Games Convention Online attracts 43,000

Monday, 3rd August 2009 10:29 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Games Convention Online happened in Leipzig last week, attracting 43,000 people according to the PR after the break.

Apparently “90 percent” of attendees were “online gamers”. A 2010 event has now been confirmed.

“Our exhibitors were very satisfied with the visitor structure, which has laid the foundation for Games Convention Online,” said Messe boss Wolfgang Marzin.

“Everything for GCO 2010 is headed for growth.”

Which is awesome. We miss Leipzig. Full thing after the link.

(31 July – 2 August 2009)

Leipzig, 02 August 2009

Successful Premier of GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE -Exhibitors Have Already Announced They Will Be Attending in 2010

Wolfgang Marzin, the Head of the Fair: “Everything’s Headed Towards Growth”

GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE came to an end today after three days filled with games, premiers and E-sport competitions. The world’s first fair for browsers, clients and mobile games attracted a total of 43,000 gamers to Leipzig. When we caught up with Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management at the Leipzig Trade Fair, he said “90 percent of the visitors were on-line gamers, which means that we reached just the target group the sector was expecting. Our exhibitors were very satisfied with the visitor structure, which has laid the foundation for GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE. Everything for GCO 2010 is headed for growth.” The official exhibitor survey launched by the Institute for Market Research during the fair indicates that just under 90 percent of exhibitors announced they were going to attend in 2010 again and would even recommend GCO to others.

A total of 74 exhibitors from eight countries unveiled their wares on 40,000 square meters and the 150 games showcased included 50 world premiers and European premiers. The Republic of Korea was the partner country of the first GCO.

The GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE is shaping the debate by appearing simultaneously on the Leipzig exhibition grounds and in Internet. But that’s not all. During the fair, visitors were able to follow the goings-on in Leipzig on their home computer with live streams, web TV, Internet radio, a weblog and the fair’s own forum. Exhibitors offered premium accounts with special benefits for the games the exhibited. GCO’s website was accessed 500,000 times beyond the generous usage of the exhibitor portals. This is the reason why Wolfgang Marzin concluded that “the digital age has reached the fair system. It is just as important to our exhibitors that people are in tune on site and in global access Internet.”



  1. frostquake

    I wonder how much a developer would actually save, if they went to no trade shows, flew no magazine reporters first class to their site or paid to wine and dine them, brought just one bag lunch a day from home instead of using a catering service, and put everything they were doing up on the internet for the public to see, instead of sending out fancy press kits with dolls and trinkets in them for gaming insiders to talk swag about with their buddies?

    A friend of mine who is on the inside with a publisher, told me that they are spending $75.00 a day on catering per person, to have meals brought in, and that was the Cheapest Deal in town, and that they are getting a real bargain. Really, $75.00 a person, and you have 300 on staff, and you do this every working day??? The crazy thing is that this is not in anyone’s contract, they just expect catering to be brought into them, as if asking them to bring a sack lunch is a cardinal sin!! Greed not only runs rampant externally but also internally…

    Oh NEO GEO and your $199.99 Cartridges!

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