Far Cry 2 dev – CoD4 was the new reference for multiplayer

Wednesday, 8th October 2008 08:45 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Far Cry 2 multiplayer producer Richard Gaetan has admitted that the shooter’s online play was heavily influenced by Call of Duty 4, but that the Activision shooter’s exact formula was too “chaotic” for the African action game.

“For sure, starting last fall, it was like the new reference for multiplayer,” said Gaetan of CoD4. “We played it a lot, and people on the team played it a lot, and then we discussed. Some people wanted to be exactly like it and then we said, ‘No. Our core technology and the core mechanics of single-player are not Call of Duty-like.’

“We wanted to keep some of the cool things that Call of Duty brought – the progressions system is one thing – but then, we tried the same progression, as in you unlock weapons as you go, etc, but it didn’t work for us. It was a bit too chaotic. Our map, with the dynamics of the destructibility, the fire, the night and day cycle: it wasn’t working fine.

The team, instead, focused on elements from the single-player game and adapted them for the online side.

“So we said, ‘OK, we have some mechanics that are really good from the single-player and we’re going to bring them to the multiplayer and just adapt them.’ So, some of the animation, reloading, iron sight, we tweaked them so they’re a bit faster in multiplayer, but not as fast as another shooter,” said Gaetan.

Far Cry 2 ships for PC, PS3 and 360 later this month.



  1. David

    “The team, instead, focused on elements from the single-player game and adapted them for the online side.”

    Thank you this article scared me I hate CoD 4 and I especially hate its online.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. patlike

    I still haven’t played CoD4. I really do need to sort that out.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. morriss

    Me either. Played the beta, but then again, onlinemultiplayeroverlivelol. I’ve heard that some of the set-pieces in the campaign or great though. Need to pick it up v. cheap and blast through it then trade it again.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. David

    I got it off boomerang rentals not worth the purchase to be honest.

    #4 6 years ago

    @ David

    How can you hate COD4′s online considering it contains such a wide variety of game types?

    Don’t tell me you just played one game type for 30 minutes, got killed a lot and decided that you hate it…?

    @ Patlike & morris

    Honestly! You might as well just not bother…

    I mean, World at War is due out next month, and you’ll probably both be like ‘I still haven’t played World at War’ by the time the next COD comes out.

    If you haven’t played the game by now, you’ve probably missed the crest of the MP wave and only have the SP to look forward to.

    #5 6 years ago

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