Ubisoft responds to leaked Red Steel 2 trailer – sort of

Tuesday, 5th May 2009 23:30 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Looks as though the Red Steel 2 trailer released yesterday was not intended for public viewing, but was supposed to be an “internal only” release.

Ubisoft said that the pre-production trailer was never intended for a general release and refused further comment on it – or the mention of Destination PlayStation at the end of it – when probed by CVG.

The game was originally thought to be a Wii exclusive until the trailer caused some confusion.

Again, come on E3. We can’t say it enough.

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  1. Blerk

    You’d have never guessed it was leaked. That ‘internal only’ message that displays throughout the whole trailer? Meant nothing. :-D

    Edit: The ‘Destination Playstation’ thing is at the start of it, by the way. Not the end.

    #1 5 years ago