Non-DSicrimination: NPD not separating DS and DSi sales in monthly report

Tuesday, 7 April 2009 09:25 GMT By Nathan Grayson


NPDs? What about ’em? They’re basically our gods.

Anyway, after all the hubbub surrounding Nintendo’s recent DSi launch, Ars Technica contacted the NPD group to find out whether or not gaming’s premiere abacus would be giving DSi sales their own space on its monthly report. The answer: Nuh-uh.

Well, mostly.

According to the NPD Group’s David Riley, separated data won’t be passed out to the press, but NPD clients will be allowed to witness the beginning of the DSi’s glorious conquest. Even money-counters need money, after all.

Guess we’ll just have to hope that Nintendo spills the beans in a moment of success-intoxicated honesty. Stranger things have happened.