Pokemon RPGs – now with more action?

Thursday, 21 May 2009 10:07 GMT By Nathan Grayson


As enjoyable as the Pokemon videogame series is, it’s never really lived up to its “As seen on TV” promise of fast, furious, and sometimes brutal monster-battling. However, according to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl director Junichi Masuda, an action-based Poke-Renaissance might be just around the corner.

“This is just an idea but… as you know, Pok√©mon is a role-playing game,” Masuda told Game Informer magazine. “But, personally, I really like the action type of games, so we just talk about that sometimes. We probably want to add some kind action element to the game.”

How about something like the timing-based attacks from Paper Mario and its ilk? We think that’d be swell.

Thanks, Destructoid.