Star Trek Online to include never-before-seen races

Sunday, 15 March 2009 00:00 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Star Trek Online has a surprise in store for fans of the original series. Seems that CBS has given Cryptic the go-ahead to design races mentioned in the series, but never before seen.

During a Q&A over on the Cryptic site, it was revealed that the game will not only include the known races from the Star Trek universe, but the devs will have the full gambit of Trekkie lore behind them when it comes to designing the new races.

Already known, but also of note in the Q&A, is mention of the creation process which will allow players to use bits from all pre-existing races to make their very own. This customization is limited to bipedal humanoids, so no mixing with Tribbles folks.

Imagine creating a race that’s a mix between a Ferengi, Tholian, and a Hirogen with the talents of a Betaziod.

That would be horrible to look at. But very cool.

Thanks, IncGamers.