Wii moving to break PS2’s record, PS3 trailing like GameCube

Tuesday, 20 January 2009 10:20 GMT By Nathan Grayson


VentureBeat has taken a long, hard look at the numbers and rendered a verdict. The site’s startling discovery: Wii is to PS2 as PS3 is to GameCube.

According to NPD data (U.S. only), Nintendo’s bid for the throne currently sits at 17.5 million units sold. At the same period during its legendary reign, Sony’s PS2 had only moved 15.9 million units.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 is forging its own, decidedly less lucrative path with 6.79 million units distributed across the U.S. The GameCube, an odd duck in its own right, let Nintendo’s manufacturing facilities grow fat and complacent with a mere 6.75 million units sold.

As for the Xbox 360, well, you’ve probably already guessed; Microsoft’s second console is the spitting image of its first, moving only 18% more quickly at this point.

Any guesses as to who will snag the best horse on the merry-go-round next?

By Nathan Grayson