Gears boss on 360′s limits: “There’s still more it can do”

Thursday, 16th April 2009 14:01 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Gears of War 2 executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247 that innovations in both games software and Microsoft services mean we’ve yet to see the limit of what can be achieved with Xbox 360.

Fergusson was quoted previously as saying the box had been maxed out, a comment he told us was taken out of context.

“I think there’s still more it can do,” the developer said, talking at GDC.

“Hardware, in some regards, always has limits, but it’s the software that takes advantage of that.

“The [Unreal] engine is evolving – it evolved dramatically from Gears 1 to Gears 2 – and I think you’ll see people continue to push that envelope about how they use the memory, and how they use the hard drive, and all those sort of things.”

He added: “I think you’re always going to see improvements for specific games and the way they can architect the technology to take advantage of the hardware in the best way possible.”

“I think there’s still lots of room to grow.”

Fergusson said that developments in 360 UI software and Live functionality would also help keep the platform fresh.

“I think a lot of it too comes from the services side, and knowing what’s coming to Xbox Live in the next couple of years,” he said.

Roll on Gears 3, is all we have to say.



  1. Blerk

    “Yeah, I said we’d maxed it out before, but then Microsoft kicked my arse until I agreed to change my mind”. :-D

    Of course there’s still plenty to be gotten out of it. Look at some of the stuff they were achieving on the PS2 late on in its life – they made earlier efforts look like they were on a completely different machine.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Patrick Garratt

    To be honest, I can’t believe it’s a four year-old console. It’s bonkers, really.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Tonka

    It’s four years already? Fuck me, time flies.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. reask

    Yeah they will always find ways to exploit the hardware.
    I mean just look at the way PS2 evolved.

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Blerk

    It’ll be four years in November. Only seems about six months old to me. :-D

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Roybott

    yeah, 3 and a half years does seem to have gone fast!

    I’m curious as to what in particular he’s referring to when he mentions ‘knowing whats coming to the Xbox Live service in the next couple of years’… Hopefully we will know more at E3!

    #6 6 years ago
  7. Captain Fruitloop

    I’m filing this under the same heading as the earlier “Guerrilla man says the PS3 is really super-duper.”

    #7 6 years ago
  8. freedoms_stain

    2nd what Blerk said, the PS2 was squeezed hard right up until developers largely left it behind for the next gen, one of the strengths of console developers is their drive to wring the best out of existing hardware since it’s all they’ve got to work with for 5 to 10 years.

    #8 6 years ago

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