dipstick

    #582 6 years ago
  583. Suikoden Fan

    Bleach is no1

    #583 6 years ago
  584. SadyFarah

    motion comic?!

    #584 6 years ago
  585. Samuel_D


    #585 6 years ago
  586. danysuri

    glory is one click away

    #586 6 years ago
  587. The Benny


    #587 6 years ago
  588. Yoshi

    We All Live In A…. Green Submarine!!!

    #588 6 years ago
  589. Zarckan


    #589 6 years ago
  590. thetownhero


    #590 6 years ago
  591. Olima

    Epic win?

    #591 6 years ago
  592. DaMan


    #592 6 years ago
  593. The Hindle

    rodney you plonker

    #593 6 years ago
  594. startdashselect

    Here we go! *fingers crossed*

    #594 6 years ago
  595. Suikoden Fan

    win attempt 2

    #595 6 years ago
  596. FadeLive

    Brutal Legend… For teh win! They say third times the charm. It better be. or maybe the fourth time. Am I talking to myself. Yes I think so. Well this was unexpected.

    Win! or did I. Yes I hope I did. B-R-U-T-A-L L-E-G-E-E-N-D..
    Holy crap that’s one E too much. Wtf.

    #596 6 years ago
  597. Michael O'Connor


    #597 6 years ago
  598. onlineatron



    I win the game right?

    #598 6 years ago
  599. sonny

    up and at ‘eeeeeeeem

    #599 6 years ago
  600. Pysk


    #600 6 years ago
  601. SadyFarah

    Its now or NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #601 6 years ago
  602. Riren

    Oh wow, PS3 version time!

    #602 6 years ago
  603. Yoshi

    We All Live In A…. Blue Submarine!!!

    #603 6 years ago
  604. The Hindle


    #604 6 years ago
  605. DaMan


    #605 6 years ago
  606. freetouch


    #606 6 years ago
  607. Suikoden Fan


    #607 6 years ago
  608. Samuel_D


    #608 6 years ago
  609. freedoms_stain

    Bleach anime sux dude, the anime is loaded with filler, filler blows.

    #609 6 years ago
  610. LtMcmuffin22

    see if I get it

    #610 6 years ago
  611. FadeLive


    #611 6 years ago
  612. Insodp

    don´t believe it

    #612 6 years ago
  613. The Benny

    Benny powers, activate!


    #613 6 years ago
  614. startdashselect

    IS it over?

    #614 6 years ago
  615. onlineatron

    ARRRGH 2 off =(

    #615 6 years ago
  616. Zarckan


    #616 6 years ago
  617. Pysk

    NO, A WINNER IS ME!!!!!!

    #617 6 years ago
  618. Riren

    Just one more copy to go!

    #618 6 years ago
  619. LtMcmuffin22

    hopefully I do

    #619 6 years ago
  620. sonny

    599, D’oh!

    #620 6 years ago
  621. Patrick Garratt

    Pysk! Gratz! Mail me your address at patrick [at]!

    #621 6 years ago
  622. Suikoden Fan

    thats is im out second time i got a damn fucking word press error when i was posting

    #622 6 years ago
  623. Yoshi

    SadyFarah you just won yourself a submarine… XD

    #623 6 years ago
  624. sonny

    gratz Pysk :)

    #624 6 years ago
  625. onlineatron

    Congrats Pysk

    #625 6 years ago
  626. The Hindle


    #626 6 years ago
  627. Samuel_D


    and oh hi Michael, I know you’re probably reading this.

    #627 6 years ago
  628. SadyFarah

    LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    #628 6 years ago
  629. Michael O'Connor

    Damn you Psyk! *cries*

    Really though, congrats.

    #629 6 years ago
  630. Olima

    WTF? My own brother? thats hard.. concratz btw :)

    #630 6 years ago
  631. startdashselect

    Last round!

    #631 6 years ago
  632. The Benny

    Well done Pysk :D

    #632 6 years ago
  633. Michael O'Connor

    Sam? Sam Sam?

    #633 6 years ago
  634. Patrick Garratt

    This is awesome. OK, last one. Whoever posts the 800th comment gets a 360 version. Do your worst.

    #634 6 years ago
  635. Tobinishi

    Grats @ Pysk :D.

    #635 6 years ago
  636. freedoms_stain


    Pysk, the proper vowel-less vunder-kid wins!

    #636 6 years ago
  637. onlineatron

    I’ll be back in a while.

    Keep the hi-jinks going without me… i’ll miss you guys.

    It’s been swell

    #637 6 years ago
  638. sonny

    SUBMARINES for all of us, please vg247!

    #638 6 years ago
  639. reask

    Congratz Pysk
    Tough luck Michael.
    One to go.

    #639 6 years ago
  640. Seedhouse


    #640 6 years ago
  641. Yoshi

    SadyFarah you dont wanna die you won a submarine :D *thumbs up*

    #641 6 years ago
  642. Samuel_D

    That would be me. Not gonna miss out on free brutal legend.

    #642 6 years ago
  643. Riren

    Congratulations to Psyk!

    #643 6 years ago
  644. Michael O'Connor

    Damn straight, Sam.

    #644 6 years ago
  645. Yoshi

    Nahhh Sonny only for the people who want it of course ha ha ha *chuckles*

    #645 6 years ago
  646. Stephany Nunneley

    GRATZ Pysk

    #646 6 years ago
  647. The Benny

    This is fun way of doing this kind of thing. Taking part is exactly as fun as winning, I’m sure.

    #647 6 years ago
  648. Samuel_D

    Long time, no see. How’s life and shit?

    #648 6 years ago
  649. LtMcmuffin22

    damn haha just my luck

    #649 6 years ago
  650. Michael O'Connor

    I see you every time on Facebook, you silly man.

    #650 6 years ago
  651. onlineatron

    6-Pages of Mass Effect Comic.

    #651 6 years ago
  652. Suikoden Fan

    i wouldn’t say the anime bleach is loaded with filler, there was a small bount arc and the new captain arc and thats it 2 seasons. naruto on the other hard thats full of filler.

    #652 6 years ago
  653. Yoshi

    Sam lifes good when you have a submarine :)

    #653 6 years ago
  654. Samuel_D

    yeah but you know we don’t talk all that much

    #654 6 years ago
  655. Zarckan

    @Suikoden Fan bite me ;)

    #655 6 years ago
  656. mescalineeyes

    … and I thought 800 was gonna be a bit much.

    #656 6 years ago
  657. Samuel_D

    Yoshi, if you actually have a real-life submarine, I envy you.

    #657 6 years ago
  658. Riren

    Bleach and Naruto both have filler bloat. If you aren’t following the subs on Bleach, the current arc has been interrupted four times for filler arcs now.

    #658 6 years ago
  659. Stephany Nunneley

    @651 – It’s already up. No one cares atm apparently lol!

    #659 6 years ago
  660. onlineatron

    Yoshi has everything a man could want… Which is basically just submarines


    #660 6 years ago
  661. Patrick Garratt

    I never thought it’d happen this quickly. I’ll tap up Sony for copies of Uncharted tomorrow.

    #661 6 years ago
  662. Michael O'Connor

    Sam: That’s your own fault for not commenting on anything or say or checking out the website. =P

    #662 6 years ago
  663. sonny

    Each and every one of you owes me 100 submarines.
    And I WANT my submarines!!

    #663 6 years ago
  664. Yoshi

    Of course i do :) ANNND its yellow ;D but we change the colour lots so we can change the song now and again :)

    #664 6 years ago
  665. Samuel_D

    Man I can’t get don’t stop believing out of my head.

    #665 6 years ago
  666. Suikoden Fan

    well you could just read the manga, hardly as much filler in it.

    #666 6 years ago
  667. Samuel_D

    I seem to remember hearing somewhere that you own the site now?

    #667 6 years ago
  668. Yoshi

    Excuse me i do believe Sonny i am the submarine man, with the submarines. :)

    #668 6 years ago
  669. LtMcmuffin22


    #669 6 years ago
  670. The Hindle

    anyone who has won the game ill be yer best m8 if u give it to me lol

    #670 6 years ago
  671. onlineatron

    Patrick… I love you.

    Seriously… proper man crush going on here.

    #671 6 years ago
  672. Michael O'Connor

    Sam, indeed I do. Dave’s basically getting out of the web-design business, so he gave it to me.

    *slaps you over in that direction*

    #672 6 years ago
  673. reask

    Getting close.

    #673 6 years ago
  674. Yoshi

    The Hindle didnt you win a submarine anyways ;D

    #674 6 years ago
  675. Matt

    Wow, comments sure are moving quickly on this one!

    #675 6 years ago
  676. sonny

    Yoshi aka the submarine guy ^^

    #676 6 years ago
  677. Pysk

    Thanks everybody!
    That’s like winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

    #677 6 years ago
  678. Samuel_D

    I don’t do web design, but after my degree if you need a full time network admin I’m your man :D

    #678 6 years ago
  679. Riren

    Anyone read Lynne Truss?

    #679 6 years ago
  680. freedoms_stain

    I just want to see who wins.

    #680 6 years ago
  681. onlineatron

    Patrick ..your ‘Crash n’ Bum’ review inspired me.

    #681 6 years ago
  682. Suikoden Fan

    get some copies of magna carta 2 to give away pat, i volunteer to take one already ;)

    #682 6 years ago
  683. Michael O'Connor


    We could definitely use that experience, actually.

    #683 6 years ago
  684. onlineatron


    Minus the 70,000 dollar prize and the admiration of millions of people… =D

    #684 6 years ago
  685. The Hindle

    yes patrick remember ive given you the world exclusive on the new uncharted motion comic

    #685 6 years ago
  686. Yoshi

    Yeppp thats how they know me down at the seaside Sonny ;D

    #686 6 years ago
  687. The Hindle

    speaking of that its not in the news section yet

    #687 6 years ago
  688. Zarckan


    #688 6 years ago
  689. DaMan

    shit, this is fast.

    #689 6 years ago
  690. freedoms_stain

    I think the latest recipient of the Nobel peace prize resulted in more surprise and outrage than admiration.

    #690 6 years ago
  691. The Benny

    This is the NEWS!

    #691 6 years ago
  692. Seedhouse

    This is going by rather quickly, lol :o

    #692 6 years ago
  693. sonny

    I’m running out of stupid comments…

    #693 6 years ago
  694. Patrick Garratt

    Push for the win! We’re in record-breaking territory! I might start wanking soon!

    #694 6 years ago
  695. Samuel_D

    haha I’m only in my first year, it might be a few more modules of Cisco Academy before I’m any use.

    If you’re willing to buy me top-of-the line equipment, I can do hardware reviews…

    #695 6 years ago
  696. onlineatron

    I wonder if that comic will be available on the Digital Reader?

    #696 6 years ago
  697. Zarckan

    I’ve given pat more exclusives than anyone…

    Here’s another, 360 is shit!

    #697 6 years ago
  698. Stephany Nunneley

    Yeah, it is rather shocking how fast really, Seed.

    #698 6 years ago
  699. Samuel_D

    also 700 GET

    #699 6 years ago
  700. onlineatron

    Oh Patrick…

    #700 6 years ago
  701. danysuri

    This is the NEWS!

    #701 6 years ago
  702. Samuel_D

    Oh man so close

    #702 6 years ago
  703. Seedhouse

    700? xD

    #703 6 years ago
  704. The Benny

    Final 100 now. Good luck everyone!

    #704 6 years ago
  705. Michael O'Connor

    Not gonna happen Sam, but you already know if you’re around and posting you’ll get first dibs to industry events and possibly games.

    #705 6 years ago
  706. Stephany Nunneley

    Oh god… MY EYES MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #706 6 years ago
  707. reask

    Ok who is going to win last copy.
    I say Michael O connor.

    #707 6 years ago
  708. onlineatron

    Woot I got 700.

    So that’s 100 and 700… just my luck =/

    #708 6 years ago
  709. Suikoden Fan

    can we get it over 9000!?

    #709 6 years ago
  710. Zarckan


    #710 6 years ago
  711. Seedhouse

    I’m just worried it’s the same group of us posting over and over again Steph, lol :D

    #711 6 years ago
  712. startdashselect

    And this is what we call: ‘the calm before the storm’

    #712 6 years ago
  713. freedoms_stain

    People will talk a lot of shit for some free shit.

    Talk is cheap, but shit, shit is worth something!

    #713 6 years ago
  714. The Benny

    Mad rush time!

    #714 6 years ago
  715. LtMcmuffin22

    is it just me or has the rate of posts rapidly declined?

    #715 6 years ago
  716. Syrok

    O_o What’s going on here? 700 comments in 2 hours… You are all mental. :D

    #716 6 years ago
  717. Riren

    Patrick Garrot, you should just start giving random stuff. Like, for 1,000 posts, you get a plastic baggy! And for 1,200, this copy of Samurai Western I don’t play anymore!

    #717 6 years ago
  718. Samuel_D

    The sheer amount of work I have to do now at college is getting to me. I don’t think I could take much more.

    #718 6 years ago
  719. onlineatron


    People on this site … what do you prefer

    360 or PS3.


    #719 6 years ago
  720. The Benny

    Mentally in need of free stuff.

    #720 6 years ago
  721. Patrick Garratt

    Riren – :D

    #721 6 years ago
  722. Yoshi

    DUM DUM DUM This is the news…
    DUM DUM…
    Bob the builder gets fired
    DUM DUM…
    Blind man sees god
    DUM DUM…
    Fish drowns
    DUM DUM…
    The cow jumped over the moon
    DUM DUM…
    Yoshi, also known as the Submarine guy at the seaside gives away a submarine


    #722 6 years ago
  723. The Hindle

    god i know seriously anyone who has already won it i will give you my soul dam it

    #723 6 years ago
  724. danysuri

    Mad rush time!

    #724 6 years ago
  725. sonny

    Yoshi is definitely going to win the last one,
    I can feel it! :)

    #725 6 years ago
  726. onlineatron


    #726 6 years ago
  727. Seedhouse

    Anyone have party food? :P

    #727 6 years ago
  728. Patrick Garratt

    Go! Best of luck, everyone!

    #728 6 years ago
  729. Samuel_D


    #729 6 years ago
  730. Suikoden Fan

    riren you own samurai western? acquire’s games were damn brilliant loved way of the samurai.

    #730 6 years ago
  731. freetouch

    so whats up now?

    #731 6 years ago
  732. The Benny

    Nearly there :O

    #732 6 years ago
  733. Samuel_D


    #733 6 years ago
  734. onlineatron

    This is beyond tense…

    #734 6 years ago
  735. Patrick Garratt

    freetouch – A 360 version.

    #735 6 years ago
  736. freedoms_stain

    I have a huge bag of recycling I can’t be arsed taking out to the bin, I donate it as a prize.

    #736 6 years ago
  737. Samuel_D


    #737 6 years ago
  738. Zarckan

    Mock the Week, is thee best show on UK tv

    #738 6 years ago
  739. Seedhouse

    It’s good that we haven’t broken VG247 with the amount of replies on this thing though xD

    #739 6 years ago
  740. freetouch

    this is as bad as that stupid ass twitter party on destructoid.

    #740 6 years ago
  741. Yoshi

    Sonny, nah i wont lol i might get close but i doubt ill win it, but this is fun enough haha XD

    #741 6 years ago
  742. onlineatron


    #742 6 years ago
  743. Michael O'Connor

    I’d sell my soul to win this one.

    #743 6 years ago
  744. Stephany Nunneley

    Dig down and push people!

    #744 6 years ago
  745. LtMcmuffin22

    monty python?

    #745 6 years ago
  746. Samuel_D


    #746 6 years ago
  747. freetouch

    well, not as bad.. but it gets worse close to game time.

    #747 6 years ago
  748. The Hindle

    just a small town girl

    #748 6 years ago
  749. Stephany Nunneley

    @740 – I am going to slap you silly! :-D

    #749 6 years ago
  750. The Benny

    Final 50, incoming!

    #750 6 years ago
  751. freedoms_stain

    There’s some ancient grad-fair literature in there, might be worth something.

    #751 6 years ago
  752. Seedhouse

    Maybe I should start randomly posting Tenacious D songs… lol

    #752 6 years ago
  753. sonny


    #753 6 years ago
  754. Riren

    In a lonely world

    #754 6 years ago
  755. onlineatron

    Would you Michael… interesting

    Sign Here


    #755 6 years ago
  756. The Hindle

    living in a lonely world

    #756 6 years ago
  757. sonny


    #757 6 years ago
  758. Zarckan

    Bill odie. Is dull

    #758 6 years ago
  759. freetouch

    Michael O’Conner: you’d sell your soul for $60?

    Get a job bro.

    #759 6 years ago
  760. Yoshi

    Ohhhh the peaceful joys of commenting about anything over the internet and connecting with people you dont even know ohhhh the peaceful joys haha

    #760 6 years ago
  761. Seedhouse

    Rawr :P

    #761 6 years ago
  762. onlineatron


    #762 6 years ago
  763. Michael O'Connor

    *begs to the gods to let them let me win*

    #763 6 years ago
  764. The Hindle

    she took the ciiity train going anywhere

    #764 6 years ago
  765. Riren

    Would Michael what?

    #765 6 years ago
  766. Seedhouse

    Must be nearly there by now…!

    #766 6 years ago
  767. Yoshi

    Ohhhh close to 600 now ;D
    Whos guna win that submarine !!!!

    #767 6 years ago
  768. The Benny

    Commenting for the sake of making a comment!

    #768 6 years ago
  769. Michael O'Connor


    #769 6 years ago
  770. Samuel_D

    duplicate rules stop me from posting the next line to that song :(

    #770 6 years ago
  771. The Hindle

    singer in a smokey room

    #771 6 years ago
  772. Riren

    Does begging work?

    #772 6 years ago
  773. onlineatron


    #773 6 years ago
  774. startdashselect

    Oooh! Here it go! *runs off stage*

    #774 6 years ago
  775. freedoms_stain

    The magic is coming…

    #775 6 years ago
  776. Michael O'Connor

    So close.

    #776 6 years ago
  777. sonny


    #777 6 years ago
  778. Samuel_D

    Do I win yet?

    #778 6 years ago
  779. Yoshi

    Hmm giving away a blue or pink submarine this time :D

    #779 6 years ago
  780. The Benny


    #780 6 years ago
  781. Riren

    Now I’m tense!

    #781 6 years ago
  782. The Hindle

    strangers waitin

    #782 6 years ago
  783. Seedhouse

    Michael, I hope you’re begging to the Gods of Rock :P

    #783 6 years ago
  784. freetouch

    slow down is emmense

    #784 6 years ago
  785. danysuri


    #785 6 years ago
  786. sonny

    UP AND AT ‘EM!!!

    #786 6 years ago
  787. The Benny

    Final* try!

    *finality not guaranteed^

    ^unless the contest ends

    #787 6 years ago
  788. Riren

    Thanks for running the contest!

    #788 6 years ago
  789. Seedhouse

    This could be it…

    #789 6 years ago
  790. thetownhero


    #790 6 years ago
  791. Michael O'Connor

    Sooooooo close!

    #791 6 years ago
  792. Samuel_D


    #792 6 years ago
  793. startdashselect

    please please please

    #793 6 years ago
  794. freetouch

    slow down is immense

    #794 6 years ago
  795. danysuri


    #795 6 years ago
  796. freedoms_stain

    coming soon……..


    my keyboard is sticky :(

    #796 6 years ago
  797. Insodp

    always marge of 13 :D

    #797 6 years ago
  798. Zarckan

    My wife is hot!!!!

    #798 6 years ago
  799. Yoshi

    The Benny no not yet, you need to try harder for the submarine ;D

    #799 6 years ago
  800. FadeLive

    I AM WIN

    #800 6 years ago
  801. The Hindle

    in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

    #801 6 years ago
  802. sonny

    UP AND AT ‘EM!!!!

    #802 6 years ago
  803. Suikoden Fan

    Rurouni Kenshin

    #803 6 years ago
  804. DaMan


    #804 6 years ago
  805. Seedhouse


    #805 6 years ago
  806. Samuel_D


    #806 6 years ago
  807. Stephany Nunneley


    #807 6 years ago
  808. freetouch


    #808 6 years ago
  809. danysuri


    #809 6 years ago
  810. onlineatron

    I lose

    #810 6 years ago
  811. freedoms_stain

    Fuck, he is win too.

    Who the fuck is he?

    #811 6 years ago
  812. Samuel_D


    #812 6 years ago
  813. Riren

    Congratulations to FadeLive!

    #813 6 years ago
  814. Zarckan

    Fuck it

    #814 6 years ago
  815. Michael O'Connor


    #815 6 years ago
  816. startdashselect

    And boom goes the dynamite!

    #816 6 years ago
  817. Seedhouse

    Aww man =[ Grats to the winners =]

    #817 6 years ago
  818. Patrick Garratt

    FadeLive! Gratz! Mail me your address at patrick [at]!

    #818 6 years ago
  819. The Benny

    Bah, well done all. Nice competition, VG247 :D

    #819 6 years ago
  820. freetouch

    its been fun vg247. gotta do some work now.

    #820 6 years ago
  821. FadeLive

    Ooooooh Eeeem Geeeeee I Did it ;O

    #821 6 years ago
  822. Yoshi

    Awwwwwwww lol see i told you sonny ;D
    Congrats FadeLive you just won yourself Brutal Legend but you didnt really want that did ya you wanted the PINK OR BLUE SUBMARINEEEEE!!!!!! CONGRATSSSS!!!!!

    #822 6 years ago
  823. DaMan


    #823 6 years ago
  824. LtMcmuffin22


    #824 6 years ago
  825. reask

    Congratz fade live.

    #825 6 years ago
  826. sonny

    OH NO! Not even the submarine :(
    Congratz FadeLive!
    So close Yoshi… ^^

    #826 6 years ago
  827. onlineatron

    WHO THE FUCK IS FadeLive

    He hasn’t been posting at all…

    awww =(

    #827 6 years ago
  828. Stephany Nunneley

    That was fucking awesome people! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Gratz FadeLive. Gratz!!!

    #828 6 years ago
  829. DarkElfa

    I’m win even without a copy. ;)

    #829 6 years ago
  830. Michael O'Connor

    See you around Sam. <3

    #830 6 years ago
  831. The Hindle

    lol gd comp guys

    #831 6 years ago
  832. freedoms_stain

    This was one big ass thread, no watch it die as suddenly as it appeared…

    #832 6 years ago
  833. Patrick Garratt

    To all of you: thanks! That was awesome. We’ll definitely run more of these, so keep checking back. Night!

    #833 6 years ago
  834. Pysk


    #834 6 years ago
  835. Insodp

    It was funny.

    #835 6 years ago
  836. onlineatron

    Oh well… it’s been fun.

    I really feel we’ve connected guys.

    I’ve been here since the start and have made so many new friends…

    …. *cries*

    #836 6 years ago
  837. Yoshi

    Haha yep so close but yet so far Sonny, maybe next time ill win that submarine and Brutal Legend ;D

    #837 6 years ago
  838. The Benny

    @freedoms_stain: It will always live on. Don’t stop believin’!

    #838 6 years ago
  839. Stephany Nunneley

    /gives onlineatron a tissue……..

    #839 6 years ago
  840. reask

    Nice one VG247.

    #840 6 years ago
  841. Insodp

    Yellow or blue submarine? :D

    #841 6 years ago
  842. Patrick Garratt

    onlineatron – You’ll get your chance ;) Seriously, I’ll ask Sony for Uncharted copies tomorrow. If they go for it I’ll do the same again tomorrow night.

    #842 6 years ago
  843. onlineatron



    #843 6 years ago
  844. Patrick Garratt


    #844 6 years ago
  845. Yoshi

    YAY PAT i may win a submarine and Uncharted next time haha :P

    #845 6 years ago
  846. freetouch


    #846 6 years ago
  847. Patrick Garratt

    You can but dream :D

    #847 6 years ago
  848. onlineatron

    One last time all…


    #848 6 years ago
  849. reask

    Ah sure you may as well give away that slim you got for 1000 post. :D

    #849 6 years ago
  850. Yoshi

    Dare to Dream Pat, Dare to Dream… *wink wink nudge nudge* ;D

    #850 6 years ago
  851. deanimate


    #851 6 years ago
  852. sonny

    yeah, maybe next time…
    I’m out ppl, it was really fun :)
    cya next time, bye!

    VG247 FTW!

    #852 6 years ago
  853. The Benny

    Pat: Should we provide you with lists of games we want you to mooch from publishers? It could be like Christmas247 around here.

    #853 6 years ago
  854. onlineatron

    I feel like i’ve just watched Old Yella, Field of Dreams, Titanic and Bambi all at once…

    #854 6 years ago
  855. Yoshi

    Haha i like your style onlineatron, for shits and giggles one last time…

    We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.
    We all live in a… blue submarine, a blue submarine.
    We all live in a… green submarine, a green submarine XD:P

    #855 6 years ago
  856. DarkElfa

    Skippety Beebop, Christopher Reeves;
    Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin some trees;

    #856 6 years ago
  857. onlineatron

    UP and ATOM Sonny…. Up at ATOM.

    #857 6 years ago
  858. onlineatron

    We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.
    We all live in a… blue submarine, a blue submarine.
    We all live in a… green submarine, a green submarine XD:P

    #858 6 years ago
  859. Yoshi

    Tar Tar, fare well old chap :P sonny live to the full, we shall meet again to sing once more ;P


    #859 6 years ago
  860. FadeLive

    I totally wanted that Blue Submarine but i’ll take what I get. ;D And i haven’t actually been posting on VG247 but i’ve been reading the site a good couple of months. Never actully thought I would win this contest. ;P

    #860 6 years ago
  861. Yoshi

    haha ohhh just beautiful onlineatron just beautiful… they grow so quick… im sorry i think i have something in my eye *wipes eyes*

    #861 6 years ago
  862. onlineatron

    I think I’m gonna cry… this is more sad than when Bibo crossed the river to the Elven land.


    Until we meet again… peace

    #862 6 years ago
  863. Yoshi

    Haha well congrats FadeLive, you shall win that Blue Submarine ;D

    #863 6 years ago
  864. JAH2488

    arg…. 51?

    #864 6 years ago
  865. JAH2488


    #865 6 years ago
  866. Yoshi

    Dont worry JAH2488 you could still win a submarine ;D

    #866 6 years ago
  867. onlineatron

    Glad to see i’m not the only one still here….

    #867 6 years ago
  868. The Benny

    @JAH2488: It could have been worse, you could have said “first!”

    #868 6 years ago
  869. Yoshi

    haha we shall stay forever onlineatron

    #869 6 years ago
  870. onlineatron

    Patrick… if me and Yoshi make it to 1000 comments could we have the copies of Brutal Legend we know you reserved for some young rapscallion’s brave enough to go that extra distance

    #870 6 years ago
  871. Yoshi

    I probz should have done my English work for college but its alright ill just blame this site ;P and say you guys n girls were doin a competition and i needed to keep the competitors entertained while giving out submarines :D

    #871 6 years ago
  872. Yoshi

    haha onlineatron thats a nice deal but i doubt he would take it, but then again aslong as we kept the comments going without sayin 1 word it could be quite fun to try n keep the comments fresh lol
    BUT its been a joy either way :)

    #872 6 years ago
  873. onlineatron

    Yep. I prob should have done my music work for college to.

    But my tutor will understand if I tell him it’s for a competition on VG247…

    … Well, he won’t. But i’ll feel better.

    #873 6 years ago
  874. Yoshi

    Well technically its related to music so you could get away with it :D:P

    #874 6 years ago
  875. onlineatron

    Arrgh… just went on GameTrailers and their header image Brutal Legend.

    It’s like VG247 and GT are in cahoots to rub it in my face.

    #875 6 years ago
  876. onlineatron


    #876 6 years ago
  877. Yoshi

    Its alright we didnt win Brutal Legend but we could always win a submarine :)

    #877 6 years ago
  878. onlineatron

    I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

    …. yet.

    #878 6 years ago
  879. Yoshi

    Welll… you never know my fello, you never know whats around the corner. Could be cake, could be a hug or could be a submarine :)

    #879 6 years ago
  880. onlineatron

    Either way…i’m happy.

    Especially if it was ice cream cake. That stuff looks amazing… lucky americans!

    #880 6 years ago
  881. Yoshi

    Ice cream cake????? how in the hell does that work lol

    #881 6 years ago
  882. onlineatron


    #882 6 years ago
  883. Yoshi

    WOW thats bloody amazing lol now all you need to do is make a ice cream cake shaped like a submarine and im set ;D but then again i wouldnt want to eat it if it was a submarine.

    #883 6 years ago
  884. onlineatron

    That’s true.

    I’ve a plan

    1) Order Ice Cake shaped like a cake

    2) Order Ice cream Cake Shaped like a Submarine

    3) Get both

    4) Eat cake shaped one

    5) Cryogenically freeze the one shaped like a submarine for future viewing and enjoyment.

    #884 6 years ago
  885. onlineatron


    #885 6 years ago
  886. onlineatron

    Even Better

    #886 6 years ago
  887. Yoshi

    Blood genius, FANTASTIC plan.
    I think it should look something similar to this.
    But unfortunately thats just a cake, not an ice cream cake :(

    #887 6 years ago
  888. Yoshi

    Ohhhh very nice designs im likin it ;D

    #888 6 years ago
  889. onlineatron

    I know… It’s like nobody even cares that their’s not an ice cream cake shaped like a yellow submarine out there.


    #889 6 years ago
  890. Yoshi

    Why would no-one want to create an amazing ice cream cake shaped like a yellow submarine its madness i tell ya MADNESS!!!

    #890 6 years ago
  891. Yoshi

    I may take cooking lessons just so i can create one myself

    #891 6 years ago
  892. Yoshi

    ….or i could go all out and do a full course just to cook a ice cream cake shaped like a yellow submarine ;D

    #892 6 years ago
  893. David Sarkisjan


    #893 6 years ago
  894. onlineatron

    10 more comments and then i’ve gotta give the laptop to my girlfriend

    (yes… all this time i’ve been trying to win Brutal Legend, talk about Yellow Submarines and Ice Cream cake instead of paying attention to her…. I’m so nice).

    #894 6 years ago
  895. onlineatron


    A course dedicated to creating a yellow submarine ice cream cake.

    I wonder if you could continue that into Uni?

    #895 6 years ago
  896. Yoshi

    Well how about we’ll postpone it at 900 comments haha ;D
    And whats wrong David? enjoying our conversation about ice cream cakes shaped like yellow submarines? want to join in much? :P

    Ohhh im sure your girlfriend is enjoyin our conversation aswel just like David :D

    #896 6 years ago
  897. cachucha

    terrible game

    #897 6 years ago
  898. Yoshi

    Hmm im not sure actually, maybe maybe, i think we should find out, there may be a Uni course to teach people how to make SUPER ice cream cakes shaped like SUPER yellow submarine :D :D :D :D :D
    P.S. 2 More comments ;D

    #898 6 years ago
  899. onlineatron

    David loves it.

    Cachucha too.

    #899 6 years ago
  900. onlineatron

    I win!!!

    #900 6 years ago
  901. Yoshi

    900!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO
    Can i get a WOO?
    Can i get a We?
    Can i get a All?
    Can i get a Live?
    Can i get a In?
    Can i get a A?
    Can i get a YELLOW?
    Can i get a SUPERMARINEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    #901 6 years ago
  902. onlineatron

    Lmao … Super ice cakes.

    Now that sounds awesome.

    Right. I’m off… If you want, add me on PSN or XBL which ever one you do.

    I’m ‘onlineatron’ on both.

    #902 6 years ago
  903. onlineatron


    #903 6 years ago
  904. Yoshi

    Haha Awesome and im Y0SHl, Number 0, and lower-case L :P (Very confusing haha)

    Let the Yellow Supermarines Live On!!!

    #904 6 years ago
  905. David Sarkisjan

    Thank you all for contributing. I should get into reading this mess!

    By the way, I would really enjoy this game more in a drunken state.

    #905 6 years ago
  906. Yoshi

    Haha no problem David :)
    All in good fun :)
    Thankyou for hosting it :D

    #906 6 years ago
  907. onlineatron

    What’s that on Y0SHl??

    #907 6 years ago
  908. Johnny Cullen

    I hope somehow there is a 5th copy for either PS3 or 360 as a miracle.

    I missed this because of sleep.

    I blame Pat for that. :D

    I should get a copy because I’m skint.

    #908 6 years ago
  909. Retroid

    Hell’s bells! O_O

    #909 6 years ago
  910. Psychotext

    What the Christ? lol

    #910 6 years ago
  911. Yoshi

    Oh onlineatron, thats for PSN :)

    #911 6 years ago
  912. Yoshi

    So… anyone wantin a yellow submarine :D

    #912 6 years ago
  913. Mike

    Updated so you can see who won.

    Read ‘em an’ weep losers!!!


    #913 6 years ago
  914. Yoshi

    I should be on there for giving out submarines :D

    #914 6 years ago
  915. blackdreamhunk

    meh satanic illumnati garbage game junk!

    #915 6 years ago
  916. Patrick Garratt

    Top of site.


    #916 6 years ago
  917. SticKboy

    BDH, you know the real, historical Illuminati were founded by Jesuits, right?

    Ach, why am I even bothering. if you’re so keen to believe in one mythical version of history (Christianity), you’re more than likely susceptible to the lot of ‘em.

    #917 6 years ago

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    You’ve seen GTA 5 with Oculus Rift, Now see GTA 5 with the Virtuix Omni. GTA 5 PC has unlocked a number of exciting possibilities. Modders and hackers are still working on making the game’s files accessible to third-party creation tools, but several cool things have been produced even with this barrier still in place. […]

  • Mortal Kombat X: play as Rain and other locked characters on PC

    Mortal Kombat X players comfortable with tinkering with the game’s files can unlock unplayable characters. Mortal Kombat X includes a number of familiar fighters available only as opponents, not playable characters. if you’re super keen to try out Rain, Baraka and co, you can – with a bit of fiddling. Redditor XVermillion figured out that […]

  • Madden 16 release date set for August, of course

    Madden NFL 16 has a deeply unsurprising release date. Madden’s release date always falls at the end of US summer, and Madden 16 is no exception. EA Sports has announced that the NFL sim will release on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on August 26. We have absolutely no further information at […]

  • Star Wars Battlefront won’t have Battlelog support

    Star Wars Battlefront is not just Battlefield in a Hallowe’en costume, so don’t expect the same suite of features. Star Wars Battlefront is the subject of intense anticipation and curiosity, so it’s not surprising a bunch of rumours have turned up. One of these rumours suggests that Battlefront will have its own version of Battlelog, […]

  • Battlefield Hardline beats Bloodborne to top March NPD chart

    PS4 had a good month but it was EA’s multi-platform Battlefield Hardline that was the best-selling game. March 2015 NPD at a glance Total spend down 6% YoY. Hardware and software both down. Console hardware blamed for significant hardware dip. Accessories up. Battlefield Hardline tops software chart. PS4 outsells other consoles. Wii U, 3DS and […]

  • Destiny: House of Wolves gear upgrade paths will be revealed next week

    Destiny developer Bungie will reveal new equipment upgrade paths during a livestream next week. Destiny: House of Wolves will release on May 19, the developer announced last week, promising a full schedule of reveals over the next few weeks. It also gave a broad outline of some of the things it will be discussing in […]

  • Don’t forget: the Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend kicks off tomorrow

    Just a quick heads up to remind you that The Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend kicks off tomorrow, April 17 at 10am EDT. The free weekend is an incentive to bring back beta players which tried the game, but decided not to pursue a purchase. You can play the MMO until 10am EDT on […]

  • Tale of Tales announces May release for Kickstarter success Sunset

    Those attending Kill Screen’s Two5six Festival next month will be able to play Tale of Tales upcoming title Sunset before it’s released. Along with the news provided to us by BeefJack, Tale of Tales have also released new set of lovely screenshots which we have posted below. Sunset will be released on Linux, Mac and […]

  • Take 50% off select racing titles through the Codemasters online store

    Codemasters has launched an online store and is celebrating by giving you 50% off the titles listed. Here’s what’s on sale: F1 2013 Classic Edition F1 2014 – F1 RACE STARS BUNDLE F1 2013 GRID 2 GRID 2 Reloaded GRID Autosport DIRT 3 Complete Edition DIRT Showdown Toybox Turbos F1 RACE STARS Hit up the […]

  • Spy_Watch coming to Apple Watch from Surgeon Simulator devs

    Surgeon Simulator developers Bossa Studios have announced its working on an Apple Watch game called Spy_Watch. Spy_Watch, according to the developer, has players heading up a spy agency which isn’t faring too well. Players will need to train a spy and then send him out on various missions to “reclaim the agency’s former glory.” Real-time […]

  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power hits Steam Early Access next week

    Frozenbyte has announced Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power will launch on Steam Early Access next week. The early access title will run you $19.99/€19.99/£14.99 and you can purchase it come April 21. If the short video above isn’t enough to tempt you, a video showing nine minutes of gameplay was released last week.

  • Journey, Flower, flOw trilogy to be released this summer on PS4 in 1080p at 60fps

    A remastered version of the Journey Collector’s Edition is coming to PlayStation 4 from ThatGameCompany. According to Gamespot, the trilogy will contain PS3 titles flOw, Flower and Journey on one disc, and it will run in 1080p at 60fps. A standalone version of Journey will arrive close to the trilogy’s release on PS4 through the […]

  • Here’s a few screenshots of PS4-exclusive Alienation from Housemarque

    Screenshots for Alienation, Housemarque’s four-player co-op PlayStation 4 exclusive, have been released and you can have a look at them in the gallery we’ve posted. Announced at gamescom 2014, the game features three main character classes, weapon customization, and various team set-ups. The game has players shooting at things with twin-stick gameplay with a top […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront website notes November 17 release, teaser video and first image hit

    The first Star Wars: Battlefront image has been posted, and apparently it appeared on the official website at some point this morning. The game will also be released on November 17, according to the official website’s source code. The release date is noted in the code located in the image below. Props to Gematsu for […]

  • Mortal Kombat X is the fastest selling entry in the series to date

    Mortal Kombat X has sold faster than any other game in the series to date, making it the “biggest launch” in Mortal Kombat history, according to creator Ed Boon. Speaking in a series of tweets, Boon said both the mobile and console versions have “literally millions of players getting online” resulting in the servers being […]

  • Shadow of the Beast reboot resurfaces with some new screenshots

    The Shadow of the Beast reboot, which was announced in 2013, has show its face once more with early screenshots. Screenshots of the Amiga classic remake show off the Karamoon’s desert and the main character, Aarbron. According Matt Birch, CEO and founder of Heavy Spectrum, the team is currently hard at work on the “core […]

  • Halo: Spartan Strike arrives on Windows 8, iOS and Steam today

    Halo: Spartan Strike is now available on Windows 8, Steam, iOS devices and Windows 8 phones. The mobile top-down shooter will run you $5.99. Halo: Spartan Strike tells a new story in the Halo universe set during the events of Halo 2 on New Mombasa in 2552. Those playing on Windows 8 devices can compete […]

  • Final Fantasy 15 video shows highlights from the Episdoe Duscae demo

    Square Enix has released a Final Fantasy 15 video which shows highlights from the Episode Duscae demo included with launch editions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. FFT0 has shipped over one million copies worldwide, and a player feedback survey is available for the Duscae demo until May 19. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is available on PlayStation […]

  • Bloodborne has sold over 155,000 digital units since release – SuperData

    PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne has sold over 155,000 digital units since it was released on March 24, according to SuperData’s latest report. The figure produced by SuperData is worldwide and comes on the heels of the one million units sold announcement earlier this week. “After the release of the beautiful but terribly short game The […]

  • Nintendo US eShop update: Mega May returns, Super Smash Bros. update, Mii Fighter costumes

    Nintendo has updated the North American end of the eShop with a Super Smash Bros. update and the StreetPass Mii Plaza games Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler. The update is rather detailed, and a bit larger than normal, and you may wish to pay special attention to the activities listed. Here’s the full update: StreetPass […]

  • Here’s your first look at Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida in Super Time Force Ultra

    Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida is a playable character in Super Time Force Ultra, and today, Capy Games has provided a couple images of the man himself in the game. Yoshida was announced as a playable character in the game during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event back in December 2014. The PS4 and Vita version will […]

  • The wait is almost over – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has gone gold

    CD Projekt RED has announced the news we’ve all been waiting to hear: The Witcher 3 has gone gold. This means Geralt’s latest, and possibly last, adventure has been sent to the factory to be pressed into lovely gaming discs. “We worked so damn hard over the past three years to bring you this game,” […]

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a “couple weeks out from beta,” new trailer

    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is just a “couple of weeks out from beta,” according to development studio The Chinese Room, and a release date will be announced “shortly.” To give you an idea of how development has been coming along since it was announced at gamescom 2013, the team has released a new trailer […]

  • GTA 5 on PC looks incredible, but I can’t recommend it to console players

    As much as Matt Martin loves GTA 5, he can’t recommend upgrading from console to PC just for a slick editing suite and even prettier graphics. “This is the third time in as many years that I’ve bought GTA 5.” I have a Grand Theft Auto 5 obsession, as I’m sure you know if you’ve […]

  • The Forest engine updated to Unity 5, major graphical and gameplay improvements made

    The Forest’s latest patch added substantial improvements to the game. The Forest version 0.16 is now live on Steam with plenty of new additions. The game has been ported over to Unity engine version 5. The plant and skin shaders have been replaced or rewritten. Many other visual tweaks have been made, such as model […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront banner leaks from Star Wars Convention

    EA has been setting up the Battlefront booth at Star Wars Celebration, and one leaked picture shows what could be the game’s main art. Someone on Reddit posted a picture of the game banner at EA’s booth. Here it is: Lots of things happening here. There’s a Star Destroyer in the distance, TIE Fighters and […]

  • Get GTA 5 working with Oculus Rift using this tool

    There’s a way you can play GTA 5 in VR if you own an Oculus Rift Dev Kit and have a bit of cash to spare. VorpX, the go-to program for adding VR support to games has received an update recently to support GTA 5. This is far from perfect, as it only translates the […]

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: week of April 15 team revealed

    This week’s Team of the Week is now available for anyone to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team. The team members get selected each week based on their performance during the weekend matches. You can fire up FIFA Ultimate Team on any platform and challenge this squad. You’ll also find some Team of the Week items […]

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will let you stealth all encounters, including bosses

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will bring back one of the original game’s major features. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is considered by many to be a great game and worthy of bearing the franchise name. One of its grating issues though was its boss fights. You only had one way to fight them: be confrontational. The […]

  • Project Cars PC specs and supported wheels announced

    The release date of Project Cars is inching ever closer and more details have been revealed to answer all your burning questions. Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the full list of supported steering wheels on all platforms, as well as the minimum and recommended PC specs. Minimum specs CPU – 2.66 GHz […]

  • GTA 5 gets custom FOV mod on PC

    Those not satisfied with GTA 5′s built-in field of view slider can use a new mod to push the number even further. The PC versions of GTA 5 – just like its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts – lets you switch between third and first-person view in shooting and driving. The game has an FOV […]

  • Win! GTA 5 on PC!

    Want to win a Steam key for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC? Just enter here. GTA 5 released on PC this week and is going down a storm. We like it a lot, which is why we’re giving away a Steam code for Rockstar’s latest. All you need to do is enter your email […]

  • GTA 5 topples Skyrim’s record for highest concurrent players on Steam

    Not factoring in Valve games, GTA 5 is the new king of concurrent player numbers on Steam. GTA 5 is very popular on PC, even more popular than games like Skyrim in its heyday. The number of concurrent players for GTA 5 has peaked today at 301,246. This makes it the only non-Valve game to […]

  • Mortal Kombat X: what does a modern fighting game look like?

    Mortal Kombat continues to evolve as NetherRealm adds RPG systems and daily challenges to a solid fighting game, says Sherif Saed. “Mortal Kombat X takes many cues from games like Destiny, Call of Duty, and GTA Online with hourly, daily and weekly events.” For as many of its familiar facets, Mortal Kombat X has enough […]

  • J-Stars Victory VS+ coming west in June – new trailer

    J-Stars Victory VS+ will make the jump (see what I did there) to the west after all. J-Stars Victory VS+ is the western title for the fighting game which stars characters from a variety of Shonen Jump-published manga. Bandai Namco has announced the fighter will release in Europe on June 26 and in the Americas […]

  • Codemasters F1 license good through 2016

    Codemasters has at least one more F1 game in it. F1 2015 isn’t out yet, so Codemasters is naturally not talking about what it might get up to in the future. We do know what it can get up to, though; Codemasters’ Steven Embling told Videogamer has the option to continue the series. “We have […]

  • Project Cars has pretty deep graphics options on consoles

    Project Cars offers players a wide variety of ways to customise their graphic settings on PS4 and Xbox One. Project Cars is a graphics showcase and all early indications suggest it’s going to be one of the best-looking games out there. Slightly Mad’s commitment to graphics seems to go deeper than making things pretty, though: […]

  • Super Smash Bros. patch nerfs Diddy Kong – report

    Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U is great but Diddy Kong is a beast and must be stopped. The latest Super Smash Bros. 3Ds and Wii U patch seems to have nerfed Diddy Kong, a character so over-powered that serious tournament players generate controversy by choosing to use him. Nintendo doesn’t publish patch notes, […]

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel developer shuttered

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel developer 2K Australia has been closed down. Kotaku broke the news, and also had word from an anonymous source, who said that all staff have been let go. 2K responded to our request for comment with the following statement: We can confirm we have taken steps to begin the studio closure process […]

  • Samorost 3 trailer shows Amanita still in fine form

    Samorost 3 looks as delicately beautiful as its siblings. Samarost 3 developer Amanita Design has a reputation for gorgeous, slightly surreal world building. This new trailer for its latest adventure looks just as if not more lovely than the previous Samarost games and Botanicula. Samarost 3 is coming to Mac and PC later this year, […]

  • Amnesia dev’s new project SOMA now in beta

    SOMA is nearly here and I am torn between excitement and horrified dread. SOMA is the latest horror project from Frictional, the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent. We’re pretty excited to see what Frictional comes up with next, and we won’t have too long to wait, apparently; the developer has announced that SOMA is […]

  • Steam Guard mobile authenticator now in beta testing

    Steam is now testing its latest security measure. Steam helps you protect your account by offering two-factor authentication, a solution so beautifully elegant and effective that it’s astounding every gaming network doesn’t do the same (looking at you, Sony). Valve’s version is called Steam Guard, and it works via email. This isn’t always super convenient, […]

  • Godzilla battles Mothra in new trailer

    Godzilla lets you stomp around cities and battle classic kaiju. I’m in. Godzilla is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS4 in early July, but we haven’t seen a great deal of it since its December reveal. The new trailer below gives you an idea of just what Natsume has done with one of the biggest […]

  • Tales of Zestiria to launch this year – new trailer

    Tales of Zestiria continues Bandai Namco’s delightful new habit of bringing the popular JRPG series to the west before the shine wears off. Tales of Zestiria is coming west in northern autumn, the publisher has announced. That’s not a bad turnaround, given it first hit Japan in January, and localisation of text-heavy titles is expensive […]

  • Project Cars release date locked down, new trailer released

    Project Cars finally has a release date. Project Cars will release on May 8, Bandai Namco UK has announced. We haven’t yet had an update from Namco Bandai’s other regional offices, but its probably safe to bet the racer will release around the same time in the Americas, Europe and ANZ region. We can now […]

  • Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains trailer shows combat, online multiplayer

    Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains has plenty to offer fans of the anime. Previously known as Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind, the Spike Chunsoft action game is coming west thanks to Atlus. Gematsu reports it’s due in both Europe and North America in May, via the 3DS eShop. The trailer below […]

  • Bloodborne stamina recovery rate affected by equip weight

    Bloodborne players have unearthed an important gameplay detail not mentioned in the game’s menus or manual. In Bloodborne, players need to manage their stamina carefully for best results. A far more aggressively-tuned affair than past Souls games, Bloodborne does away with equip weight limits, and items have no listed weight details. As far as players […]

  • Street Fighter’s Ryu, Fire Emblem’s Roy spotted in Super Smash Bros. patch – rumour

    Street Fighter’s Ryu is rumoured for future Super Smash bros DLC following datamining of the latest patch. Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U were updated recently, and hacker shinyquagsire23 claims to have found some interesting files while poking around in the 3DS patch data. As detailed on Reddit, the audio files included a new […]

  • Suikoden 3 PEGI rating suggests PS2 Classic re-release

    Suikoden. Suikoden 2. And now: Suikoden 3. Suikoden 3 has been rated by PEGI for PlayStation 3, presumably ahead of an upcoming re-release. Gematsu turned up the rating, and although we have no further information at this time, it’s not much a leap to assume the RPG will turn up as a PS2 Classic on […]