More than half of Conan servers merged to oblivion

Monday, 12th January 2009 11:05 GMT By Nathan Grayson


The future isn’t looking so great for Conan and company. According to developer Funcom, Age of Conan players can expect to meet a few fresh faces this week, when their MMO of choice sees its server count slashed from 49 to a paltry 18.

Since servers are region based, the number of servers available after the rash of mergers will vary from territory to territory. For instance, North America and the Oceanic regions, which could once boast dominion over 24 barbarian reservations, will soon duct tape their way down to six total servers.

Europe, meanwhile, scuttles out of the mad scientist’s lab with 12 of its original 25 servers due to the need for multiple server types that cater to multiple languages.

After November’s lay-off Olympics, we can’t help but wonder if the Age of Conan is drawing to a close. Can someone who still plays the game give us a prognosis?

By Nathan Grayson



  1. Raff

    The game seemed to hit a population low point 2-3 months ago but recovered a fair bit since (people returned). Everyone was really looking forward to the merges, though I think people were quite surprised by the extent of them.

    Remember that they are also going to open 4 new servers, a pvp and a pve in EU and US. Everyone will be able to transfer characters after the merges are complete, except to the new servers which are supposed to be ‘fresh start’ communities.

    It’s a very nice and pretty polished game now. I’d recommend it to newcomers who don’t want to have to have to leave as much of their usual expectations of games at the door when they play an MMO.

    If you’ve already played the game to a high level, the new endgame content is only just about to appear, and it’s been a long time coming while Funcom faffed about filling in the lower level ‘gaps’ which the trolls moaned about but never really existed if you tried even remotely to play the game a little bit socialy or imaginatively.

    I’ll be playing ‘off and on’. A month here and there when new stuff arrives. It’s great, but I’m not really one to roll alt chars, so I just hang on every update at the moment.

    Hopefully ‘Darkfall’ comes out on the 22nd as it is supposed to. That looks pretty interesting.

    #1 6 years ago

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