Rumor: David Jaffe’s next project involves cars

Friday, 8 May 2009 22:50 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


David Jaffe has posted a censored bit of tease over on his blog pertaining to the project he is currently working on.

Didn’t take long for someone to pick through the blurred out bits, which Jaffe quickly replaced with red bars.

Lines that can be see read:

  • “Dragging him behind your car”
  • “When he is launched out of a car”
  • “Animation for the “human characters” needs improvement because “right now it’s so dry, it needs to feel like an action movie”
  • “Character falls to the ground, crawls frantically, looks at approaching cars, trying to get away, slipping as he tried to get up”

Speculation running rampant ’round the internet has people screaming “Twisted Metal sequel”, but at this point only Jaffe and those closest to him know for sure.

Hopefully he will tell usĀ  more at the end of the month when he promises more information.