Qore entrance to Home beta? “More news in about two weeks”

Wednesday, 8th October 2008 07:22 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Looks as though Qore subs in the US are going to be able to gain access to the Home beta before it’s opened up to the general public.

When asked if a subscription to the PSN show was going get people in, SCEA’s Kevin Furuichi replied on the US PS Blog:

“We’re working on this for the current Extended Closed Beta. We are trying to get you guys into HOME before the official public beta.

“We hope to have more information in about two weeks.”

This had better be worth it, Sony.



  1. Soong

    Can’t wait!

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Shatner

    “This had better be worth it, Sony.”

    Home is free. What are you going to do if you deem it ‘unworthy’? Ask for a refund?

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Blerk

    I demand my no money back!

    #3 6 years ago
  4. Psychotext

    Actually… if you bought Qore to get into the beta you have paid money. :)

    You’re also an idiot if you did, but that’s another story.

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Shatner

    Anyone who pays to get into a beta is a moron.

    Moron’s generally don’t understand the “beta” isn’t “demo” either.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. mart

    That’s what happens when you dress it up like a demo by making it ‘exclusive’ – people start to feel a certain level of entitlement.

    #6 6 years ago
  7. Tonka

    Beta doesn’t mean what it used to any more. Now it means “New Shiny Cool You Are Very Cool For Trying This”

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Shatner

    Well such people are morons. They can get the hell off my internet.

    #8 6 years ago
  9. Gamoc

    I fucking hate Qore.

    #9 6 years ago
  10. David

    Is Qore some sort of vegetarian meat substitute……:P

    #10 6 years ago

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