Sony’s CES stats: LBP sells 1.3 million, 17 million PSN users served

Thursday, 8 January 2009 19:13 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Looks like the LittleBig world isn’t ending after all. During Sony’s CES conference, Kaz Hirai let the news that LittleBigPlanet has sold 1.3 million copies worldwide slip through his satisfied grin. Diehard creators, however, only make up a small portion of Sony’s sack squad, with a total of 300,000 levels created.

In addition, Hirai also revealed that 17 million users now board the Internet through PSN’s gates – 2.1 million of whom joined in December alone.

Unsurprisingly, PSN users work their wallets on a regular basis, growing the PlayStation Store’s download total to 330 million.

So, any chance that a downloadable LittleBigPlanet is on the way?

Thanks, Kotaku.

By Nathan Grayson