Guitar Hero: World Tour drums not recognized by PS3 Rock Band 2

Monday, 27th October 2008 22:11 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Oh dear. According to this Joystiq story, the PS3 version of Rock Band 2 doesn’t recognise Guitar Hero: World Tour’s drum set.

This may sound trifling. In fact, it is. Unfortunately, SCEA specifically promised instruments from the bigger rhythm action games would work with each other this year, citing the two titles as an actual example.

“A few specific examples include: Guitar Hero: World Tour’s guitars and drums will work with Rock Band 2 and Konami’s Rock Revolution software,” said SCEA’s Michael Shorrock in August, at the time of the feature’s announcement.

Harmonix is looking into it, apparently. As you do.

Watch for someone to confirm it does or doesn’t work with the 360 versions: Microsoft promised the same thing.



  1. ashers2ashers

    If the drums for world tour don’t work with Rock Band (1 primarily as that is all we Europeans can get for now) I’m not gonna be a very happy bunny. Although how I’ll be able to get time to play both drum careers and guitar/bass/vocals is beyond me, I’m gonna have a few months of play with these :)

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Blerk

    Do they not test this shit before-hand? Or is the insinuation here that they don’t work ‘on purpose’?

    #2 6 years ago

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