Persona 3 PSP details – gender choice, new in-game events

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 23:16 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Details on Persona 3 PSP’s downsized upgrade are finally* starting to roll in, and the game’s looking like much more than a simple port.

Most notably, all that female main character jazz is choice-driven. At the game’s outset, you decide rather you want to be a soft-skinned, purty-lookin’ Japanese girl or a boy who, well, looks just about as a pretty as his female counterpart.

Depending on your main character’s gender, certain events within the game’s story will change. For instance, if you charge out the gates as a girl, a male attendant replaces Elizabeth in the shadowy Velvet Room.

Other changes include new difficulty levels, more effiecient methods of travel, and the ability to directly control your party members in battle.

The game’s launching day and date with the PSP Go in Japan. Odds are, it’ll reach our shores eventually, but for now, Atlus isn’t talking.

*It’s been, like, less than a day since it was announced. We’re very impatient when it comes to Persona, it would seem.

Thanks, 1UP.