December NPD: Nintendo we offered “offer consumers an expanded definition of what a video game can be”

Friday, 16 January 2009 08:54 GMT By Mike

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In the wake December’s NPD results, NoA exec VP of sales and marketing, Cammie Dunaway has said that the company’s yearly Wii sales of 10.17m – a feat matched by no other company in US history – is down to the fact that Nintendo expanded the “definition of what a video game can be.”

“Our type of entertainment has now moved to the point where there is no longer a question that if you offer consumers an expanded definition of what a video game can be, and deliver that idea with quality and affordability in mind, millions of new people will start playing video games,” said Dunaway

“Concepts like Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band never would have seemed feasible just a few years ago, and now they’re driving growth for our the entire industry.”

Nintendo enjoyed an unbelievable year with DS being the first unit ever to break the 3 million barrier and the company practically cleaned up both the 2008 software charts and seeing Wii Play top the December software list with another four titles in the top ten.

By Mike Bowden