Riccitiello: Aiming for top Wii billing is “obvious”

Tuesday, 9th June 2009 14:38 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Aiming for top products on Wii, gaming’s biggest living room console, is a no-brainer, EA boss John Riccitiello has told Gamasutra.

“It’s the first time a third party has been number one on the Wii platform two weeks in a row,” he said of the success of EA Sports Active since launch.

“The number one platform is expanding the market, and growing. Having a lead position there seems like an obvious thing for us to do.”

The exec said EA’s cracked the Wii formula, something that’s proven evasive for many third-parties.

“I think we realized what it takes to be successful on the platform,” he added.

“No ports and pushes – do things that optimize against the controller system inherent in the wand and nunchuk.”

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  1. slayernl

    I could have told EA that in 2006 and would have made a fortutne…..
    DUH if you make a game for a platform you need to use it well….

    #1 6 years ago

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