Early Killzone 2 demo only available for Gamestop pre-orders – 2 new videos

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 10:10 GMT By Mike


If you were expecting a pre-release demo of Killzone 2 to hit US PSN then think again, as the taster will only be available through Gamestop’s exclusive pre-order campaign.

However, a demo will be forthcoming to everyone else, but only after the game has been released, writes PS3F.

We’ve asked Sony whether a similar offer will be available for Europe.

That is not the end of this Killzone 2 news-fest, as below you can find two brand new, simply excellent looking video of this Guerilla which is due for release on Feb 27 in the US, with Europe still unconfirmed but in the same time-frame.


By Mike Bowden