Criterion working on Black sequel? [Update]

Tuesday, 23 December 2008 10:13 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Update: A very “well-informed source” has just told us this is “not true”.

Sadomasochistic car porn not doing it for you anymore? Browser bookmarks filled with pictures of shiny, curvaceous guns? Well then, Criterion’s come-hither looks are finally flying your way again, because it seems that a sequel to point, click, and shoot adventure Black is in development.

Of course, it’s far from confirmed, but, according to both Eurogamer Portugal and Xbox 360 Play Diaries, a listing for Black: Second Mission temporarily appeared on Criterion’s website before returning to the dark nethers from whence it came.

The game is apparently scheduled for a 2009 release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Earlier this year, however, Burnout Paradise lead designer Craig Sullivan dumped a fresh layer of cement onto Black’s grave, saying that Criterion’s “honestly not working on [Black 2] at the moment.” A 2009 release, then, seems a bit farfetched.

But who can say what’ll actually happen? Criterion does know its way around a DeLorean, after all.

By Nathan Grayson