Fall of Reach scriptwriter thinks Halo series is “our generation’s Star Wars”

Saturday, 18th July 2009 14:59 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Having read every book, graphic novel and played every game with the word “Halo” in it, Stuart Beattie believes that the series is this generation’s Star Wars.

Speaking with Sci Fi Wire, Beattie told the site that he has written a screenplay for the Fall of Reach, which was novelized by Eric Nylund, and is showing the script around to producers and Microsoft.

“I just think it’s an amazing story about this child that no one cares about and who cares for no one else, who kind of ends up saving all of humanity,” Beattie said. “So I just started calling, because I really believe a Halo movie would just be awesome, especially this Halo movie.

“I firmly believe that the first Halo movie needs to be the Fall of Reach story, because it sets up all the characters, the world, the Covenant, the big struggle between mankind and the aliens, all that stuff,” he said. “So that’s where my money is.

“It’s not something I can direct right now, because it’s a big $100 million-plus film Maybe in a few years, if things work, maybe one day, two or three movies later, I can get the reins of that and maybe direct that, because I would just love to see a Halo movie up there on screen. It’s magnificent.”

“It’s massive,” he said. “It’s like our generation’s Star Wars. The whole Halo nation that’s out there, and a 100,000-year history of the Halo universe, it’s just breathtaking and so much fun to play in that sandbox. I’ve read every book, played every game, every graphic novel. It’s just a fun world to be in.”

Stuart Beattie is the fella behind the scripts for Pirates of the Caribbean and G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.

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  1. rainer

    At first I thought okay POTC 1 was pretty good but this guy also worked on GI Joe so I checked iMDB he wasn’t even one of the primary writers on POTC he did some work on the character dialogue!.

    Anyway no surprise writer with shit taste writes shitty movies. No one likes Halo because of its story (except hardcore Halo fanboys), its popular because it is a particular generations multi-player game of choice. Like Doom, Counter Strike, Quake 3, Halo and Gears etc they will all be forgotten and replaced by something else.

    It’s certainly no Star Wars even taking into account the crap its been treated to over the years. Oh and James Camerons Avatar at least anyone who has seen bits of it have been consistently blown away so if there was ever a sci-fi movie that will replace Star Wars for another generation Avatar is it.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. No_PUDding

    What an inane comparison.

    10-15 million Halo 3 sales is great, but it’s not like Star Wars. The comparison is much more apt, when I think about it thematically; an intergalactic story. But even then it’s all a bit sketchy, and the stigmatism surrounding games means that Star Wars avoided the “HALO MADE MY SON KILL MY HUSBAND”, “HALO PLAYER KILLS HIMSELF”, “HALO PLAYER STABS BROTHER”.

    As if they are somehow related.

    #2 6 years ago

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