Call of Duty 4 stat-watch reveals over 10 million unique users

Thursday, 8 January 2009 10:28 GMT By Mike


Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling has updated his blog revealing many fun facts and figures about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare including the fact that the game has clocked up over 10 million – count ’em (no don’t – ed) – users.

Other states include:

  • 71.1%, or 7,111,508 people have completed F.N.G. – That’s more than the entire population of Hong Kong (which is 7 Million).
  • 68.8%, or 6,886,509 people have completed Cargo Ship. This is the same number of adults in the US who were morbidly obese in 2005.
  • 46.5%, or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty. This is more than the current population of Finland!
  • 2.8%, or 283,632 people have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty. The population of Stockton, CA is 280,000.

Thanks, Kotaku.

By Mike Bowden