Live Avatars get new clothes

Thursday, 15 January 2009 08:32 GMT By Mike


This is what reporting the news is all about: delivering the message that there are now a dozen new free items of clothes to choose from for you Xbox Live Avatar.

Wait. It gets better. You cab even read what they are, right here, right now:


  • Striped Polo Shirt
  • Striped Jacket with Polo
  • Checked Jacket with Polo
  • Open Neck Cardigan
  • Embroidered Pants
  • Suspenders with Hi Pants (Dress Up)


  • Hacking Jacket
  • Chinos with Belt
  • Rainy Day Boots
  • Scarlet Pumps
  • Lavender Polo Shirt

This is the news.

Thanks, 1UP.

By Mike Bowden