Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks like Japanese Mass Effect

Saturday, 24 January 2009 21:51 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Microsoft recently posted what appears to be the first English Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer, and we’re pretty stoked.

Prepare your feeble, un-blown mind for — among other things — earth-engulfing nukes, madcap battles, and some guy who kind of looks kind of like Darth Vader. Or, if Mass Effect isn’t your thing, just fast-forward to 1:05, where the game becomes Quake III.

So yeah, now you can probably understand why we’re counting down the days until Star Ocean: The Last Hope hits shelves. April – or February if you live in the US – can’t come soon enough.

Direct feed trailer through the link or see it after the break.

Thanks, jnms.

By Nathan Grayson