Home charges are “schoolboy error,” says Eurogamer

Friday, 12th December 2008 16:38 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Eurogamer’s impressions of Home have gone live, and they’re less than complimentary. Did you know you have to pay to create a “club” (guild)? We didn’t. Snip:

You can probably forget about Clubs to be honest, since Sony is charging GBP 3.99 for the privilege of forming one. Not only that, but in the future – some time after 31st March 2009, according to the blurb – you’ll be charged a monthly fee to keep your Club running. That’s before you even consider the costs of setting up a club house and furnishing it with cool stuff.

We appreciate that Home is a completely free release, and that Sony needs to make money from it somehow. But charging for social features – especially charging fees on top of one-off payments – is a schoolboy error.

Read the full thing through the link. If you dare.



  1. Syrok

    /sends a copy of “Economy for Dummies” to Sony

    #1 6 years ago

    £3.99 TO FORM A CLUB!!!



    #2 6 years ago
  3. Hunam

    I don’t see the point in it all personally. I mean at least in second life you can fuck each other.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. Shatner

    Saying a game is released when it’s not.

    Now that’s a schoolboy error, Eurogamer.

    #4 6 years ago
  5. deftangel

    Microsoft have thrown a lot of money at building Live over the years and Sony more or less didn’t bother starting until after the 360 launched. However, they’re trying to the same core features for free with a virtual world on top.

    Money’s gotta come from somewhere.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Mad-elph

    What can you say of a Live account is you think 3.99 is a huge sum of money.

    There are clans out there with websites that they have to pay for, so this is likely to be cheaper for them. I mean thats likely their rational.

    It sucks that you have to pay, but its not like we are forced to do it. So how does this contravene basic economics, its simple supply/demand and allows for free mobility of wealth, the liberal economy at its best.

    Some people pay thousands of dollars to have their cel phones gold plated, so what is a few pounds.

    #6 6 years ago
  7. SplatteredHouse

    Please enjoy our arcade games, found in the Bowling Alley…once you’ve QUEUED for the privilege? 0_o
    That’s what seems most ridiculous to me. There is line heckling that goes on in there, at times, also. Wow.

    It all sounds far too user-unfriendly to me, as if they’ve only had their business hats on while developing and designing, and the consumer experience simply requires players to be there to experience the focus.

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Michael O'Connor

    “What can you say of a Live account is you think 3.99 is a huge sum of money.”

    More reliable servers and a larger community of online gamers.

    “It sucks that you have to pay, but its not like we are forced to do it.”
    ^ This.

    Stupid move on Sony’s part, but then, so is region locking public public spaces so you can’t actually interact with people you know in them unless they’re from the same continent as you. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather play the pool and bowling with some people I *know* than a complete stranger.

    THAT is a schoolboy mistake.

    Talk about Sony missing the point.

    Mind you, watching 10 guys crowd around a female avatar (who is likely a guy) and whoring after “her” is more than a little disturbing. I feel sorry for any real women who actually log onto the thing.

    #8 6 years ago
  9. Mad-elph

    What would to say of the service if you were on there and because of the proximity of other people could not speak with you “friend”. By this I mean, imagine having a nice convo with your mate, but then a person speaking Japanese, Arabic, Russian, German etc etc comes near you and all you can hear is sound you don’t understand… so region locking isn’t too bad an idea as well all hate getting into a game of CoD and having people yelling in different languages.

    #9 6 years ago
  10. Syrok

    Oh noes, they speaking moon language!

    What I think is quiet nice is that the pre-made replies are directly translated into your language.

    #10 6 years ago
  11. Ratso

    Logging into Home reminds me of visiting a poorly relative in a mental health ward – a slightly sinister, sterile environment with happy pictures on the walls and full of twitching, shuffling, babbling people.

    #11 6 years ago
  12. Mad-elph

    Do we have number of how many people are on Live and PSN. I know there was some hoopla a few weeks ago when they announced PSN accounts, and it included people’s multiple accounts but surely not everyone pays for Live, I certainly know a few who don’t.

    Also do we have hard independent data on stability of networks and their robustness?

    I haven’t had any problems with the PSN except from my own end… just saying…

    #12 6 years ago
  13. mightyhokie

    MS releases the NXE and it is a total success (at least very very few hiccups). The navigation is a thousand times better, the Netflix element is AWESOME (although they need to quicken the pace for scanning movies so we have more and better options)…and sorry Europeans about you guys not having it…and I have used many, many more areas that I didn’t in the old blade system. I’ve found the avatars cute and fun. Basically, it is a incredible upgrade from what they had before. Still, it was free and they didn’t have to do it.

    Sony, they give us this….

    …they should just scrap the PS3 and start on the next one and try and beat MS to the punch in the next generation. It is really almost like they don’t give a damn.
    “We are Sony, you must buy our stuff if you want to play games”. Those days are over.

    #13 6 years ago
  14. Gekidami

    Ofcourse NXE works better, its mostly just upgrades to what was already there; “Oh look, i painted my wall red, it looks way better then that guys, whose building it brick by brick.”

    Quit being retarded fanboys, the PS3 dosnt boot into Home so you dont have to use it.

    #14 6 years ago
  15. Mad-elph

    you are a completely deluded Xbot, not only does NXE and Home not directly compete, but Home isn’t a failure, it had just as many hiccups as NXE’s release, it just didn’t brick as many consoles.

    XMB is far far more intuitive design than either the blades or NXE, and it didn’t steal a Mac interface. XMB won many design awards and deservedly so.

    Home is… interesting… I was in the beta and it was fun, I mean I got to talk to some people I would not have. I can easily jump into a game with people I meet there. It’s a good starting point to get back into the game, but they should not “scrap the PS3″ because if they did, you wouldn’t have as many games on your lame system (multiplat sells more games).

    the irony of that last statement hurts so much, i mean proprietary HDD, paying for online service… and Home is a free service!

    #15 6 years ago
  16. David


    Hands a gun to both of you.

    Closes room…………….BANG


    Is home good ? that’s down to the person some see it as pointless others see it as a breath of fresh air.

    Is NXE crap ? some see it as crap others see it as a step in the right direction for Xbox live.

    These company’s only care about numbers if home is pulling in the numbers then they don’t care if Hardcore gamer Joe thinks its pointless.

    I think home should just replace the dashboard completely and when you load the PS3 up you appear in your apartment.

    #16 6 years ago
  17. morriss

    I actually think it’s ok and by that I mean well put together. The arcade games are a great idea although being able to watch a friend play and talk to them whilst they were doing it would be a great idea, I think – just like back in the day.

    However, I still don’t know what it’s for and I can’t see it’s something I’ll use often.

    #17 6 years ago
  18. dQuarters

    Are you kidding me? People are going to cry about this now? Microsoft is trying to charge me the same amount of money for a few pictures on my NXE, and I ain’t heard a peep about that ridiculousness.

    Home was free to start. Count yourself lucky. I mean, I wouldn’t pay for it either (as I don’t pay for NXE themes), but I don’t think it comes close to what Microsoft gets away with WHINER FREE.

    PS. I don’t own a PS3. Just a 360 … SILVER account.

    #18 6 years ago
  19. Michael O'Connor

    “What would to say of the service if you were on there and because of the proximity of other people could not speak with you “friend”. I mean, imagine having a nice convo with your mate, but then a person speaking Japanese, Arabic, Russian, German etc etc comes near you and all you can hear is sound you don’t understand…”

    I live in Europe Our “Home” has people speaking a dozen different languages.

    “By this so region locking isn’t too bad an idea as we’ll all hate getting into a game of CoD and having people yelling in different languages.”

    Thats a little xenophobic isn’t it? But that doesn’t even count; the game launching require you to invite the people, so it wont be random strangers.

    I’ve no problem with paying 75c to redecorate my “Home”, its a better expensive than buying cigarettes, and all the conntent up there right costs less than a single packet… and it’ll last longer. It was also a smart move that you only need to buy the object once, but can place as many of them as you in your home.

    Heck, I think the bowling alley is great; its the most actively social area; its clear Home’s future lies in offering this kind of social entertainment, and I’ll commend Sony for getting *that* right.

    What I *don’t* like is stupid moves like forcing people to pay for horrible restrictive clubs, RESTRICTIONS THAT DON’T ALLOW YOU TO PLAY SOCIAL GAME WITH FOREIGN FRIENDS (whoever thought this was a good idea was an idiot) and… ironically… the general community; I’m tired already of the hordes of hormonally repressed kids clamouring around female avatars. It’s a bit sad, really.

    Home has potential. I just home they’re not gonna squash with archaic approaches to things.

    #19 6 years ago
  20. ecu

    Home is great. It’s free, and if nothing else it’s a good experiment. Won’t be using it much myself, but I’m glad that they’re trying these things.

    #20 6 years ago
  21. Esha


    There’s one thing I’d like to touch upon that you covered there, because I agree.

    I’d rather see micro-transactions in Home than have to pay for the service. I don’t pay for Live, because like with my PC, I bought the machine and I shouldn’t have to lease it out beyond that. Live makes me feel like I’m renting my XBox 360 instead of actually owning it, it’s a monthly and rather unnecessary debt. And therefore one that I choose to ignore.

    Some will argue that it makes for better servers, but that’s a huge, steaming crock of shit. If that were the case then PC games would’ve had server subscriptions tied to them since the PC could go online. I mean … buying Left4Dead on the XBox 360 is for rubes, because you have to pay a monthly fee to even play it with other people. Buying it via Steam for the PC means you pay once (for the game itself, of course), and that’s it.

    If they’re so worried about servers, then it wouldn’t be hard at all to institute a similar solution to the PC, to allow people to host their own servers from the console, or even to release dedicated Windows/Linux servers for console games. There are always other solutions, better solutions. But Microsoft has always epitomised greed to my mind, so this isn’t surprising.

    So I agree with you, it’s stunning that people complain about micro-transactions in Home (which are completely pointless to anyone except for idiots with money to burn, which is some money going to Sony at least), when the alternative is obviously so, so much worse.


    Remember what I said before? I said that I couldn’t take you seriously because you tend to abuse caps-lock and punctuation to an unbearable degree, it’s like verbal littering and I doubt you’ll ever stop, to be honest.

    #21 6 years ago

    WHAT TEH FLIP u r TALkING ABOUT EEEEEESHA!?!?!??!!??!!??!?




    #22 6 years ago
  23. David

    @Esha Horse for courses I’ve never felt like I’ve rented a 360 and as for live subscriptions well thats up to you if you don’t want to pay. But considering there are hundreds of different places that you can get gold subs. I got one awhile back for £27 thats £2.25 a month hardly breaking the bank.

    Horses for courses though I don’t mind paying when its something I actually enjoy using.

    Which is why I think the club feature of home will know doubt pull in a fair few people as well as the mini transactions.

    #23 6 years ago

    It’s a load of rubbish!

    I’ve paid for around 3 years of a Gold account and since then I’ve played hours and hours and hours of AAA titles like GRAW, TDU, R6 Vegas, FIFA 08/09, Halo 3, PGR3, The Orange Box, COD2, COD4, Gears, Gears 2, etc, etc, etc online with and without my clan, and had some absolutely AMAZING gaming experiences.

    Apart from well publicised occasions, the service has been practically flawless in terms of both speed of acquiring and quality of connections.

    I see no problem whatsoever in paying for something that works this well, while PSN both struggles with the simple things that LIVE was doing a long time ago and also struggles with the other things that it has, such as Home.

    There are basic things that you can do in LIVE such as accept an invite for a game that you’re not playing that can’t be done in PSN. In fact, I keep reading about games that crash on the PS3 whenever someone on your friends list signs in!

    Now to top it all off, when Sony try and get you to pay £4 to start a ‘club’ and 59p for a rubber duckie, people start trying to defend it by spouting some gibberish like “oh, well the money’s helping $ony…”

    Sorry, but it’s the likes of these people who are the absolute hypocrites.

    All Sony has done is make a massive fun-fair, which anyone can walk around in, but none of the rides are free.

    It’s a giant marketing tool that is designed for no reason other than to maximise the profits that Hirai was talking about not so long ago.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is utterly naive.

    #24 6 years ago
  25. Gekidami

    quit being a jackass G1GA, maybe one day you’ll actual play a PS3 and know what you’re talking about.

    #25 6 years ago

    Yeah, great one!

    On PS3, I’ve played:

    Tiger Woods
    Motor Storm (on numerous occasions)
    That rubber duckie in the water SIXXAXIS thingy

    and probably some other stuff that I can’t remember at the moment.

    I had a PS3 sitting behind me on my desk at work for at least a few months and I used to play it from time to time.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about really…

    #26 6 years ago
  27. Gekidami

    You played 3 launch titles… Your an expert *sarcasm*

    #27 6 years ago

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