Lifetime Japanese console sales sees 360 grow 157% in last half year

Tuesday, 21 October 2008 09:03 GMT By Mike

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According to GameDaily, current generation lifetime console sales in Japan show that Xbox 360 has grow 157 percent in the last seventh months; higher than any console or handheld on the market.

“During the March-September period, the Xbox 360 sold 138,740 units compared to 88,292 during the same time a year earlier,” says the piece.

“Conversely, the DS Lite, which has already sold a whopping 17 million in Japan, grew only 37.1 percent. The PS3 meanwhile grew 88.5 percent, the Wii 68.2 percent, and the PS2 57.1 percent.”

It’s still in last place, mind. Full figures below:

  • PS2: 21,454,325
  • DS Lite: 17,080,747
  • PSP: 10,181,888
  • Wii: 6,826,612
  • DS: 6,449,206
  • PS3: 2,369,484
  • Xbox 360: 748,992

Bit more through the link.

By Mike Bowden