Midway Presents: Bankruptcy possibly delayed until February

Wednesday, 7 January 2009 06:56 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Shacknews sends word that Midway’s playing its trump card in its duel with fate’s cruel whims.

Apparently, the beleaguered publisher was able to convince a portion of its investors to delay enacting their money-back guarantee – applicable because a large portion of Midway recently changed hands — until February 19. If Midway’s able to talk down a second group of investors in a similar fashion, the SEC won’t blow the publisher’s house down until February.

However, Midway’s pertinent debt currently sits at $150 million, and Vin Diesel’s wild ride doesn’t begin until February 20.

Please, someone, spoil this story’s ending. We’re somewhat confused and very tired of waiting.

By Nathan Grayson