Sony launches the PlayStation credit card

Tuesday, 25 November 2008 06:29 GMT By Patrick Garratt


This has to be the ultimate fanboy accessory: Sony’s announced a PlayStation credit card in the US, as you can see here on the US PS Blog.

The card gives a $150 rebate on a new PS3, and can be applied for here.

Let’s hope MS and Nintendo don’t bring out 360 and Wii cards: you’d have to have all three to prove your non-allegiance. Then you’d be in an endless cycle of debt and poverty. You’d have to admit you prefer one card over the other, arguing endlessly over APRs and charge policies. You’d have to buy groceries equally on all three. You’d have to buy three TVs, so as not to favour one card over another. And eventually, inevitably, you’ll have to cut one up to save your house from repossession, but hide it from the internet lest you suffer the shame of bias.

Sony: what have you done?