Grabbed by the Ghoulies goes to Xbox Originals on Monday

Saturday, 14 February 2009 07:53 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Rare’s confirmed it’s to release Grabbed by the Ghoulies as an Xbox original.

The ghostly adventure’s being added on February 16. Which is Monday.

“For all those discerning games connoisseurs who somehow managed to miss out on playing Ghoulies the first time (and I’m sure there must be a few million of you somewhere), I highly recommend you spend a few lazy evenings (or a lot if you’re rubbish at games) inside the Baron’s delightful Ghoulhaven Hall,” said Rare boss Gregg Mayles.

“Imagine a game you really like and then visualise Ghoulies as a stylish haunted house version of that. So, if you like Halo, pretend that the main character is Master Chief and the hilarious DJ Mummy is a terrifying Covenant alien. It works for me.”

You really may as well try it. It’s not half bad.