DICE releases list of Big Name attendees

Thursday, 19 February 2009 07:43 GMT By Patrick Garratt


DICE has released a list of the big names now convened in Las Vegas for DICE, and it’d be fair to say that anyone with half a brain and a dictaphone could do some serious damage. Maybe we’ll go next year.

Here’s who’s there:

  • Gabe Newell – Valve, Founder
  • John Riccitiello – Electronic Arts, CEO
  • Jun Takeuchi – Capcom, Producer
  • Randy Jackson – The Planning Center, President
  • Chris Cao – SOE Austin, Creative Director
  • David Perry – Acclaim Entertainment, Creative Officer
  • Lars Gustavsson – D.I.C.E. Studios/EA, Creative Director
  • Bruce Shelley – Ensemble Studio
  • Rich Hilleman – Electronic Arts, Chief Creative Director
  • Chris Taylor – Gas Powered Games, Creative Director
  • Mona Hamilton – Capcom, VP Marketing
  • Dan Bilson – THQ, SVP Creative Director
  • Ted Price – Insomniac Games
  • J. Paul Raines – GameStop, COO
  • Anita Frazier – NPD, Senior Analyst
  • Brian Raffel – Raven Software, Co-Founder & Studio Head
  • Alex Laurant – Lucas Arts & ILM, Art Director
  • Todd Howard – Bethesda Studios, Game Director
  • Alex Evans – Media Molecule, Co-Founder
  • Tom Prata – Nintendo
  • Ben Bell – Maxis/EA, Producer
  • Ralph Osterhout – Serial Inventor
  • Michael Denny & Mike Haigh

Gabe Newell gave his keynote last night, focussing on entertainment as service.

The event ends tomorrow. The Interactive Achievement Awards are being broadcast live tonight.