Valve shoes retail sales figures for past 10 years

Thursday, 4th December 2008 06:50 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Valve’s put out life-time retail sales figures for the past decade, as reported by Gamasutra.

The numbers were published in the latest issue of Game Informer in the US, and only include retail sales – there are no Steam stats in here.

All the info below. This should give a clear indication of why Valve probably isn’t so worried about paying the mortgage.

  • Half-Life – 9.3 million
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force – 1.1 million
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift – 800,000
  • Half-Life 2 – 6.5 million
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One – 1.4 million
  • The Orange Box – 3 million
  • Counter-Strike – 4.2 million
  • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero – 2.9 million
  • Counter-Strike: Source – 2.1 million
  • Counter-Strike (Xbox) – 1.5 million
  • Left 4 Dead (projected) – 3.6 – 3.9 million

Combined retail sales – 32.8 million (36.4 – 36.7 million if the Left 4 Dead projection’s included)



  1. JonFE

    Well deserved sales, IMHO – Well Done VALVe :-D

    #1 6 years ago

    There you go…

    This is what I was saying before.

    These guys have made a lot of money over the years by being successful at constantly improving different versions of two franchises.

    Left 4 Dead is also a game that’s another step in a line of horror FPS’s, so it’s not exactly much of a departure from what Valve are known for.

    Which is why I find it strange that people would just expect companies like Valve to dump everything they’ve been working on and constantly improving over the last 10 years, and work on something ‘new’ and ‘original’ just for the sake of it.

    If companies make good games, people will buy them…

    People who’ve had all the previous versions, people who’ve never played a previous version before, and people who are new to gaming, they’re all customers who just want to play a good game.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Whizzo

    Just imagine what the figures would be like with Steam ones added on top?! Valve are certainly doing extremely well.

    #3 6 years ago

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