WipEout HD Fury expansion pack announced, set for E3 reveal

Monday, 1st June 2009 14:43 GMT By Mike


Tony Buckley, game director fro WipEout HD has revealed a new expansion pack called Fury via the PSBlog.

The WipEout HD Fury expansion pack will increase the content of your current game with 8 new tracks, 13 new ship models and 3 new game modes, 2 of which will be available for online play! In addition there will be new trophies to attain, a re-styled front-end and a selection of new & improved multiplayer functionality!

You won’t have to wait long to see it either, as it’ll be shown at E3 this week. Awesome.

Hit the link for screenshots and more info.



  1. Dr.Ghettoblaster


    Awesome news – this game is amazing!!! Make it no more than $14.99 and I’ll buy it for sure!!! (hopefully $9.99 or less though)

    Also, please patch Wipeout HD to make it a LITTLE bit easier………DAMN the game is tough…….

    #1 6 years ago
  2. BraveArse

    Sweet! I gave it a whirl a couple of weeks ago and was blown away all over again by just how good it looks. still no.38 on one of the leaderboards too ;)

    Curious about this improved multiplayer functionality as they’ve done a good job of improving it massively from the launch set up already.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Cort

    Was hoping for an all-new Blu-ray game, but this will do.

    Question is, will the trophies be harder to win than the national lottery?

    #3 6 years ago

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