Hirai – “The main premise of PS3 is video games”

Wednesday, 15th October 2008 09:28 GMT By Patrick Garratt


PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has yet again stressed the importance of gaming to PS3, saying it’s the primary goal for the machine. Like, dur.

“The thing that I did when I took over last year was to boast the appeal of games themselves,” he told NBOnline.

“The main premise of the PS3 is video games. That’s the absolutely most important thing that we cannot lose sight of.”

He added: “We cannot allow Nintendo run off alone.”

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  1. Blerk

    You could’ve fooled me.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. morriss

    That’s why they updated the Blu ray/audio features of the console months before they sorted in-game XMB and stuff like that.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Tonka

    Surely the fact that he has to stress it is counter argument enough.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. Doomsayer

    Took them quite a while to figure that out. Sony you smartass ;)

    #4 6 years ago

    My issue with this is:

    I’ve got a 360.

    I could buy a PS3 and play a handful of exclusives.


    I could buy up to 10 360 games, possibly more with BOGOF offers, with the £300 that a PS3 would cost me.

    Plus almost every game on the PS3 is available on the 360 anyway, with many versions even looking slightly better.

    The handful of PS3 exclusives don’t contain any ‘must haves’ for me either.

    Therein lies Sony’s problem as I see it.

    It’s not just games that they should focus on, but ‘must have‘ exclusives.

    They barely even have one.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Esha

    Au contraire, they have quite a number of them if you’re bothered to find out which they are. The real problem is that they’re not really advertising them yet, and I find that baffling.

    Even the small releases have been joyous, I’ve played the Valkyrie Chronicles demo I don’t know how many bleeding times, and it’s the same match over and over, but it’s such a wonderful experience that I can’t leave it alone. And it’s one unmatched, and only comparable to the likes of Shining Force. The good Shining Force games, that is… because they went all action-y.

    They’re there, and to say they “barely even have one” gives me fits of giggles. It’s just that you’re unaware, Gigs, and in this case… I don’t blame you.

    Sony really needs to get their marketing guys in gear.

    #6 6 years ago
  7. Blerk

    They’d have a really hard time selling something like Valkyria even with a big advertising campaign, though. It’s purpose-built for a small audience of enthusiasts who’ll love it to bits, but you’re never going to hit the mass market with it and it certainly won’t shift any machines. Which is a shame, but that’s gaming for you.

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Doomsayer

    I also do have a ps3 and a 360 .I bought the ps3 for mgs4 and the “other” exclusives. But i havent found all those great exclusives yet. Maybe esha can tell me where they are? I really hope that Killzone2 will be what i am looking for or maybe Resistance 2 but its still too quite for those games. Also where are those 14 exclusives that Sony promised for TGS? I am also really tired of watching CGI Movies instead of real gameplay (MAG / GOW3 anyone ?). But if you look at MS – they deliver one exclusive after another.

    #8 6 years ago
  9. reask

    If we got less talk and more action from Sony people might start believing them.

    Brand name will not be enough this gen to win it for them let alone come in second.

    #9 6 years ago
  10. Shatner

    It’s a perception problem. When you LOOK at what is around there’s plenty to choose from. It’s like when people go about saying “PSP has no games”. Yes. If enough people just go on the observations of one or two short sighted people then, apparently, the PSP has no games. Except I appear to be drowning in fantastic PSP games all the time.

    The other perception problem is that people seem to act that if a game is out on 360 and PS3 then the 360 version exists but the PS3 version doesn’t. This affords them the excuse of “no games on PS3″ but, again, the moment you actually look with your own eyes you find it’s a fallacy.

    As for ‘more action, less talk’. Sony are damned both ways. If they suddenly announce something with little talk of it we get people claiming that Sony did it wrong and should have talked more about things. If they talk it up, we get people claiming they should just shut up and get the product out.

    There’s a persistent lack of objectivity and consistency with many people’s claims which, more often than not, either don’t hold up to mild scrutiny or are just presented from a permanent glass-half-empty viewpoint.

    WipeoutHD one week. LBP another. Yup. No good games.

    Not that I’m bothered about either as Civilization Revolution has me in its vice-like grip at the moment.

    #10 6 years ago
  11. Psychotext

    The PSP / PS3 have no games thing just runs back to when they were launched and really didn’t have many games worth playing. I don’t see that many people saying it these days, but the problem they have is that with multiplatform titles generally running better on the 360 they need to get more heavyweight exclusives like LBP / Killzone to make the extra cost of their hardware worthwhile.

    #11 6 years ago
  12. Doomsayer

    I really dont think thats a perception problem. Its more like most people are looking for the exclusives that really blow you away like mgs4 or gears for example. An this is where Sony really seems to loose in this generation. LBP is nice but nothing that blows me away. Same for Wipeout (which is more of a snack then a full game for my taste). I know they can do it but right now they should have more amazing exvlusives that blow me away.

    #12 6 years ago
  13. Blerk

    Most of the people saying that there aren’t any games on the PS3 are people who own 360s and are therefore discounting every multi-platform title in the PS3′s library. If the PS3 is your only machine then there’s tons of stuff.

    That said, I am disappointed with Sony’s output this generation so far. They seem to have lost that thing that the PS2 had whereby it really did have ‘something for everyone’ and a huge mountain of oddities which you wouldn’t find on any other platform.

    #13 6 years ago
  14. Doomsayer

    You hit the spot there Blerk :))

    #14 6 years ago
  15. reask

    I agree there are many games on ps3 the problem I have is Sony thought they only had to turn up to win.

    They really need to stop trying to convince themselves and others ps3 is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Since it’s launch no game and I mean no game has said to me I need this console.

    It is doing nothing better than 360 games wise so I just wish there was less promises about next year this is coming or the ten year plan etc. etc.

    Just get the games out and show us the potential of this machine Sony promised so much about.

    Then the consumer can decide which is the one with the greatest value.

    I got the 360 because the ps3 had not been launched at the time.

    If it had there would have been no decision to take for me as I had the ps2 and would have stayed with Sony.

    Fact is I got the 360 and never looked back and I am sure there are lots like me.

    #15 6 years ago
  16. Tonka

    Are you guys done circle jerking each other?

    Ohh, the PS3 has sooo many games!
    Yes, I agree, it is sooo goood!
    Why how kind of you to say. It is brimful with little bundles of joy.
    Yes, yes indeed. Just like that.

    The PS3 has an image problem. They talked the media machine up more than the games machine. Why else would Kaz feel the need to say
    “The main premise of the PS3 is video games. That’s the absolutely most important thing that we cannot lose sight of.”

    You don’t see the other guys doing that. Heck, MS is spending money on saying the opposite.

    #16 6 years ago
  17. No_PUDding

    The 360 has an image problem aswell. Especially with the NXE coming up.

    The problem with the PS3 is that it still isn’t even slightly in full swing yet. The first party is taking a while. This fall looks to have the first good SCE lineup.

    I recently tried Warhawk (demo) and my god, I bet if half of you tried it (becuase I thought it was a load of tosh too) you’d find you love it.

    The other problem is that things like Gears of War; sorry to sound harsh but it’s nothing special. But the marketing campaign really makes a difference, Sony never puts that effort in, which is ridiuclous.

    I hope they do it with Killzone 2, becuase that game truly is a CoD4 like game, that will draw people in.

    #17 6 years ago
  18. Blerk

    You think the NXE will create an image problem for the 360? Or help to fix it?

    The PS3 might not be in full swing, but the generation is. The PS3 is still trailing and that’s half the problem. They’re slowly catching up, but they’ve still got a number of other issues (like price, for one) that need addressing. Japan’s hi-def misfire has hurt them bad too.

    #18 6 years ago
  19. Doomsayer

    What has Image to do with all this? Its about the games – and thats it.

    #19 6 years ago

    @ No_PUDding:

    Killzone 2 is a classic example of what Sony’s doing wrong.

    They first announced it at E3 2005. It’s almost 2009 and still no game.

    Since then, MS have managed to release GOW and Halo 3, with GOW 2 having just gone gold.

    That’s THREE similar AAA exclusives in the same time frame that Sony’s used to do not much more than give us all promises and hype.

    btw, rumour has it (aka industry insider talk) that Killzone 2 is nowhere near COD4 in terms of quality.

    #20 6 years ago
  21. No_PUDding

    I agree, but everything HD is the Gamecube in Japan.

    I think the NXE and whole casual approach is totally invading the shooterbox/hardcore space the 360 was recognisable for.

    Think about the people that own 360′s and think LBP is a ‘fags game’. When they get avatars that stand like girls that you can dress up, is that going to be good for them or not?

    And most of base is not built on casual, so that’s a lot of alienation.

    #21 6 years ago
  22. No_PUDding


    Rumour has it(aka closed Beta NDA breaker) that it is.

    Check out the GAF thread, and see those who hint lightly.

    But I agree about the time to output it, it’s RIDICULOUS. The problem was just the CG trailer though, without that, this game wouldn’t be such a joke. And Gears of War is on UE3 engine, it’s about half the effort, from building an engine from the ground-up.

    #22 6 years ago
  23. Blerk

    I don’t believe that whole “avatars will put the hardcore off the Xbox” stuff. They might be whining now, but give them a Masterchief helmet and some emo clothes and they’ll be camping it up with the best of them within a few days of the release.

    #23 6 years ago
  24. reask

    @ no pudding

    MS are just trying to expand the 360 user base the hardcore is rock solid.

    If you want a gaming rig 360 does what it says on the tin.

    With the ps3 no one knows what Sony is trying to achieve I mean is it BR or games?

    #24 6 years ago
  25. Robo_1

    “That’s THREE similar AAA exclusives in the same time frame that Sony’s used to do not much more than give us all promises and hype.”

    Well that’s one studio though, not Sony. Insomniac for example have managed Resistance, Ratchet & Clank: Future, R&C: Quest For Booty and Resistance 2, an impressive output for one studio by any yard stick.

    Killzone 2 has clearly been a huge project for Sony, and contrary to G1GAHURTZ, I’ve heard pretty much blanket praise from people who are on the beta, and EDGE’s latest preview was very positive. More than that though, the recent videos of people playing the game looked excellent.

    #25 6 years ago
  26. No_PUDding

    I am not gonna try to justify the PS3 to people who don’t own one and clearly aren’t in the right state of mind to accept PS3 ‘circle jerking’.

    The console is antisocially expensive and will need games like KZ2 to be justifiable as a purchase.

    And Blerk, I am sure you’re right it won’t totally alienate them, but it’s not quite as hardcore friendly as the blades, and Avatars are mandatory.

    I can see there being a lot of moaning. Plus Rare’s character design isn’t superb at the best of times.

    #26 6 years ago
  27. Psychotext

    You can’t alienate a hardcore userbase (unless you stop releasing games). Start off with the casuals and you’ll never attract the hardcore… you can go the other way though, simply because until the machine appears on a casual’s radar they wont have paid any attention to it.

    #27 6 years ago
  28. Robo_1

    ‘circle jerking’ – I’d hate to know where that phrase has it’s origin :D

    #28 6 years ago
  29. Shatner

    Killzone 2 is reportedly the most expensive game development project in Europe.

    But, there’s a classic case:

    We’ve just had comments from people saying “Sony need to talk up their big games much more” and, in the same conversation, people who will criticise Sony for doing precisely that. And are also happy to mix and match up third-party product and blame Sony for it when they want to use as more criticism of Sony.

    All we need now is for someone to throw Sony a dirty look for not telling us about the Team ICO game by now and we’ll have the a perfect damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t mix.

    #29 6 years ago
  30. No_PUDding

    Psychotext you are well informed, and it’s ridiculous to think that a game console popularised by Halo and Gears alone with an ‘X’ in the name is destined for casual consumption.

    It’s grabbing at straws, and the avatars will alienate to an extent. And no amount of Master Chief Helmets will fix that.

    #30 6 years ago
  31. Shatner

    “You can’t alienate a hardcore userbase”

    Really? Nintendo have done a stunning job so far.

    #31 6 years ago
  32. No_PUDding

    Why didn’t Sony announce Team ICO game, they suck my ass!

    (totally genuine actually)

    #32 6 years ago
  33. Blerk

    @Pud: Of course they won’t. 99% of the time the 360′s on, you’re not even looking at the dashboard. Everything you could do with the blades is in the new guide in a much the same way as it was before. It’s not like there are suddenly going to be avatars running around in Halo 3.

    #33 6 years ago
  34. Psychotext

    Shatner: The Wii has a hardcore userbase? Obviously I meant on current consoles rather than those idiot followers of brands.

    Pud: I didn’t actually understand that post of yours before last. (the one with my name at the front) Could you clarify?

    #34 6 years ago

    “Killzone 2 has clearly been a huge project for Sony, and contrary to G1GAHURTZ, I’ve heard pretty much blanket praise from people who are on the beta, and EDGE’s latest preview was very positive.”

    Well I could be wrong, and they could have changed a whole lot since the things that I heard, but my info comes from people working on the project.

    Anyway, the game might still not come out for a good while, so there should still be plenty of time to get it up to AAA standard if it isn’t already.

    As for Resistance, then does a Metacritic score of 86 equal a AAA title? (Eurogamer gave it a 6, lol)

    #35 6 years ago
  36. Shatner

    I didn’t say “Wii” I said “Nintendo”.

    #36 6 years ago

    “It’s grabbing at straws, and the avatars will alienate to an extent. And no amount of Master Chief Helmets will fix that.”

    I’d like to meet the guy who stops playing Gears or COD4 because of an Avatar that he has the option to turn on or off.

    #37 6 years ago
  38. Robo_1

    “Eurogamer gave it a 6, lol”

    More reason to think highly of it in my book ;)

    An 86 metacritic average is far from terrible anyway, and as I said, that’s just one developer at Sony. I really think Sony have great first party studios working under them.

    #38 6 years ago
  39. Psychotext

    Robo_1: Insomniac isn’t first party.

    #39 6 years ago
  40. mightyhokie

    Shouldn’t it be more like ‘The PS3 is for game.’ (non-plural)?

    #40 6 years ago
  41. Robo_1

    Oh! Well you learn something new everyday, second party then? Are Naughty Dog first or second?

    #41 6 years ago
  42. Gekidami

    Insomniac arnt first party, but Sony owns nearly every IP they’ve made up to now, ND are first party.

    #42 6 years ago
  43. No_PUDding

    “I’d like to meet the guy who stops playing Gears or COD4 because of an Avatar that he has the option to turn on or off.”

    I am not suggesting they will outright leave, but their view of the console won’t be unchanged. And you ahve no diea how close minded some people are. LittleBigPlanet says ‘hi’, as I said, when it’s described as a babies or fags game.

    “Well I could be wrong, and they could have changed a whole lot since the things that I heard, but my info comes from people working on the project.”

    Yes, I am sure people within the project were down on it and spreading it all about the lesser known public.

    @Psychotext I cleared the post up.

    #43 6 years ago
  44. Psychotext

    Can respond now then. :) Destined for casual consumption? No, of course not. Can it be appealing to casual? Of course it can be.

    Halo, Gears etc wont make the slightest difference to casuals because whilst they might have heard of them, they wont be interested. Casuals see something that they like the look of (or a few things) and go for it. Look at Singstar for instance… Casuals didn’t say “Oh no, this console has God of War and Killzone on it… I couldn’t possibly buy something so hardcore”. No, they say “That looks cool, here’s my credit card”.


    On the other point… whilst the most hardcore might not like avatars, you really think they’re going to give that much of a crap as long as titles like Gears, COD etc keep flowing?

    #44 6 years ago
  45. Psychotext

    Oh, and a little clarification. I’m not talking about the nouveau casuals that the Wii appeals to (these are non gamers and something different entirely). I’m talking about the casual gamers that gave the PS2 130m sales LTD.

    #45 6 years ago
  46. No_PUDding

    I really do actually.

    Just hearing how adverse they can be to things like that ofcourse it could detract from their experience. They are not goign to give it up, but they will be less defensive of it for sure.

    And the 360 crowd really isn’t the PS2 crowd, and neitehr is the PS3.

    Late copycat introduced titles like Lips and SceneIt can’t reintroduce it to the general public with the brand identity it has..

    #46 6 years ago
  47. Psychotext

    Of course the 360 crowd isn’t the PS2 crowd. But that doesn’t stop it grabbing some of them. Brand identity is irrelevant… as long as the money is spent re-inventing the product (see NXE).

    #47 6 years ago
  48. DocBooch

    Don’t quite understand why some people think there are no games for the PS3. I have only heard of Gears of War and Fable for the xbox as being exclusive, while the PS3 has already pilfered the best game to date on the xbox Bioshock (game of the year people) and I can name no less than 10 exclusive titles that have been or will be released on the PS3 that are just outstanding.
    1. Resistance
    2. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    3. Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction / Quest for Booty
    4. Metal Gear Solid 4
    5. Resistance 2
    6. Socom: Confrontation
    7. Little Big Planet (gay or not, game is sick)
    8. Heavenly Sword
    9. Killzone 2
    10. God of War 3

    Only one game on that list are not due out in the next 4 months and 8 of them are either out now or in the next month. I’m sure I could think of more, this is off of memory. Exactly what game on the 360 is going to be as realistic as SOCOM, boast 60 player battles like R2, or be as epic as MGS4?

    #48 6 years ago
  49. No_PUDding

    If brand identity was irrelevant there wouldn’t be a term for it.

    It’s relevant to every brand.

    #49 6 years ago
  50. Psychotext

    It’s irrelevant because brands can be re-invented… and again, casuals pay very little attention to the PS3 and 360 right now. Get in their mindspace and you’ve pretty much a fresh start to build your identity.

    Not that I think either Sony or Microsoft are willing to spend the money to do it, but that’s another story.

    #50 6 years ago
  51. No_PUDding

    That’s rubbish.

    Brand identity remains. Nintendo have been able to reinvent themselves by completely wiping the slate clean, and instead of making their name famous (or their predecssor’s), they’ve made their made a new brand. The Wii is a name, separate from the Gamecube.

    The Xbox360 is still an Xbox, with the ever prevalent ‘X’. And even if you want to deny it, that X is really not appealing to the casual market.

    Playstation 3 has the heritage of the Playstation, so people will be willing to accept it eventually, but it won’t get to that point becuase it doesn’t have the 3rd party support and it’s price point is ridiculous.

    The NXE is a waste of time, and will do nothing to contribute to reinvention at all.

    #51 6 years ago
  52. Psychotext

    lol… if this generation tells you anything it should be that brand identity is meaningless as a long term thing.

    Stop hanging on to the Playstation name guaranteeing the success of the PS3. It’ll live or die on its own merits.

    #52 6 years ago
  53. No_PUDding

    The argument is strong eitehr way, stop hoping there is more to the Xbox brand than everyone thinks.

    Please explain how brand identity is meaningless as a logn term thing? How has this generation proven that?

    And just by the way, what do you mena I am hanging on to it. Just get it out of your midn what I ever said about the Playstation and Mcirosoft and Sony okay? You have opened my eyes up to a lot of things, but thats not soemthing I am clinging to at all.

    I realise it’s futile for both sides.

    #53 6 years ago
  54. Shatner

    If brand identity meant nothing then why did Nintendo hold onto “Game Boy” (historically influenced by such words as “Walk” and “Man”) for multiple generations. Why did Microsoft hold onto “Xbox” for two generations (so far)? Why are they holding onto “Windows” for seven (so far)?

    Brand names are exceptionally powerful tools.

    Dismissing that just to make some argument about why you as an individual don’t happen to think too much of a box of circuits is a bit of an own goal.

    #54 6 years ago
  55. Psychotext

    Pud: You make the assumption I give a shit about the brand, or the console. I don’t. I’m interested in the business side of things.

    I know you do though. What was it you said the other day? When you referred to the announcements Sony had made as “We’ve made x announcements”. Stop caring so much.

    Shatner: It’s not dismissing it. It’s actually relevant in your example because companies are trying to hold on to the customers that already know about the product and have bought it in the past. When you’re aiming for a completely new demographic you’re dealing with people that generally know next to nothing about your product – simply because you’ve never attracted them before.

    #55 6 years ago
  56. reask

    Well then if brand name is important 360 is in for a sound future.

    Just look at the difference when you walk into a game store now.

    Last gen x box was the poor cousin.

    Now people really look and think which one will they get.

    That is a big turnaround and sets MS up nicely for next gen. ;)

    #56 6 years ago
  57. No_PUDding

    I know you do too though, since you only own one console, so as much as you try to separate yourself (certainly on forums and such) you are still just as bad as me. Even when you do eventually own a PS3 you’ll still have a bias. We all do.

    And what’s this we’ve made X annoucnements?

    #57 6 years ago
  58. Shatner

    I’ve no argument there Psychotext and that’s exactly what Nintendo set out to do (but spoiled it by making fucking noncy terms like “disruptive marketing” and “blue sky approach” part of their lingo). Brand identity is the most direct and powerful way of addressing your market.

    I’d like to add, Psychotext, that if you care about the business side of things then there are many industry focused websites you could be reading and being involved in rather than consumer sites like this one.

    #58 6 years ago
  59. Psychotext

    I use them. Not under this name though. :)

    I like places like this for keeping up with the news. Unfortunately I’m an argumentative bastard to boot.

    #59 6 years ago
  60. Shatner

    I think the answer to all this is simple:

    All 360 and PS3 owners should just join together and hate the Wii.

    #60 6 years ago
  61. Psychotext


    #61 6 years ago
  62. No_PUDding

    Already there.

    Atleast PS3 and 360 are brining positive innovation to the HD market.

    I think this Christmas will be slower for the Wii, like I ahev alwasy said though. And I know it’s such a stupid thing to say but I genuinely do still think it’s a fad. Not one that the PS360 will be able to overtake but it won’t have sales longevity.

    #62 6 years ago
  63. Psychotext

    Oh, and to answer your question Pud what you said the other day regarding PS3 announcements at TGS was:

    “Im steadfast and we got as many game annoucnements as Microsoft, but I think anyone would be disappointed with MS’s conferecen too, and they actually held one!”

    The “we” bit was the surprising bit. You don’t need to feel like you’re in their little gang. :)

    #63 6 years ago

    Yes, I am sure people within the project were down on it and spreading it all about the lesser known public.

    Who said they were telling the “lesser known public”?

    As for brand identity, then it probably means different things to different people.

    I for one, am more interested in value and quality in a product. I’m not going to buy the next xbox if MS prices it at £500 and tries to fob me off with a handful of so-so games, just like I didn’t with the PS3.

    However, some people brainwash themselves into believing that particular brands can do no wrong, and are exactly the kind of people that Peter Moore was talking about when he said that Sony could sell bricks, and that people would buy them.

    Since I’ve been a gamer, I’ve had a Gameboy, NES, SNES, GBC, N64, PS1, PS2, XBOX, 360 and a DS, and I don’t have any loyalty whatsoever to any of the manufacturers.

    All I want is games that make me go “WOW!” and I’m not that fussed who develops, produces or packages them.

    However, many people do.

    And like I pointed out, they’d probably buy bricks for £500 if they had a particular logo on them.

    So I don’t think that a little thing like a cutesy avatar is going to put too many people off.

    Especially, as I said before, if they can be turned off.

    Which they can.

    #64 6 years ago
  65. Cort

    You know something? For someone who puts an awful lot of effort into claiming he cannot be bothered to argue (and one shouldn’t try it on with him), Psychotext sure does put an awful lot of effort into arguing with everyone and anyone who disagrees with him. In fact, more than anyone on this site.

    Funny that.

    #65 6 years ago
  66. Psychotext

    I can’t be bothered arguing with Shatner. He doesn’t play nice.

    I enjoy arguing with everyone else. :)

    #66 6 years ago
  67. Shatner

    I play perfectly nicely and fairly. I give as good as I get.

    It’s not my fault I’m better informed than most people. :D

    #67 6 years ago
  68. Psychotext

    It’s not so much that… your posts are generally soooooo long when you’re arguing. It becomes a real pain in the arse to read through and make sure everything gets responded to. :P

    #68 6 years ago

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