Iwata: We’ll release new hardware when “we find a very interesting idea”

Friday, 22 May 2009 12:56 GMT By Patrick Garratt


When will Wii 2 happen? When it’s “interesting” enough, apparently.

“We do not think that Nintendo DS and Wii will last forever. Our internal hardware teams are always researching and working on new hardware so that we can launch them whenever we find a very interesting idea,” said Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, speaking in a recent investor call.

“You may not be able to believe this, but even when Nintendo has completed a hardware, it does not mean that we will surely launch it,” he added.

“[New] hardware is not needed until the time our software developers see the end in making new software with the existing hardware, or unless we have no more new market to explore and all the potential consumers have purchased our hardware,” Iwata said.

Thanks, EG.