PixelJunk Eden Encore – new stages shown

Friday, 27th March 2009 14:34 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Dylan Cuthbert’s just upped a ton of information on PixelJunk Eden Encore on the PS Blog, including shots of the game’s new stages.

“We have added five whole new stages, each one choc-a-bloc full of ideas and gimmicks,” said the developer.

“We also designed five brand new backgrounds for them (each background for a garden is programmed uniquely just for that garden’s style – just in case you hadn’t noticed that in the original), and Baiyon went away and created five brilliant new tracks of music to match it all up.”

Full thing through there. There’s no set date for the pack as yet.



  1. DrDamn

    Did they ever patch the original so the time limit was removed? I found that obtrusive to a chilled experience in the demo.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Ratso

    No, it’s still there.

    Personally I think it should be optional, so there could be a ‘progression’ mode which is purely to open up and explore the gardens, and also a score attack mode which has the time limit.

    Perhaps Encore will add this?

    #2 6 years ago

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