2D Boy to make WiiWare title

Tuesday, 21st July 2009 09:36 GMT By Mike


World of Goo developer 2D Boy’s next game will be a WiiWare title born out of its Experimental Gameplay Project, it has emerged this morning.

“The three of us are cooking up a new game for WiiWare, currently ‘in the works’,” Kyle Gabler told Nintendodpad.

“We haven’t mentioned anything about it to anyone, but here’s a clue – the new game from the three of us is based on one of the experimental games from our past.”

The other two – as Eurogamer points out – are Kyle “Henry Hatsworth” Gray and World of Goo programmer Allan Blomquist.

More details on The Experimental Gameplay Project can be found through the titular link.

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  1. Tonka

    Excellent news. I loved World of Goo. The drop in drop out local multtiplayer was bliss for office play.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Blerk

    The Wii version of World of Goo is great!

    #2 5 years ago