LucasArts oldies now on Steam

Wednesday, 8th July 2009 20:27 GMT By Patrick Garratt


If you check your Steam account you’ll see that LucasArts’ classics are now up and available for purchase, as promised.

The Dig, LOOM and the old Indie games are a piffling £2.99.

The rest are £12.99, apart from Republic Commando at £6.99.

£3 really isn’t a lot of money. Give one of them a shot, at least.



  1. Michael O'Connor

    As far as under-appreciated classics go, The Dig is a surprisingly good game.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. BrokenSymmetry

    And all these games are even available in Europe, on the same date. It’s a miracle!

    #2 6 years ago
  3. fdelfino

    C’mon! These point and click games by Lucas arts are far better than most crap that is released today.

    Just hope they release Grim Fandango, Sam and Max Hit the Road and Day of the Tentacle on STEAM this year.

    BTW, The Dig rulezzzz.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. fdelfino

    Oh, and Full Throttle, forgot about this classic.

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Gundam

    Yep, already snatched up Loom. The Dig was good, just very, very short, rivaled even Full Throttle for its shortness. Best thing about it though has to be Robert Patrick.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Retroid

    The picture on this article uses an Eagle-type filter.

    Whomever is responsible must die. Now.

    #6 6 years ago
  7. Hunam

    You can turn the filter off I think.

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Blerk

    Anyone who hasn’t played Loom already should do so. It’s often overlooked when people talk about Lucas adventures, but it’s really rather lovely.

    #8 6 years ago
  9. JonFE

    Gundam, could you comment on how Loom performs under current PC’s especially in the graphics department?

    I’m tempted to get some of them, but I dread how they’d look stretched to 1680×1050…

    #9 6 years ago
  10. BillyBatts

    Why not XBLA? :(

    #10 6 years ago
  11. anasui

    I remember scratching my head for good with Loom, but indeed an awesome game. Bad thing when Internet wasn’t around :/

    #11 6 years ago
  12. Grimrita

    £7 for republic commando? That is a snip! Its a great game

    #12 6 years ago
  13. Gundam

    Tbh, you’d probably be better just downloading SCUMMVM and playing ‘Loom’ on it, already experiencing audio cutting out on the steam download. It’s got the Pixel smoothing á la SCUMMVM also and default is windowed mode but can be toggled to fullscreen.

    #13 6 years ago
  14. Gundam

    Wow, totally remember it being a longer game when i was younger. Finished it in an hour and a half today :S

    #14 6 years ago

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