Perry calls Koller out on “PSP2” UMD claims

Tuesday, 3 March 2009 12:40 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Acclaim boss Dave Perry’s called on SCEA’s John Koller to publicly deny Sony’s upcoming, unannounced PSP revamp won’t include UMD support.

“John Koller is publically questioning my post about PSP 2,” Perry said on his Twitter.

“So I confirmed with Top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 WILL have UMD.”

It won’t have UMD, obviously. Sony just doesn’t want to talk about anything to do with it yet.

“PSP2” isn’t a successor at all, more a “reimagining” of the original design. It’s known to have a slide screen and is expected to be announced at E3.

Thanks, Eurogamer.