Washington Times: Sony doing all in its power to “hinder” PS3

Saturday, 13 December 2008 10:09 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Let the good times roll. The Washington Times has accused Sony of being “determined to do everything in its power to hinder the market penetration of [PS3] in particular and Blu-ray in general.”

In an editorial titled, “Sabotaging the Sony Playstation 3 market?” the paper says Sony has done nothing to move against disaster in the macro-economy by keeping the machine’s price high, and that its Blu-ray marketing is a “losing strategy”.

The piece goes as far to say that unless Sony’s attitude to Blu-ray changes we could be looking at the demise of the format in its entirety.

“Sony and the rest of the Blu-ray manufacturers need to implement a radical shift in their marketing strategy: Hammer home the fact that not only will their new Blu-ray player play high-definition movies, it also will vastly improve the picture quality of their previously purchased libraries,” says author Sonny Bunch.

“Without such a shift, the format might perish. Market penetration remains low, and every month people don’t buy a Blu-ray player is a month they get closer to downloadable HD movies and the death of the format as a whole.”

Hit the link. Be warned, though: it’s grim reading. If that isn’t enough anti-PS3 sentiment for you, check out CNN calling the machine “a sinking ship.” It’s just as cheery.